Two Returnees

This past week we had two previous guests come back for a few days each. I've been getting a lot of two night requests which is fine but our calendar looks like a jig saw puzzle with names crammed in every couple of days.

Tori is the Doberman we had earlier this year. She whined for a couple of hours then came around and acted like she belonged here. It's a little easier the second time around. She's just a big lovable goof and is totally in love with The Kid.

On Thursday we swapped out Tori for Kuma. She came in all excited with no anxiety at all. She found the toys and begged for treats like she never left. I'm really starting to fall for these two. Because her mom got sick on her trip, Kuma was able to stay with us for 2 more days.

Rover had given sitters 3 coupon codes to give past clients to encourage them to book again. That's the part I always struggle with, asking for re-bookings. I didn't send them out all at once but the very first one booked within a…

Meet Iain

We've added a second Whippet to our list of boarders. Iain is owned by the same family that had Benny, the sweet old man we watched last year. Sadly Benny had passed and the family rescued Iain. We met him last Monday, then he came to stay Thursday for the weekend.

His owners said that he only whines when he needs to go out or when he wants to be covered up in his bed. Of course he whined after they left so we were like playing 21 questions with only two questions; "do you want out and are you cold?" Basically he was just missing them. So at bedtime we covered him up and he slept through the night.

He's pretty easy to take care of. Let him out in the morning and feed him. Then he'll have a burst of play for about 5 minutes and sleep for the rest of the day. It kind of makes up for some of the harder dogs. He had a little more pep on the second day, playing and going out more to enjoy the sunny day. We'd love to have him back some day.

I'll just finish th…

Get Back To Work

I was in a pretty bad mood when we went off for our few days away from home. After a no-show, and now TWO people lying about the reason they didn't book with me, I felt pretty dejected. While we were away though, I got two requests within an hour for the exact time frame. By rights, I really have to go with first-come-first-served. The other woman has trying to book with me for a long time but things change with her health and Dr. appointments so it just never happened. Now she is having a kidney transplant in New York and has definite dates. The first couple booked it though so I had to tell the other woman I wasn't available. I felt bad and I know she was upset, but I have to be fair about it.

Despite the weather we had a good time. This was the view from our balcony.

We walked a path in the park while it was snowing, but then it got too heavy and we had to turn around. The next day we just walked a short distance into town to look around and have lunch. Hubby and The Kid en…


Dottie went home last Monday after two weeks with us and now we are dog free until the 8th of March. Her Mom brought The Kid some shot glasses from every island they visited, which was really cool.  Dottie was much more fun this second time around. Most returning dogs are because I think we are all more comfortable with each other. They are planning another trip in October and have already booked with us so her spot is saved.

We've decided to take off for a few days, heading to Sandpoint, ID., tomorrow. It's not far away enough to hit warm weather but at least the scenery will be different. The hotel has a hot tub/pool so that will make Hubby and The Kid happy. We're going to take a bunch of rocks to leave there but probably won't be able to find any new ones to paint like we had hoped, as they have more snow than we do.

Oh hey, I'd like you meet the newest family member to my mouth. This is my new toofer; lil' Miss Toofer that cost me $3200.00. I could have go…


We are moving right along with painting and hiding rocks in plain sight. Everywhere we go, we carry a few rocks with us to put outside stores or businesses. I like to put them inside stores on shelves. I put one of my little chickies on top of a carton of eggs at the grocery store; wonder if it's still there?

People (some) are so ingrained now not to take anything that doesn't belong to them, so some rocks may sit awhile. My Daughter had her first one found and posted in the group, she was pretty excited.

I had put one of mine in Walmart, a woman found it and gave it to  her visiting mother from Canada to take back with her. The mom and I are now FB friends.

So these are some of my favorites, cured and ready to go out into the world. I wish the weather was nicer so we could go a little further than the local grocery store.

Dottie Returns

We have a returning dog with us for almost two weeks. Dottie is the Jack Russell who had pretty bad allergies. She gets shots now so it was like a miracle to not have her scratching all the time. She's a fun little thing and loves her walks and cuddling up with her blanket. Her Mom was so happy that I was available the whole time, otherwise she would have to be boarded at her Vet's office left in a cage, except for potty breaks. I can't imagine ever having to do that to a pet.

The Kid and I made a snuffle mat and Dottie was the first one to use it. What is a snuffle mat you ask? It's good for dogs that eat too fast or who need a little mental stimulation, so you can hide food/treats in it. Commercial mats run about 40 bucks but I found directions to make one. One dish mat and one and-a-half fleece blankets turned into this tiny mat for less than 15 bucks. It was a fun little project and all the dogs should love it.

After Dottie, I don't have another booking until m…

Rocks In My Head

My Dear Daughter and I have taken on a new craft. We still enjoy coloring but haven't been doing much of it lately. We joined a FB group that does rock painting. But what makes it fun is that we paint the rocks, write the groups name on the back, post (or not) a picture of the rocks and where you are going to hide them. Either people in the group can find them; or if someone else finds one they can join the group to show what they found. You can either re-hide the rock or keep it.

All of that is totally optional though. The real object is to make someone's day when they find a treasure. On vacation last year The Kid found one lying on railing at a tourist lookout area. At that time we didn't know it was a 'thing'. It is totally a thing and every community probably has their own group. It reminds me of hiding Easter eggs, but year round.

I started small and it's very evident which ones are my first. I look online to see how to draw certain things or just look fo…