I Feel Un-American

Who doesn't love a parade? I guess that would be me. This Saturday night our fair city will have its 72nd Annual Armed Forces Torchlight Parade, but locals call it the Lilac Parade because it usually coincides with the blooming of Lilacs all over the city.

It's held at night which makes it very beautiful with all the lights on the floats, but I'd still rather watch it on TV from the comfort of my living room. My husband and I went once or twice years ago but that's enough for me. I do feel bad that my daughter has never seen it though but maybe she's heard me complain so much she doesn't seem interested. My husband asks every year if we can go but we both say no. My daughter's school does their marching band practice outside and it's fun to watch them, so I can get my marching band fix that way.

For one thing I really don't like crowds and this parade draws about 200,000. In order to get a good seat you have to go downtown and set up some chairs to stake your claim early in the day. Inevitably someone is going to get in front of you anyway so you wouldn't be able to see. My back has always been intolerant of standing for any length of time. I can walk great distances but don't ask me to stand still for a few hours, can't do it. Then there's the parking and trying to get out alive when the parade is over.

Now honestly, that doesn't sound like all that much fun does it?  That's why I'm being un-Americal and staying home.


I get you kden. I prefer these days to watch the football on television. At the match people are always jumping up and spoiling the view just as a goal is about to be scored. "Oh but what about the atmosphere at the match", people say. Well stuff the atmosphere, I say. Not that I'm complaining.
Grumpy said…
Oh God, you're turning into me.
D. Duplessis said…
I totally agree with ya! I can't stand parades for the very reasons you list. When I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska every year they would have a parade called the Golden Heart Parade...and every yokel for miles would come out for it. The year they literally had the gun nuts shooting their rifles and pistols in the air, was the last year I attended!
fernvalley01 said…
I have been in a coupel parades in my day but if I am not in it I am not there anymore , exactly for the reasons you stated , back can'tt take the standing temper can't take the rest
kden said…
Wow, who knew I wasn't alone in my thinking? Funny Fern, the temper plays a role in a lot of things, ha.

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