The Sad And Strange

My sister-in-law had her surgery last week, the doctor said they fixed all of the prior surgeries....whatever that means.

Her daughter got the results from her scan, and yes indeed the cancer is also in her brain. Three lesions in all with the largest at 13 cm (about 5 inches) Holy Shit is all I can say. Treatment has been mostly laid out but she will be seeking a second opinion.

You may have heard of the most recent school shooting in the country. It was a high school about 40 miles from our city. One boy dead, 3 injured. The shooter claims he was bullied. The boy that was killed was thought to be one of the bullies. Although the shooter said he wasn't targeting anyone in particular he wanted to teach everyone a lesson about school bullying. There were signs this could happen. He had been in school counseling, he had left a suicide note for his parents a week prior. He had passed around notes at school warning them of something big coming down. Some students told officials. Nobod…

The Sun Always Returns

We didn't have any dogs last week, which was just as well as we were smoked in. Almost two years to the day we were again covered in choking smoke; but not quite as bad as then. We flirted with a 302 (hazardous level) briefly before settling into the 250-270 range. I wish we could trade other states for some water. Such destruction all around.

The garden still needed picking though, so The Kid and I went out and moved fast to gather what we could. I think we made quite a haul!

By yesterday we were able to open the doors for fresh air and put clothes on the line to dry. The Kid and I also took a walk above the river and enjoyed the day. All too often we take the little things for granted and I realized how lucky we are to live in the Pacific Northwest.

No Middle Of The Road

Sometimes in life there is either too much or not enough of a good thing. We all know the perils of too much water in Texas while we (and other areas) sit for months without a drop of rain, surrounded by wildfires. Switch lanes to avoid hazards.
Our garden has gone nuts over-producing. It started right before we went on vacation. You can't tell you garden to hold off while your gone; it just keeps right on going. We have given a lot to a nearby church to distribute to the community. We found out that our main food bank does not bother with small garden fare, only large truckloads. We've been drying tomatoes like crazy and made sauce over the weekend. I'm using recipes that make use of cucumbers and zucchini. Everyone who picks up their dog, gets vegetables snuck into their bags. Speed up to keep up with the flow.
The couple that had me sit for them when I first started, has called on me again for two separate gigs. One of them is 20 days long. They actually planned their …

Ain't Technology Grand?

I'm so glad I have a smart phone now. Not having a need before, I sure do now. We used our GPS so much on vacation I don't know how we traveled before without one. Oh yea, we used those paper foldy things called maps. On our way home we were finally out of several construction stops along White Pass and now humming along 1-90 when traffic came to a halt. GPS said there was an accident ahead with a 5 minute delay, which became longer and longer. Then we checked one of our local news stations and found out it was a terrible semi/truck accident (and 2 other vehicles) which was caused by low visibility due to a fire, and now the freeway was closed. We were right by an exit and some guy rapped on our window and told us to take it. Along with many other people we were gathered at a convenience store off the exit. Again, GPS told us of an alternate route to go around the accident and again we were moving.

While on vacation I was able to book two dogs while hiking. One was a regular, …

Last Minute

Last weekend before we left, we were supposed to board old Benny, a prior client. They had to cancel though, but the next day I got a last minute request for two dogs from the same family. They came over for meeting Friday night, then she dropped them off Saturday morning.

Since they were only here one night, I didn't get too many pictures. The spotted one is a Catahoula Cur who is obsessed with balls. She had no problem with being left as long as she had her ball. She wasn't annoying like another boarder who I assume is part Catahoula too. At least Cooper was loving and friendly.

This shy girl is Ava, a hound mix rescue from a breeder who abused her and after she escaped, was found and spayed, didn't want her back. She was very skittish, and jumped at strange sounds, which were just about every sound in our house. They were real good though and it would be nice to have them back.

We left town last Wednesday and hopefully have some nice sights and stories for you to follow…

Second Day Blues

I've noticed something funny that happens to dogs when they come to stay. Day one they are anxious and stressed even if they don't really act like it. Some whine, pace, bark, or keep their distance which is totally understandable. Many times too, that's when a new dog will pee inside. Sigh.

But by day two, their true personality starts to come out. Sometimes it's a good thing as they are becoming more comfortable and playful. But most times, they behave like bad toddlers.

First case in point. This is Winnie, she's just so cute isn't she? She's a 3 year old Lhasa Apso. Her family has only had her for about 2 months and said that in the evening she becomes cranky and demanding, kind of like an older person with 'Sun-downers'. We didn't see that although she did keep to herself kind of by the legs of the dining room table. She wasn't interested in joining the family or sitting on a lap. But by day two she became the 'sneaky one', and ver…

What's The Haps?

A lot of things going on for the Mozzarella family this month. Firstly, The Kid turned 22 on the 1st. She had a pretty exciting day. For any of you that like Zombie shows (not me), Z Nation is filmed here in Spokane, and they are currently filming season 4. We have a neighbor who does set building for North By Northwest film productions and is currently working on Z Nation. My husband asked if they could get a tour of one of the places they film at, and he took them personally. They do some filming at a local museum which they had already seen, and another location is an abandoned Kaiser Aluminum plant. They got to tour mostly behind the scenes places, saw some people getting makeup, trailers of the stars and the catering truck, ha. She didn't get any pictures, although I would have taken some. They didn't get to see any filming but she enjoyed it anyway. That night we made fish tacos and homemade ice cream to go with cake.

On the 16th we will be heading out for vacation. I ho…