Camera Update

IT'S ALLLIIIIIVVVVVEEEEEE! I took my baby out of the rice, put the battery in and it fired right up. I put the card in and took a few shots and it works just fine. I really didn't expect that kind of outcome but thanks to my quick kid and hanging it out the window and then the rice cover, it will live to take pictures another day.

Now I'm having trouble with my Broadband2go (Virgin Mobile). The last few weeks have been spotty and then this afternoon, nothing. First I was told that they had to re-activate my account and to wait an hour before trying again. Nothing. Then I was told that the down service was due to tornado's and they were working on it. Why can't everyone just have the same info without giving you the run-around? So I had to drag out my old dinosaur cord to use dial-up.

Oh well, I can still take pictures.


Sorry to hear that your happiness about the camera was slightly spoiled by trouble with the mobile. Life eh!
Bet you feel like complaining. :-)
Grumpy said…
Glad the camera still works. We bought a new laptop last September and it is now at BestBuy for the 3rd time to get rid of a virus. By the time I get it back we will have paid enough in repairs to buy another midrange laptop. I'm ready to go to a Mac. I'm beginning to hate Microsoft.
fernvalley01 said…
Yay for the camera!
kden said…
Ah John, you're getting to know me better and better ;-)
kden said…
Grumpy, every time Big Prize Giveaways has a Mac I enter your name with mine. Maybe we'll WIN one. I'm tryin' man.
bill said…
Glad your camera is okay. Sometime you win. I love my Mac.

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