Got Nuthin'

This is one of those rare times that I have absolutely nothing to write about. Only twice I have posted a re-run and so lets make it three. I went back to year one of my blogging history and found the date closest to this one. I still crack myself up. Hopefully next week I'll have something interesting to talk about.


I hate being sick. I hate every aspect of it. First of all, I can't work, which seriously reduces our grocery budget. Since I am privately paid at my jobs, I don't get sick leave.

Then it's just the overall helpless feeling when you feel like crap and there's nothing you can do about it.

It started with a sore throat so painful it felt like the devil himself was in my throat with a couple of blow torches. In the morning it was only a scratchy throat and I told my husband it was probably allergies. I don't even really have allergies, so it was pure denial that I could actually be getting sick. Our daughter was sick the week before, but I KNEW she wouldn't give me her germs. So I didn't get any sleep Friday night.

Then came the runny nose. How can it be possible for a human to produce so much snot? It's just not right. I took some old cold capsules I found which have pseudoephedrine. You know the stuff that people use to make meth? Bad idea. I don't think I would like meth because my body sure doesn't like pseudoephedrine. It keeps me awake. And I just read that people with high BP shouldn't take it. So I cheated death and no sleep again Saturday night.

The coughing and stuffy nose came next. I though using my saline nasal cleanser would take care of that. It's a small bottle you add sterilized warm water and special saline to, and then squirt the liquid up one nostril. It travels up one side of your nasal passages and out the other side, in most cases. When your nasal passages are totally blocked it comes out your mouth. The instructions failed to mention that.

And have you ever coughed so hard that you see lights in your eyes, in the dark?!?! I saw a black circle with slits around the circle letting out beams of light. Holy shit, I could have been my own flashlight. Also, as women get older sometimes we pee our pants when we laugh, cough, or sneeze. The stance I take when a sneeze or coughing fit is coming on is to cross my legs first, then cover my nose or mouth. It's very attractive. I chugged cough syrup (without meth) out of the bottle like it was the best wine I'd ever had. But it really didn't work, so again no sleep Sunday night.

All awhile though I really thought I would feel good enough to go to work today. But no, I had to make the dreaded call to my lady and tell her I wouldn't be over. I always feel guilty when I call in sick, like I wonder if people think I'm using my best sick voice to get out of work.

I only did that once, when I was in college. I had just got a new kitten and I wanted to stay home and play with her so I called work to say that I had sprained my ankle and couldn't work. How lame was that? I worked in fast food so I had to limp for few days when I went back.

So today I am still in my jammies, my hubby brought me orange juice and I guess I will just try and enjoy the rest of my day off. But come Hell or High Water I am going back to work tomorrow.


Season Of Changes

Our Daughter has been back at college for three weeks now, hard to believe she is a Senior. She's taking Web 1, Ceramics for her Art Minor and a class for her Major. Having no classes on Friday and her own car, she drives home on Thursday after her only class. Pretty good schedule if you ask me. She's in the same apartment as last year. She has two new roommates, and the messy one is gone. Although I haven't been there since summer, she said it's much better.

Nellie has officially turned 16. Her back legs are weaker and she falls down a lot. We are torn between walking her to strengthen them, or not walk her because she's weak. She also has arthritis in one of her front elbows and limps bad after a longer walk. When traffic stops to let us cross, people probably think I am forcing her to walk. Truth is, she is a stubborn little poop who doesn't like me to cut her off to a shorter one. Other than that, she is really healthy, her Vet is always amazed when I bring her in. I believe she is surviving on our love alone sometimes, because that's all we can offer her. And treats, lots of treats. Oh, and she does miss her window. Everyday she peeks around both ends of the couch just to see if it's still there. Then she turns around a few times and lays down in defeat.

Nothing new with me except I was sick last week. Four days of Vertigo culminating in the tossing of my cookies before bed. Although I didn't sleep great, I woke up hungry and the Vertigo was absolutely gone. Maybe it was a virus but it was very strange and something I would never want to repeat. I saw my dentist last week who said I needed two more crowns. I've been very happy with no pain and thought I was done with all that, so I'm pretty disappointed with that development.

I've started putting all of my glass totems away, picking the last of the garden goodies and pulling up plants. It's always a sad time because you know winter is right around the corner; not my favorite part of year. I did make a couple batches of tomato sauce in our pressure cooker to freeze. That will taste pretty good this winter.

The biggest change is that my Husband is starting a new job today! Ever since he started working for the school bus company, he has been looking for a part time driving job. Many resumes were sent over the last few years. Last year he interviewed for an independent community mental health pharmacy company, who supplies medications to group homes and assisted living facilities. They deliver the medications throughout central and eastern Washington. As a new company, they didn't have anything open at that time. But the owner promised him he was on top of the list. Hubby would still drop in occasionally to see what was new. He was called once but turned it down because of the hours.

This school year on the bus, he has a good driver and seems more at ease with the job. So when the Pharmacist called again with another route, he almost thought of not taking it. It took me some time to convince him that it would be better for him because he wouldn't always have a good driver to work with. Plus, he has already gotten smacked in the head by a 4th grader within the second week of school.

His actual route won't begin until next month so for now he will be learning all of the routes and training to become a Pharmacist's Assistant/Driver. His route will be driving to one small community close by, with the hours of afternoon through early evening.  I agree that if he HAS to work, it should be on his terms and something he enjoys. The bus company was sad to see him go and even the GM told him he was always welcome back. They don't extend that invitation to everyone.

Change can be good I guess, in seasons and in life. I hope that your changes of season are treating you all well.


Not Bad

Our new couch was delivered last Thursday, in a huge box. I knew from the reviews that it would have to be put together and my daughter and I could handle it. The hardest part was getting it out of the box. We had to cut down the sides to get our hands under it. The second hardest part was carrying this couch part to its final destination and having to step over Nellie. Would she move and make it easier for us? No, she would rather risk the impending squishing if we dropped in on her.

We tipped it on its side to screw on the legs and then grabbed the back out of the box. Having to line up the metal rails was challenging. When I got my side in, The Kid couldn't line hers up. So she held my side while I did her side. It was a tight fit, which is better than too loose and sloppy.

The whole thing took about 15 minutes, and we were sitting on a new couch. It's a bit firm and has a shorter seat than our old one but since I'm short waisted, it fits fine. I use my recliner  most of the time but I may travel across the room from time to time to have a seat.

I do feel bad about putting it in front of the window. That has been Nellie's spot for 15 1/2 years where she could quietly watch the world go by and alert us to the bad mailman or middle schooler. We tried once to block it when she was younger but she wasn't pleased at all! Since she sleeps most of the time now and doesn't move much from a spot, I figured it was time. So far she doesn't seem to miss her view.

The couch was on sale and with delivery it came to a whopping 270.00. I know you could easily spend much more on something and still find things to not like about it. I say it was a good investment. Not bad, not bad at all.


One Of Those Days

Do you ever just have one of those days???

It's 3:50 in the afternoon and I am spent. Done in. Exhausted. Yesterday, everything was fine, until all Hell broke loose.

I ordered a new couch through Walmart last week and got notification of its delivery date. Hopefully that purchase will not have to be another blog post (in a bad way that is). Anyway, I knew I needed to get rid of the old couch. A free listing on Craigslist ought to do it. I started getting phone calls right away but as the day wore on, people were getting flakier. One guy even had a love seat to match, brought a dolly to haul it out and called his helper who was going to meet him here. He said he was going to go get him and be back in 5 minutes. He never came back. More people calling and texting. Do I hold out for the guy that needs it the most or the one that can be here the quickest? If you think it's hard to sell something on CL, just try to give it away.

FREE-One well used couch
In the meantime I'm washing dishes in the bathroom sink because our kitchen sink got clogged last night. My husband tried a plunger and a snake but all me managed to do was pop off a pipe from under the drain. We called a guy that we've had come out a few times. Nice and helpful when he's not busy. Now he's swamped and said he might be able to drop by to re-attach the pipe. He arrives but I say it may not be unclogged. He said he can't do that unless I have a snake. He pulls everything apart and finds the clog but our little snake can't handle it. In the meantime he's telling his partner that they have to go. So I was left with a huge mess and no fix. Stinky black water all over my kitchen floor. One guy cleaned it up but I was still left with no usable sink.

Back to the drawing board to find a plumber. I found a local guy on CL, their business name is actually called The Local Guys. He was there within a half-an-hour. He had good reviews but I thought he was expensive. But what are you going to do? You need things like running water and sinks, and not to have to take showers with your pots and pans. He also had to replace a leaking drain strainer.

To add a little fun into the mix, I am house sitting a cat nearby, visiting twice a day. I finally got out of the house to go see him after Hubby got home and grabbed some dinner to bring home. By the time I arrived, the couch was gone and the sink was fixed.

I'm still cleaning up the kitchen and re-arranging furniture and hoping I don't have another One Of These Days for awhile.


He Did It

When we signed up for high speed internet several years ago, we wanted to go with a local company to be our isp. Little did I know that we would have to have Century Link still come out to hook us up. So all this time we've been paying both businesses for their services. They both offered discounts in the beginning but that is long gone now.

I had been contemplating switching our isp to CL but was dreading the phone call where no one understands what I'm trying to explain. I'm not a dummy but still have problems conveying things sometimes. Last week we got an email from our isp company telling us that they were closing shop....so now I had to make that call.

The first call I botched so bad I just hung up. Sigh. The next girl I got knew exactly what I wanted and the ordering went very smoothly and she said it would only raise our bill by a few dollars a month. We anxiously waited for the CL technician to take care of his bit with the wiring and knew by the end of the day we would be running faster than we ever had.

I got home about 4:00 and no internet yet...but also no phone. The first issue I could be patient about but not having a phone, when it made sense that it was a direct result of them not following through. Another dreaded phone call. She tested the line and said everything was fine of course. If I'm using my cell phone it's kind of obvious it's not. She asked if I had another phone to attach to my line, I said no. Then she actually said, "Can you borrow one from a neighbor?" That's where I pretty much lost it. I hate jumping through the stupid hoops when I know it's more than that. Finally I told her it had been a bad day and that I was going to hang up. She was still blathering on when I did. My Mom had phone problems that same morning and I had to deal with all of that because she was close to being hysterical over it.

The next day my husband called and pretty much got the same story, that all was well. He asked to speak with a supervisor, same story. Finally he threatened them with calling the Attorney General, which he would never do, but they agreed to send a repairman out the next day.

Guy came, looked and listened. He hooked up his own phone and got no dial tone. After awhile he traced the problem back where the guy before him didn't stick something in the right slot on a pole. Something as simple as that causes us to go nuts and make us feel like we are wrong/stupid. It was the same thing at my Mom's whereas the guy blamed the guy before him for not putting in a little plastic thing.

So much wasted manpower by re-doing someone else's work. Maybe that's their plan, by creating a pact where the guy on the first call messes up just enough to have to call out a second guy. Over and over again they create their own job security. And meanwhile we are left at home tearing our hair out and putting up with panicking Mothers.


Goofy Dog

Our Sweet Nellie has always loved being outside during the day. Lying on the hot sidewalk to warm her bones, then following the shade patches around. Even in the winter, she loves lying in the snow for hours on end. But sleeping outside? She has never done that...until this summer.

She has always been content to eat her last snack then toddle off to her bed at the end of our bed. This Spring, she started getting goofy and wanted out during the night. That means somebody was losing sleep being on call to let her out, then back in. When our daughter came home for the summer she was the designated one to do the chore. Sometimes it was multiple times during the night. Finally I just told her to let Nellie out, shut the door and go back to bed.

Now that is her new routine, one last snack, then outside when we go to bed. She doesn't have a dog house, rather enjoying lying in the cool grass. Who ever gets up first lets her in. If she wants in earlier, she makes it very clear by knocking on the screen door with her foot or head. BANG goes the door. So she isn't locked out at night, it's her choice.

But now as Fall is coming on it's dropping down to the 40's at night. And Heavens, what about Winter?! Will she continue this new sleeping ritual? She's already all wet in the  morning from collecting dew. I imagine that soon she will come in with frost on her butt or be covered by a foot of snow.

Jack Frost will soon be nipping at her nose and toes
She is a shallow breather and you can't see her taking breaths until you are practically on top of her. Every morning I look out the window and hope that she will get up. She will be 16 in about a month, to the best of my guessing ability. I hope that when she does go, that it will be peacefully in her sleep in her yard that she loves so much.



Sometimes I just get a wild hair and feel like I need to make a change in the house.

We have a wall that after I painted years ago, I put up pictures. All people pictures; baby, graduation, wedding, grandparents, great grandparents and many of our daughter. But I wanted something different up there.

My daughter and I take a lot of photos and although we have some of them around the house, I wanted a whole wall to show them off. So all the people came down. We cleaned the wall and frames and took out all of the pictures. We then counted each size and divided them up between us. That gave us each 13 frames of various sizes to work with. Now the hard part, to only choose 13 of our favorites and which size of frame we were going to put them in.

We took our thumb drive to Walmart to place our order and picked them up the next day. It was fun deciding which photo should go in which frame. The frame is what makes the photo look good or bad. Hanging them was a bit challenging. We used most of the same nails so had to find the right sized frames to use in those spaces. After some adjusting and a few nail moving and removing, we think we finally have it looking good. They sure invoke a lot of good memories of all the places we've been and the fun we've had. It only took 4 days in all, which is a lot less time than I thought it would. Now I wish I hadn't procrastinated all summer.

The wall looks less crowded and jumbled up and we love the new look. So I will now introduce you to--The Mozzarella Hall Of Fame!