I don't do politically charged posts, but sometimes you just have to do it and get it off your chest. Humor helps a lot to deal with the disbelief, anger, frustration, and sadness. This is just a sampling of the funnies I have seen the last few weeks.


Here I sit early on Sunday morning enjoying a cup of coffee with chocolate mint cocoa mix in it and a few biscotti cookies. I haven't been up early on a Sunday in a long time. I could hear Nellie pacing around wanting out so I arose to find she had pooped right in front of the door. That had to be cleaned before I could open the door. She still frantically wanted out and I was working as fast as I could. At least she made it that far though and missed the living room altogether. All of that lovely mess at 6:00 am; so I deserve those cookies dammit!

Thanksgiving was good, just us three. Didn't have to clean the house for anyone and kitchen clean-up went pretty fast. We took leftovers to Mom's yesterday and still have some left. The best part, turkey stock, will be made today.

As our tradition, we put our tree up the next day. We bought some Tree Dazzler lights (don't laugh). First we put on a few strands of regular lights and then the new ones on top, concentrating the strands on the sides and front. With the right setting--not too fast, they look real pretty. We put our pallet Christmas tree out front up against the window. If anyone wants to take it, I wish them luck. It took all we had to haul it upstairs from the basement.

December seems like a busy month so far. We have a Christmas party to go to for my husband's work next weekend. It will be the first EVER work related party we have gone to. On the 11th, I'm going to a sip n paint business in town to do a pet portrait. I've been waiting for that one to come around again for quite awhile. You send them a picture and they print an outline on the canvas and set up the colors needed. Mine should be easy, all black and some white for the grey fur. I'm looking forward to it, hope I can do her justice.

The Kid is working on her finals now. They don't really have tests, just projects. She's doing a lot of Web work and it's both fun and frustrating. She should be home on break by the 8th. On the 15th she is scheduled for surgery to get her wisdom teeth out. Two of them are almost lying down pushing on others and she wanted to be totally 'out' for that so we had to make an appointment as a sleep dentistry office. Sounds like a fun time in the ol' Mozzarella house for a week after that!

Then there's Christmas, the always unpredictable holiday. What to eat, who's going to be there? My Sister-In-Law who is still battling her cancer issues, almost two years later. She's had the usual chemo and radiation. There was a big surgery to take out an abdominal tumor which has sent her back in the hospital at least 10 times since, for procedures and infections. Another surgery to hopefully fix what all of the procedures could not, sent her back just a week later with an infection in her port and then she caught the flu in the hospital! Needless to say, we're not sure if she will be there or not. It's a day by day thing.

We did the 52 week money challenge again this year and only have a bit left to add to it to make the total of $1378.00. Saving money is almost like a sport to me, I get a big thrill out of it!

That sums up the 'almost the end of year' things for us!


Oh Shred

We only have one tree to deal with as far as raking. A big old Oak that reaps us about 10 bags. Our neighbor's Maple trees contribute some but only if the wind is blowing the right way. Then ours blow in the street, so it's about even. Every Veterans Day the high school sends out different groups to rake leaves up in the neighborhood. It took us a long time to remember not to do it ourselves and wait for them. The weather held up and stayed dry and our leaves were raked in less than an hour.

We don't send ours to the dump, rather mulch them up for our compost bin. In the spring, my husband dumps the bags on the lawn and runs the lawn mower over them several times. It's a lot of work and I was trying to find something to make it easier for him. Plus it's pretty hard on a mower and dulls the blade quickly. I did a lot of research and found a nice little chipper/shredder. It will take small branches and leaves of course.

When the leaves were raked and I ordered the machine it was still dry out. Then it rained for days. When we finally had the time to get to them, the leaves were wet; even bagged and turned upside down. We only got about halfway through a bag and the leaves clogged up twice. They looked like they went straight through without even chopping so we had to send them through again. The opening on the top is only about 4 inches wide so you can't fill it with large quantities. One handful at a time, they are pushed down with a special pusher, so of course you don't chop your hand off.

I am a little disappointed that we didn't have dry leaves to work with to see its true potential. It's not a one person job like the lawnmower is, one has to load, while the other one pushes. Now we have to wait 6 months before we can get at it again. I probably won't be in the mood then.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope your day is filled with fun and food and I guess football for those that like that kind of thing :)


What Are You Going To School For?

Since the beginning of the school year at my Daughter's college, there have been 7 sexual assaults reported. That's in 2 months. It's hard to determine if assaults have actually gone up or girls are just reporting more with educational awareness.

Image result for ewu campusSexual assault is a horrible crime whether it's perpetrated by Cosby, Trump, or a dumb college student. There is no excuse that warrants that kind of behavior towards a woman.

BUT......and this is the whole point I want to get across. You've got to stay away from activities or situations that could possibly put you in harm's way. Most of these assaults were associated where drugs/alcohol were present. The latest one was off campus, where a 17 year old girl went to a party. Some attacks were after a party (off campus) when women were going back to their dorm in the wee hours of the morning. Call me an old fuddy duddy but school isn't an invitation to party your 4 years away. No matter who's paying for it, you owe yourself/them the respect enough to get that education. I can't say I was much smarter in my college days and I'm pretty lucky I came out unscathed. But things were different then. Date rape drugs weren't around. Rapists were people like Kevin Coe, who attacked women on jogging trails. We just weren't afraid back then at school, but now campus attacks are on the rise, even at small colleges. And now will it get even worse with a President that thinks it's alright to do so?

So, come on girls; know your surroundings, go with a friend and stick with them, never let your drink out of sight, and don't let a strange guy walk you back to your dorm. Better yet, stay in your dorm and study....isn't that the reason you are going to school?

And boys, really? Girls don't come to your parties to be attacked. If this is all you have on your mind, maybe you don't deserve to be in college. When you are caught and arrested, you will be thrown out of school and into the court system. Your life will be forever changed. You will be labeled a rapist. You will have irreparably harmed the girl you attacked and your parent's trust.

Boys and Girls when you apply for college, go for that reason only. You can do all the stupid stuff you want after you graduate. Stay smart.....and safe.


Ding Dong

Hubby and I took another stab at our doggy doorbell problem. The only other solution was to bring it in under the screen and wood doors. Since they both were such a tight fit, we first used a drill to dig out a small trough in the wooden threshold for the wire to fit in. Then we cut out a small piece of the rubber under the wooden door to do the same. Placing some brown duct tape over all and added a few staples for good measure, I then put the speaker on the stair landing under a small box to muffle the sound. It's not pretty but very function-able.

So far it is working great. The first night it woke me from a dead sleep but she got her point across! If she would just step on it once, it would be great. But she moves around so much I feel like I'm waking up in a 7-Eleven store after the bars close.

In other exciting news I got my two crowns on Tuesday. Such an unpleasant and expensive experience. After four hours of torture I finally got to come home and take a nap. When I woke up the house was dark and Old Nellie had gotten up and poked me in the back of the head with  her nose. I guess she just wanted to check and see if I was alive like we do to her sometimes. We got each other's backs.

My Husband's job is coming along nicely. He didn't get the original 4-hour route that he wanted because someone had left, so he needed to fill in for her. It's a 6-hour route and he is usually home by 9pm. It's a lot better than working 9-12 hours and getting home at 2:30am. He's getting used to using a GPS,  although still gets lost sometimes. They are slowly breaking him into using the computer too. It sounds like a good company to work for and we're looking forward to their Christmas party at a pretty swank restaurant.

I'm so thankful tomorrow the worst election on history will be over. But unfortunately it really won't be. If Clinton is our next President, Trump won't ever shut up. And if he wins, he won't ever shut up. I don't think it will be 'over' for a long time.


You CAN Teach An Old Dog

Listening to Nellie's door knock in the middle of the night is kind of a hit and miss thing. One morning when I let her in, she was covered in frost. Did she knock and I just didn't hear? Or maybe she didn't mind the frosty look. One night I woke up with a start and could hear rain coming down hard. When I got to the door, she was just lying there getting absolutely soaked. I know she must have knocked, more than once. I felt terrible as I gently wiped her off the best I could at 3:00 am.

I began wracking my brain for a solution and thought it would be wonderful if she could ring a doorbell. BINGO! That was it, some kind of a doorbell mat. I searched online and finally found a reasonably priced one that is a chime/alarm. The mats they sell specifically for pets were out of my price range. So stupid when they do the same thing.

I first bought 2 regular cheap mats to sandwich the alarmed one, to keep it dry. The screen door was way too snug to wire the receiver inside so instead I placed it in the window well just a few feet away from the back porch. This window well is right above my bed. Brilliant! Her own personal butler chime, with me being the butler. The chime is 90 decibels which was way too loud. I put some tape over the speaker, wrapped it lightly in a towel, and placed it in a bucket. That way only I will be able to hear it and it won't wake the entire house, or the neighborhood. Then I bought an old window frame from someone on Facebook's new Marketplace (it's like Craigslist but you can actually see who the seller is and message them directly). We placed it over the window well which will keep the receiver dry.

If you can't tell, I am the old dog here, not Nellie. I had a dilemma, I found the solution and fixed it.

***Last minute edit. It seems this old dog did not account for 48 hours of rain. The window pane did not keep the water out. The ding dong bell rang when it wanted to which caused me to jump out of bed several times for no reason. It is now inside until I come up with another solution.


Got Nuthin'

This is one of those rare times that I have absolutely nothing to write about. Only twice I have posted a re-run and so lets make it three. I went back to year one of my blogging history and found the date closest to this one. I still crack myself up. Hopefully next week I'll have something interesting to talk about.


I hate being sick. I hate every aspect of it. First of all, I can't work, which seriously reduces our grocery budget. Since I am privately paid at my jobs, I don't get sick leave.

Then it's just the overall helpless feeling when you feel like crap and there's nothing you can do about it.

It started with a sore throat so painful it felt like the devil himself was in my throat with a couple of blow torches. In the morning it was only a scratchy throat and I told my husband it was probably allergies. I don't even really have allergies, so it was pure denial that I could actually be getting sick. Our daughter was sick the week before, but I KNEW she wouldn't give me her germs. So I didn't get any sleep Friday night.

Then came the runny nose. How can it be possible for a human to produce so much snot? It's just not right. I took some old cold capsules I found which have pseudoephedrine. You know the stuff that people use to make meth? Bad idea. I don't think I would like meth because my body sure doesn't like pseudoephedrine. It keeps me awake. And I just read that people with high BP shouldn't take it. So I cheated death and no sleep again Saturday night.

The coughing and stuffy nose came next. I though using my saline nasal cleanser would take care of that. It's a small bottle you add sterilized warm water and special saline to, and then squirt the liquid up one nostril. It travels up one side of your nasal passages and out the other side, in most cases. When your nasal passages are totally blocked it comes out your mouth. The instructions failed to mention that.

And have you ever coughed so hard that you see lights in your eyes, in the dark?!?! I saw a black circle with slits around the circle letting out beams of light. Holy shit, I could have been my own flashlight. Also, as women get older sometimes we pee our pants when we laugh, cough, or sneeze. The stance I take when a sneeze or coughing fit is coming on is to cross my legs first, then cover my nose or mouth. It's very attractive. I chugged cough syrup (without meth) out of the bottle like it was the best wine I'd ever had. But it really didn't work, so again no sleep Sunday night.

All awhile though I really thought I would feel good enough to go to work today. But no, I had to make the dreaded call to my lady and tell her I wouldn't be over. I always feel guilty when I call in sick, like I wonder if people think I'm using my best sick voice to get out of work.

I only did that once, when I was in college. I had just got a new kitten and I wanted to stay home and play with her so I called work to say that I had sprained my ankle and couldn't work. How lame was that? I worked in fast food so I had to limp for few days when I went back.

So today I am still in my jammies, my hubby brought me orange juice and I guess I will just try and enjoy the rest of my day off. But come Hell or High Water I am going back to work tomorrow.