Good To Be Home

I've been home for a week now; it feels so good. I've been doing yard work, bought flowers and tomato plants and getting caught up on things. We can't plant the garden yet until a certain big dog goes home.

Before I got home, the family was taking care of Pepper, a 3 year old Airedale Terrier mix. I didn't get to know her as well as everyone else, but she was very wary of strangers and since I was the stranger when I popped in for visits and came home, I got barked at....a lot.

She was really a good walker though and I enjoyed taking her out. She didn't leave until Tuesday evening, and another dog came in that morning. I checked with both parties to see if it would be OK to have them spend the day together. 
Are you ready for some BIG? This is Bailey, a 4 year old Great Pyrenees. She wasn't as playful as Pepper wanted to be, but at least they got along and just co-existed peacefully. Her owner is a new sitter so I felt like I had to do a really good job.

I trie…

Need Some Funny

Boy, I am really wiped out this week. With running back and forth from my house, my Mom's, and where I'm sitting, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. So much to be done with yard work, shopping, paying bills, etc. I told my husband that I am literally taking care of 3 households. Although he and my daughter help immensely, I just hit the wall this past week. But this might cheer us ALL up.

There's this graphic design company in town that put up a billboard to advertise the great Pacific Northwest. The sell t-shirts, hats, and mugs. They didn't anticipate the hoopla this billboard would attract (ah, or maybe they did), and the billboard came down the next day.

But it was too late, the meme's came fast and furious and funny as heck.

Within about a week or so, the billboard was back, and they had a baby. The quickest cub birth in history!

They've also added a new t-shirt to their line, named Woodsy. Just might have to get me one of these.

So the next time you&…

Rocks And Dogs and Doggy Rocks

Ok my Blogger peeps, we need to put this doggy portrait idea to rest. These are a few pics I stole from my FB rock group. They were both done by the same woman and I think she does them on commission. They are fantastic and incredibly accurate to the real thing.

Now, recall mine. This is goofy/cute but not fantastic/accurate. Just thought I had to show you the difference :)

At home we have a repeat in Bella the Mini Schnauzer. She's a fun girl and pretty easy to take care of. My husband, who is pretty hardened to not let a dog sleep with him, is gaga over this girl. She has slept with him every night. I think it's so sweet the way he dotes on her.

I am back taking care of Sasha and the two kitties. This is my 3rd time already this year and by the time I'm done, I will have spent 31 days here so far. This past week I had two meet & greets, one for sitting and one boarding. Both booked and in a few weeks we'll be watching a Great Pyrenees. So excited!
This is why I …

Basically Housesitting

This past week, I had moved on to a home with a 14 year old tiny Poodle. I arrived a week ago Sunday and by Tuesday, Twinkle and I had not become friends. This is my first picture of her right after I arrived. She took one look at me and retreated back to her bed.

She will only come out to eat or use her potty pad if I am not in close proximity; meaning I pretty much have to be gone or in another room. It takes me about 5 minutes a day to put her food together and change her pad. So basically I am house sitting. I feel bad, I want her to be comfortable and show her I am OK, but she has had a rough life and is very untrusting. She was a puppy mill dog for 5 years, spitting out those cute puppies that everyone has to have. Due to poor care, she had to have all of her teeth pulled. She's been with this owner ever since she was rescued though, so she's had a nice life since. Even as the week ended, we had not become friends. I got her to take some treats, not from my hand though. …

Oh The Smells We Smell

Last Tuesday Koda arrived for his second visit. I met them in the alley and grabbed his bed from the owner and noticed a reallyyyyy baddddd smell. Assuming it was the bed, I put it in another room. The horrible stench persisted and filled our house when we came in. I finally determined it was Koda's breath. It was absolutely the worst breath of man or beast, that I have ever encountered. I got an aroma diffuser going; didn't work. I bought some Vick's Vapor Rub to put under our noses, only worked for a few minutes. Used some highly scented body lotion under my nose; helped some. When I gave his owner the evening update, I asked her if he had any dental issues. You have to be very careful when saying something remotely unfavorable about a client's baby. She said she hadn't noticed anything. Lordy, there is no way I could NOT notice something that bad in my house!

The weather was better the next day so we could at least open the doors and have some fresh air come in…

Week In Review

Mr. Tucker left last Monday; boy he was a lot of work. But as usual the next morning my Husband mentioned how quiet it was now and that he would miss the little guy.

Tuesday was the only day this month that we either didn't have a dog at home or I wasn't away, so we decided to take advantage of the day off. We were going to go hiking but it was cold and wet. We headed out for a drive to a little town we go to a few times a year. They have the coolest little shop and although we don't buy much, it's always fun to look around as they are decorating differently all the time.

Wednesday evening we had our next boarders dropped off, repeats Bella and Gigi. We were really happy to see them again and the shy one wasn't shy at all! I just love these girls; they are so much fun.

The weekend consisted of gym, errands, and walking puppers. Sunday morning warranted a trip to the store to stock up with food for all of us while I'm away. The girls went home that afternoon and…

Coming Up

I've been to many concerts and shows in my lifetime. Some were strictly who was popular at the time I went. My very first concert was America, then came Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick. My husband and I saw Jonny Lang when our daughter was young, then again she saw him with us. He probably contributed greatly to my hearing loss.

As an adult it became more a family thing as we enjoyed Trans-Siberian Orchestra a few times and the surprisingly mellow singing voice of Hugh Laurie. Our daughter has loved Frank Sinatra since she was small and so we all enjoyed Frank Jr. together.

We've seen many comedy shows too, even the now infamous Bill Cosby. Master ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham is one of our favorites. Some lesser known funny people make for a reasonably priced evening.

There are only a few on my personal bucket list and we already fulfilled one by seeing Elton John several years ago. As he says he is retiring from concert touring, I'm glad we got that chance. The only one left o…