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Camera Update

IT'S ALLLIIIIIVVVVVEEEEEE! I took my baby out of the rice, put the battery in and it fired right up. I put the card in and took a few shots and it works just fine. I really didn't expect that kind of outcome but thanks to my quick kid and hanging it out the window and then the rice cover, it will live to take pictures another day.

Now I'm having trouble with my Broadband2go (Virgin Mobile). The last few weeks have been spotty and then this afternoon, nothing. First I was told that they had to re-activate my account and to wait an hour before trying again. Nothing. Then I was told that the down service was due to tornado's and they were working on it. Why can't everyone just have the same info without giving you the run-around? So I had to drag out my old dinosaur cord to use dial-up.

Oh well, I can still take pictures.

Camera Goes For A Swim

Today the fam and I went for a hike at Indian Canyon, a short drive from home. Hubby and Daughter have been there before but I haven't. The weather was nice, not too cold or too hot. It's mostly level ground with some slight hills to get to a stream and then a small waterfall. The last time my husband and daughter were there, she took the hard way to get to the waterfall, down a very steep ravine. If I had been there, I would have said NO to that, especially after I saw it.

We're walking along enjoying the day and found a path that lead directly to the water, the easy way. Nellie takes the lead as usual. If you're in her way, she will bulldoze you out of the way to get in front. She goes over and under logs. It's hard to believe that this is the same dog that can't even go twice around the track with me.

When we reached the stream, daughter and I took some pictures, then went on down the trail.

When we got to another area, it seemed to be the end of trail. We t…

Who Are You Hatin' On?

A few days ago, Grumpy wrote about his disdain for Oprah, which I admit made me bristle a bit. I seemed to be the only one that stood in opposition and surely couldn't change anybody's mind.

But I got to thinking, who do I hate that much? Plenty.

Lady Gaga. I prefer GagGag. She comes out of nowhere to become a big star and dresses ridiculous. Who wears meat for God's sake? I prefer to eat it. Some people compare her to the early Elton John years. Oh please, don't even go there. Elton has more class in his glitzy glasses then she will ever have. Some of her music is not bad but I sure don't want to have to look at her. Anyone who has to disguise herself that much to keep us from seeing the real her could probably use some therapy.

The Kardashians. What in the Hell do they do anyway? All I ever see any of them do is show off clothes, hair, makeup, boobs, and big diamond rings. I've never even seen their reality show because I see enough of them already and not re…

Miracles Everywhere Today

The biggest miracle of all today is that we're not dead, and Harold Camping is not talking, yet. But I'm sure that he'll come up with some reason why it didn't go down like he said it would.

We went to see the play 'The Miracle Worker', directed by Patty Duke herself. Yea, that one. She lives just a hop, skip, and a jump across the Idaho border and she directed a great cast for this play. We watched the original movie last week just to refresh our memories. I think it was followed word for word. The little girl that played Helen was awesome and about half way into the play our daughter realized that they had taken the same sewing class last summer. After the play the cast was in the reception area giving autographs so F stopped by to say hi and ask if she remembered her. I was surprised by her shyness considering the acting ability she has, but she flashed a smile and said she did remember. I wish I had been smart enough to ask for a picture of her and F, but …

I Feel Un-American

Who doesn't love a parade? I guess that would be me. This Saturday night our fair city will have its 72nd Annual Armed Forces Torchlight Parade, but locals call it the Lilac Parade because it usually coincides with the blooming of Lilacs all over the city.

It's held at night which makes it very beautiful with all the lights on the floats, but I'd still rather watch it on TV from the comfort of my living room. My husband and I went once or twice years ago but that's enough for me. I do feel bad that my daughter has never seen it though but maybe she's heard me complain so much she doesn't seem interested. My husband asks every year if we can go but we both say no. My daughter's school does their marching band practice outside and it's fun to watch them, so I can get my marching band fix that way.

For one thing I really don't like crowds and this parade draws about 200,000. In order to get a good seat you have to go downtown and set up some chairs to…

This Little Piggy Went---Running Down The Street

A sad little local tale. A woman from Montana came to town to buy herself a pig to be used for breeding. She planned on hauling the pig back home in her minivan. This was no little cute baby pig, it was a full grown 500 pound one. The story didn't indicate if it was male or female and I really don't know which is bought for breeding but after a crew stuffed this pig in the back off her van, off she went.

She was soon spotted driving erratically down the street with the back window broken out. I'm not sure if it was broken before she picked up said pig, but I doubt it. Then the pig was spotted running down a sidewalk by a State Trooper. She chased it into a gas station where some guys asked the trooper if he had some rope. He said "No, I have bullets".

The pig wandered out into traffic where the trooper guided it back to the sidewalk with his car. Other people showed up with some rope and the almost owner said the trooper could use his taser to subdue the pig eno…

No More Naked Popcorn

Well Blogger is finally back up and running. Not that I really had anything important to say but still, we couldn't even comment on anyone elses's blog so things were pretty quiet in the blogging world.

Today I feel like telling you about one of my favorite products, and it goes with one of my favorite foods; popcorn. I have been having popcorn once a week for dinner for close to 20 years. It used to be Thursdays but now it's Fridays. It's kind of like my weekend cocktail.

Before I started my diet, I used to get out my beat up pan that I have had since I graduated from high school (1976). I took it from home so I know it's older than that and it looks it. But it's the only pan that I could make decent popcorn in. Add lots of butter and Johnny's popcorn salt and I was in Heaven. Oh, and you can't forget the M&M's or any kind of candy bars you have on hand, it's a must.

But now I've had to switch to Orville Redenbachers Microwave 94% Fat F…

Mother's Day-Not All Flowers and Goo

Mother's Day is not my favorite holiday. Not because I don't love being a mom to the coolest teenager in the land, which I am and which she is.

I just don't get the all over warm and fuzzies that I imagine most daughters (or sons) do. I try to keep my purchased card to my mom more on the humorous side and stay away from mushy. This year I went a bit mushy though.

Many of my Facebook friends posted glowing tributes to their moms about how supportive and loving and what wonderful babysitters they were and how much they miss them. I couldn't even really comment. If I did, it would have to go something like this, "Oh, how wonderful for you, I didn't have the same experience but sooo happy you did."

Too harsh? Probably. Then the rage was to change your profile pic to your Mother's pic until the end of Mother's Day. I really didn't feel like doing that either.

Don't get me wrong, I do love my mom but I just don't remember the support, always…

A Tornado Stole Our Hearts

This morning I went outside to feed the birds as usual and Nellie saw something outside the fence on the sidewalk. Our house sits up higher than the sidewalk so as I walked over there I saw the cutest little dog running loose. She looked absolutely terrified of the traffic and since we live between two busy streets I enticed her to come to the back gate.
What a beauty! At first Nellie wasn't very thrilled to have a young whipper snapper running around her yard but soon they began to chase each other around. Over the last 10 years I have saved so many dogs from certain death by putting them in the yard and calling animal control. Most dogs don't have collars or tags so I have no choice but to call. Most dogs I don't let in the house because they pee all over but I let her in. She ran around exploring every room and followed us everywhere. Being a young dog still she had bundles of energy; her and Nellie raced around the living room, up over the couch and everywhere in betwe…

Pretty Dancin' Shoes

If someone had told me, as recent as 6 months ago, that I would be taking a Zumba class and ordering special little shoe sliders for my shoes I would have asked what they were smokin'.

The past month my knees have started to hurt and in talking with a woman in my class she was having the same problem. That prompted me to do a search for knee pain with Zumba. I wasn't quite prepared for the results that came up. I read many, many references that linked them together. I must have missed the memo that told me I should have special dancing shoes for Zumba. And I should not have been wearing the rocker type shoes that I wear all the time now. Zumba shoes should have a slicker front part of the sole for quicker turning and sliding, especially for those of us that work out on carpet.

In further reading I found a woman that sells shoe sliders (a little cheaper than normal) to fit over your shoe to give you that slick effect. After I ordered them I was so excited like I had found the …