For The Love Of George And Popcorn

This is George, and I love him. He's a 5 year-old Border Collie/Lab. He is just the coolest ever and his antics and mannerisms are more like Nellie than any dog we've had. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record about comparing every dog to her, but George takes the prize winning ribbon for that.

I swear Nellie whispered in his ear and told him about her favorite place to dig, right in-between the Peony bushes. She also told him to trample through the garden to get to the corner of the yard to observe the world. And she told him when he sees a cat while walking to turn into a stone wall that cannot be moved.

We didn't take him anywhere but he did keep us busy with walking and playing. Two walks a day are pretty mandatory and chasing him while he has a toy is too. His idea of 'fetch' is us throwing a ball and then chasing him to get it back. I've played this game before although I am a bit slower at it.

His mom was late picking him up due to fligh…

Crazy Busy and Another Year Older

Lo and Behold, today is my Birthday!  This picture is when I was a few weeks old. I have pretty much the same disposition.

I know The Kid will be making me a scratch carrot cake and has ordered me something special. She always puts a lot of thought into her gifts. I will probably have to wait until her finals are over for both. It's not like I'm going anywhere, so it's all good.

I went to a rummage sale at the Park where my Mom lives last Friday. As I went out her door she kiddingly told me to look for a birthday present for myself. I just breeze through and don't stay long. I spotted a brand new Himalayan Salt Lamp for 20 bucks. I've been wanting one for a long time and I had them hold it so I could go back to her house to get some money. I think she was surprised that I took her up on the offer; we got a good laugh out of it. It was probably the easiest shopping experience she's ever had! I also spotted a movie style popcorn maker. OMG, I was in heaven! I ha…


As it got closer to Memorial weekend I didn't have a dog booked. First I did, then they cancelled, so we just decided to have a nice family weekend putting up our yard swing, and working on a project.

Saturday morning at 7:00 I got a last minute request for a little cutie named Sadie, just for the night. She's a 7 year old Wire Fox Terrier. I am already booked with her next weekend so we had done our meet and greet earlier in the week. She's really sweet and it wouldn't be a bother at all so of course I said yes.

We did get the swing up as well as the disc golf basket. Sunday morning we headed to the cemetery to put flowers on my Grandma's grave as well as my Step-Dad's (or as my Mom calls it, her future home). The Kid always takes pictures so at least my Mom feels like she's a part of it. Right behind the cemetery is a short little trail and we took Sadie for a walk. We haven't been there for a long time and this is one of my favorite pictures of Nelli…

Lil Miss Dottie

I love taking care of so many different breeds. We were really excited to welcome a Jack Russell into our home. Dottie is nine, so she's not overly hyper like the young ones are. She got dropped off at 4:00 and whined until bedtime. She slept with The Kid the first night and barked a lot during the night due to hearing different sounds. Nobody slept real well that night.

She does have her issues, like hating other dogs, kids, and cats. That's why many board with me, because I only have one dog at a time. Most of that reason is for our own sanity though. Her Dad was so nervous and wasn't sure about about her staying though. They usually board her at the vet where she is kept in a cage all night with no company, and she won't eat. Really, which would you choose? So his wife is the one that initiated the stay and we vetoed the vet idea.

She got less anxious each day and we enjoyed walking her. The only issue is that when she does see a dog, she goes bat shit crazy! She sc…

Back From The Country

Last weekend through Wednesday I spent 4 days in a nice country setting. The weather wasn't the best, a bit on the cool and rainy side but we did take advantage of the great outdoors when it was good. I kept the TV off until night and had the door open so I could hear all of the birds. Three dogs take their morning walk down the lane to get the paper. Two little dogs on one leash in one hand, and a ball launcher in the other hand for the bigger dog. The newspaper under the arm on the way back all takes a lot of coordination. I have never used a ball launcher before, but boy can they fly. And so does Daisy the cattle dog. I have never seen a dog run so fast for a ball.

In the afternoons we would go behind the house and launch more balls for her, and the little ones have a pile of toys to play with. I call this the toy boneyard. They stay out here for all seasons, some are even partially buried when the grass takes over.

The two cats were nice to have around but mostly made themselv…

Whatever Lola Wants

.....Lola usually gets. She breaks into bedrooms to steal socks, underwear, rubber balls, and whatever she can get her mouth wrapped around. She is a two year old Goldendoodle that has absolutely no training at all. None. She doesn't even know the basics of 'Sit'.

Oh she's adorable alright, but wild as can be. It was really a lot of work to watch her last week. Hubby and I tried to walk her the first day. We had to first wrestle her in a harness which she thought was just a game. Then we put on two leashes, one for each of us. She pulls and weaves and it took all we had to get back home safely. That was the only walk she had.

She couldn't be let free in the yard and thank goodness her family had a tie out cable we could hook her up to. I am definitely going to invest in one of those. She chases birds and will eat anything she can find in the yard. She jumps, bites, and plays too hard.

Then I got to thinking back to when Nellie was that age. Although she had trainin…

Loddy Dah

This is Loddy, the girl who was listed as a German Shepherd. I could see a bit of that I guess but she's cute nonetheless. She only stayed one night, this past Friday.

I admit I was nervous because she was quite skittish when we first met  her. Once her family left, she whined for about 4 hours. It got less and less as time passed and she started to relax. By bedtime she slept through the night without bothering anyone.

After I let her out in the morning, she was feeling more at home and totally pulled the stuffing out of a toy and destroyed two more. Nellie used to pull stuffing, not to eat, just to pull it all out. I had one toy I kept mending and mending until it became a round ball. I would save the squeaker to put in each new remodeled toy. I'll make a new little square toy with the stuffing and squeaker we saved from this one.

We all see a little bit of Nellie in every dog we get, so it makes them all special. Loddy came up to my chair and stuck her head in-between my l…