The Flip Side

Pet Sitting is a funny business. I'm in a FB group for sitters and am learning something everyday. One thing that really stood out is that someone said 'all pet owners lie.' I don't really believe that; but in many cases I'd describe it more like little white lies.

When a person sets up an account, they have to describe their dog. There are further questions asked at a Meet and Greet with a sitter. Some are dishonest about the breed and if they have aggression issues. I have read so many horror stories about guest dogs attacking the home owner's pets. That's why I only take one dog at a time and never would have considered this job if Nellie was still alive.

The little wild dog I watched a few weeks ago was listed as a mixed breed. When the owner's Mom came to get her we were talking about how hard she is to handle. She said "That's the Dingo in her." Seriously? Is that even legal? I started looking up pictures on line and she sure fit the…

More Memes

I have no doggy stories this week and nothing else to really talk about so will throw some more Spokane Memes out there. Now I'm curious if your own city makes fun of itself with a meme page? I just love our Spokane Meme FB page; it keeps me smiling.


Last week was pretty busy. First we had a friend's dog just for the day. Her name is Angel and she's a 9 year old mixture of many things, but I'm sure a cattle dog is one of them. All she wants to do is chase a ball......all day long......She doesn't take walks, which I tried, but she just cowered so I gave up. The only time she rested is when we totally ignored her but then if we moved, she was up again. Nine hours of this; we were so exhausted when her family came to get her. They would like us to take her over Memorial weekend but I'm not so sure the rest of my family would be up for it.

The next day we had a sweet boy come to stay for 4 nights. His name is Koda and is 6 years old. His Mom has only had him for 3 months and he was a rescue. She gives him these calming treats for anxiety but we sure didn't see any of that behavior while he was here. He loves his walks and I have to admit that I haven't walked that fast in a very long time. He's an atte…

Water Water Everywhere

A few weeks ago Hubby and I drove around town to look at other watery places. Once section of our Centennial Trail that we try to walk once a year, had water crossing the road entering some parking lots of apartment buildings.

It has been a historic runoff this spring, hasn't been like this for 20 years. Around my hometown, smaller lakes are filling for the first time in years. There's a floating restaurant across the state line that has to boat people in because their dock and parking lot is flooded. Isn't that something? A floating restaurant that's having water problems.

This will definitely be a spring to remember and I'm glad we got out to see a little of it before I start complaining about the heat this summer.

Double Duty

Look where I got to spend last weekend! This is located in a historical part of town and very close to my Mom's place. A woman who is also a sitter from California just moved here with her husband. They are not totally moved in so she had to go back to Cali to help him with some things. This house is so huge, I got lost all the time. It was on sale for 480K, sold for 460K. It was built in 1887 and is one of the oldest intact homes in town. Chandeliers everywhere, even the main bath. There is even a large walk in cooler in the basement!

They have two dogs, Hattie and Grover. They are not the most well behaved dogs but fun when chasing toys. Each day got a little better and they followed me everywhere, slept with me, and fought over me sitting on the couch. The one she was worried about being aggressive has been wonderful. Since they are so wiggly, I was lucky to get these shots. They really grew on me and I hope she asks me back again. Since she is also a sitter, and a very well es…

March Doings

Snow is finally melting around here, our back yard is clear of it. Although the lawn is brown, soggy, moldy, and gross, I know that it will be soon turning green. The melting snow sure unearthed a lot of Nellie bombs though and along with other dogs now around, Hubby and I have kept busy cleaning up.

We did a fun little thing and joined the Ides Of Trump postcard assault on the Cheeto Nazi on March 15th. I bought 10 cards for the 3 of us. I could have bought more but with the thousands that will be sent from around the country, they all count. In reality I know it won't do a darn thing, but it sure felt good to voice my opinion. I saw pictures that others posted on their FB page and it was astounding (and humorous) to see the support.

The Kid made the Dean's list for Fall. She wasn't notified like before so had to search the entire college website to find it. This week is finals week for Winter quarter and she is already registered for Spring. She will be 2-3 classes short…

Meet Benny

This little guy was supposed to be our first guest but his family had to cancel their trip. He's a 13 year old Whippet who mostly sleeps. It's the first time I've ever seen a Whippet. He is one skinny boy, which is what he's supposed to look like. Because of his age though, his spine and hip bones are very noticeable. He reminded me of a 2x4 with legs. Then when he was outside one day, you could see right through his legs and just see the bones! When he's lying in bed, you can actually see his heart beating. I personally like a good sized dog you can give a hearty pat to. I was afraid I was going to break him.

When they first arrived, he was wandering around the house, went into the kitchen where the back door is, then proceeded to come into the living room to pee on the carpet. I guess he was trying to tell us all something but we were busy talking. His family was mortified. I felt worse for them. During the night he woke us up barking and running from door to do…