I've Got A Fever

Cabin Fever that is. It usually happens about this time of year, but not always. If it's been a mild winter and we're still able to carry on with our lives with no fuss or muss, it's not as bad. I can't even say that this has been the worst winter we've ever had, but I sure am getting tired of it. If I'm not at my Moms all we do is sit around and watch TV. I get so bored that I have taken up napping in the afternoon......I never used to do that!!

The only time I venture out is to shovel, and go to my Mom's, the store, or the gym. Snow just isn't fun anymore. I'm not a kid, and I no longer have a young kid. Heck I don't even have a dog anymore to run around in it. We used to have so much fun at the park or football field with a young kid and dog. It's just a giant pain now.

On Thursday we had a short lived ice-storm so I went around the yard to get some pictures. That's the most I have used my camera since summer. The last few days, the sun has been out and the snow is melting, so there is hope that I will be able to leave my den soon.



I got tired of waiting for Fetch to call me (still haven't to this day) and I certainly didn't want to call them back. I went back to the first business I looked at and applied. By the end of the day I was approved and by the next day my background check had passed.

I've watched some videos and taken quizzes, filled out my calendar for availability, have my own url, and ordered business cards. Hubby is going to be my promoter. In jest I call him the 'Master Bullshitter' because he can talk to anyone. He could have a conversation with a tree! He's good though, that's how he built his own businesses in the past so I guess we should call him retired so he can help me.

I don't expect to get rich at this. I just want to fill up my time and my heart helping out people with pet sitting needs.

Over the weekend we were supposed to have our first guest but because of the snow they had to cancel their trip out of town. We were all so excited, but disappointed when they couldn't make it. Hopefully they will reschedule sometime. Instead of doggysitting then, we had to deal with shoveling 7 inches of new snow.

Speaking of snow, as it was coming down heavy on Friday, The Kid had to drive home from college. It was her first major storm to drive in. I argued with Hubby that she has to learn because if he keeps going to get her, she will never understand what it feels like. Besides his car was in the shop and I had to be at my Moms that day. I underestimated how bad it was though and by the time she headed out, accidents were abundant. A lot can happen in the 30 mile drive home!

She kept her speed down on the freeway but a reader-board said there were accidents ahead. She slowed too fast and spun off the freeway.....and thankfully right on to an off-ramp. She probably knows that area more than I do because she would always go with her Dad on his route by the airport. It's kind of the back way into town and although it took her a whole hour, she made it home safe. She was a little freaked out by the experience but I told her I was very proud that she kept her cool, and she had probably learned more about driving in the snow in that one hour than all winter sitting in the house. Shortly after she got home, the freeway was closed.


We Fixed It

Do you ever have one of those home projects you do without professional help and it actually works? We encountered that a few weeks ago and it saved us about 300 bucks.

Our toilet had been flushing slower for at least the last 6 months. We'd plunge and use the natural enzymes to break down stuff but they didn't work. It finally got to the point where it was gasping for air and it would take at least 3 flushes to get the smallest pieces of tissue to go down. We anticipated a hefty bill to snake out either the main drain or roof vents.

We had a plumber come out to take a look. He was a smart guy and said it was basically full of calcium and we were probably looking at buying a new toilet. Dang, it was less than 6 years old. Now that I knew what the problem was, I started researching. I found many references to Meriatic Acid and how it can take care of the problem in a very short amount of time. Trouble is, it's nasty stuff, very dangerous. Then I saw one reference to ACID Magic which is Meriatic, but has 90% less fumes and dangers to the skin.

I found a good website with step-by-step directions and pictures. We bought a gallon of the stuff and went to work. We totally emptied the bowl, put saran over the bowl so what fumes there would be, would not escape. I took the top of the tank off, put a funnel in the overflow tube and slowly poured the acid in. The fluid flows through the small holes and fills the bowl. We opened the window and put a small fan in to pull the air outside, then left the house for a few hours.

This is what we came home to. It looks like someone in the house is very, very sick!

I made Hubby flush, because I was scared to. Whoosh, It worked like new! I can't believe we actually did something that worked. We spent 10 bucks to save 300, what a deal.



If you looked in MY dictionary I'm sure you would read this definition:
im-pey-shuh nt--when kden feels things are not moving along fast enough to her satisfaction.

I am still calling Fetch Pet Care every couple of days. I don't think I'm getting the run-around because he told me they did need help. But he always says things have been so crazy and he hasn't had time and let's try again next week.

Wouldn't it make sense then, if things are so crazy, that he should take time to read an app and get the ball rolling? I know a background check has to be done and some kind of orientation too. I even messaged and emailed the corporate office and haven't got much further with them.

The reason I don't want to foster or just volunteer, is that the income would be nice, especially if my Husband can't find another part time job or if he just says to Hell with it and retires. And for now I'm really only interested in this company because of the variety of the animals to sit for.

I'm just frustrated and bored and want someone to get their shit together so I can have some purpose in life and make some money in the process. So again, I will wait for a phone call this week or have to bug him when he doesn't call.

The Kid finally got her personalized glass piece delivered with some of Nellie's ashes in it. She chose 3 colors to be used, plus they engraved the back with her dates. The tiny silverish threads are her ashes. Then I did something that to some might seem totally absurd. Nellie always loved to go in the car with me. I could have just gone around the block and she would have been happy. I took a small amount of ashes and put them in the corner of a baggie, tied it off with a pink thread and placed it in a pink organza drawstring bag. I made one for each of us. After I finished, I grabbed my bag and said "Come on Nell, let's go for a ride in the car!" I hung it up on the little clothes hanger in the back of the car and I can see it swinging around when I drive, and it makes me smile.


What I Want To Do

As much as I miss my sweet Nell, I know in my heart that I don't want another pet. I like the company, the walks, and furry kisses. We seem to have long living pets, with 2 cats that made it to 18 and 21. Zebra Finch that usually have a short life span lived longer in our home. I would like to have another cat but can you imagine Hubby cleaning the litter box at age 85? He grunts and groans just putting his shoes on now, as do I. And the mess; fur, food, litter, toys, feathers, seed, and poop of all kinds.

We've always had a pet of some kind, but I never realized how clean our house could really be without them.  With shampooing carpet, cleaning walls, and major dusting, it's starting to look good in here.

With that all being said though, I still want to be around animals but not take on the long term commitment. That's why I am pursuing being a Pet Sitter. There are 3 big franchises that offer sitting services in town. One of them is different in that they have an owner in town and cover all types of pets and match a client to a sitter. The other two work with dogs only and prospective clients just look at profiles to find a suitable sitter. I started with Fetch (the first one) by filling out an online application on New Year's Day. After almost two weeks I hadn't heard anything, so I called and left a message. Still nothing so I called and finally got to talk to someone. He wasn't the owner but said he could help me. He found my app and said he would get back to me. Still waiting after three days so I call again. I was not going to give up. I reached the same guy, Bill, who apologized for not getting to my app yet. He said they've been really busy but hoped to get to it by early in the week (meaning today). I asked what the next step would be and he said he would like to meet me and go over the sitting qualifications to see if I'm interested.

So that's where I stand now, just waiting for a call. I have way too much time on my hands now and it sounds like a lot of fun to walk, visit, and have sleepovers with animals. Keep your fingers crossed friends!


We Carry On

It's been a rough week, not gonna lie. It's the little things about Nellie that I miss the most. I expect to see her lying down outside in one of her favorite spots. I will always look for her as long as we live here. The house is quiet without the jingle of her collar, snoring, and yes even the farting. The way she would nudge my arm from behind my chair when she wanted treats. The little twinkle she would get in her eyes when she was excited about something; usually a walk or dinner. When I would come home with groceries she would meet me and jam her head in the bags to see what I brought her. She learned what "On your marks, get set, go!" meant but she was a cheater and always took off on "get set" and beat me.

I am mostly at peace now, but will always regret the vet we used. That is what will eat at me forever. I left a bad review of him on Google, maybe some will bypass him for his euthanasia services.

We have kept busy cleaning. I'm working little by little with my new machine until the whole carpet is clean. The shelter where we adopted her now has all of her personal items, except the ones we kept for ourselves. I was able to send back unopened medications to the online pharmacy we used. They were just going to credit my account, but I said I would never have another pet so what sense did that make? It's too bad they have to destroy the meds, but they did agree to pay me back for their purchase. Our own vet will donate the opened meds to other patients, was happy to hear that. The Kid and I painted our salt dough paw prints.

Just yesterday I laid on the floor so The Kid could pop my back. She's my personal chiropractor :) It's a part of the floor I haven't got to yet and it smelled like dog. Not in a bad way, just a Nellie dog way and I started crying. She probably thought I had lost my marbles lying on the floor, sniffing the carpet and crying!

Her ashes were hand delivered by the same young man that picked her up. They came enclosed in a cute little red heart inside a red box. We put some in several little bottles for each of us, even my Mom. A small bag was set aside for this spring to scatter around the yard. The rest went in a decoupaged jar that my Mom had done in 1998. At the time we had joked about using it for her urn. It was perfect. We cleared off a shelf for her ashes, collar, treat ball, toy, little jar of fur, sympathy cards, and picture. Weird maybe, but comforting.

We took The Kid back to college yesterday. She's not adept at driving in the snow yet and this week is supposed to snow a lot. As if right on cue, as we were heading back home, it started, so I'm glad we did it that way.

So I guess we carry on like anyone else does after a loss...of any kind. Just one foot (or snow boot) in front of another.


No More

No more potty training
No more digging in the yard
No more chewing off bushes
No more jumping
No more pulling on the leash
No more obedience training
No more barking at the mailman

No more long walks
No more puppy sighs
No more playing keep-away with toys
No more puppy kisses
No more traveling companion
No more treats
No more playing in the snow
No more doggy playdates
No more lying in your corner of the yard guarding your kingdom
No more meeting us at the gate when we come home
No more last bites of our dinner
No more running in the football field
No more compliments on how beautiful you are

No more pain meds
No more incontinent meds
No more joint meds
No more cleaning up accidents
No more picking you up off the floor
No more sleepless nights
Pain…...no more, Nellie

You’re free

Nellie had a hard time over Christmas weekend. We were only gone for about 4 hours but she had messed in the house. The next day she snuck into our daughters room to throw up. Her legs were much worse and she fell all day long. Getting in/outside was treacherous for all involved because we'd have to pick her up off the snow and ice all hours of the day and night. We truly did the best we could to cater to all of her needs but it just got to be too much. We were basically on duty 24 hours a day. It was a very hard decision but we were all in agreement to let her go.

I arranged for a mobile vet and then a crematory business came to pick her up and will deliver her ashes at a later date. We will scatter some in the corner of the back yard in her favorite spot. The Kid wants to have some ashes used in a personalized piece of blown glass. It seems to be something that is gaining popularity. The day before, her and I made some salt dough paw prints. One will be able to hang, and one will lean up against her urn.

Still, all of this brings no consolation. I had no idea it would hurt so bad. I am riddled with guilt and sorrow. I am second guessing our decision every day. The day before and the day of our appointment, I gave her extra pain meds in the morning. We usually only gave her some at night. She seemed to be getting around better and then I felt horrible for what I had planned. Was it just a short term rebound? Would she have had another week, or maybe a year?

The mobile vet I called sounded nice on the phone. He was nice, but still all business. He seemed to rush through the whole thing. Gave her a poke of sedative while she was standing up. We set up a portable massage table so we could all gather around. He said "Oh I don't need that, I can just do it on the floor". I didn't do it for you dumb ass. I don't think the sedative ever took place and the rest is too horrible to even type, but I will never forget those last few minutes of her life. I feel like I have murdered a member of our family.

And then to kick a family while they're down, the very next day my husband got let go from the job that he loved. It's almost too much to handle and a sucky way to end the year. I'm so glad our daughter is home for one more week before going back to college. She is the only thing keeping me whole.