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Fake TV

~~~I've noticed that spell check on blogger is not working again. So if you see typo's, sorry.~~~

I usually don't fall for too many 'As Seen On TV' types of ads, but since we're going on vacation soon I wanted a little something extra than lights on timers. Since our thieving arsonist neighbor moved away though I feel better about leaving but still six days is a long time to keep your house unoccupied.
Have you seen the commercial for the Fake TV? It's a small but mighty device with 12 LED lights made to flicker, fade, and change colors to look like your house has a TV on at night.  On the newer model is a switch so you can change it from On, Dusk +4hrs, Dusk +7, and Off.

I always look at reviews first before I buy anything and I couldn't see anything negative said about the device so I bought it. Some have bought it in conjunction with a motion sensored barking dog alarm but since we're not going to be gone that long, I passed on that. So for 35 bu…

Meet Bridget Brown

My high school yearbook was small, the front and back covers were thicker than the pages they held. Our daughter's yearbook on the other hand is so big, 250 pages long. Putting together a yearbook is more challenging too, having to use special software to build them. The pages usually center around a theme. I'm not sure if I really like this years theme though, the cover looks like an old fashioned safe with a flap that covers part of the book and has a picture of a combination type lock. The major font used throughout was called Robin Hood, and it's very hard to read. And depending on what color the background page is, it can make it even harder to read.

But still, it's very exciting to get your yearbook at the end of the year and look for all of the group pictures you're in. Since my daughter isn't in sports, choir, cheerleading, dance, etc..... there are not many group pictures with her in them. There was only two, one for the National Honor Society and the …

I Am An Evil Practical Joker

Every once in awhile my husband has to relay this story, usually to our daughter who I'm sure has heard it 100 times.

Long before she was born and his sons were only in grade school, he spent as much time with them as he could. One day he was going to take them to a fast food restaurant for lunch. I don't remember if it was a special occasion or even if it was a week day or week end. And I really don't know what possessed me to do this to him that day.

He always used a little coin purse for his spare change and just kept bills in his pocket. Before he left I fished out a couple of very dry cat turds from our kittie's box and put them in the coin purse. I was pretty much laughing the entire day at home anticipating what would happen.

As they entered the restaurant and placed their order at the counter, he paid with bills of course and then also wanted some change. In he reaches and ends up pouring out the change and......the little nuggets went rolling across the count…

Not Suitable For Facebook

Anymore, it's pretty popular to post pictures on Facebook. I remember when Flair was popular but now it's been replaced by pictures. One of my favorite fans to follow is George Takei, he posts several a day and, well let's just say that many of them you wouldn't want your mother to see.

Sometimes I go into my husbands account because he has a friend who posts some that, well let's just say that most of them I wouldn't want to share with my Facebook friends. Some of my friends would appreciate them but most probably would not.

So, my blogger friends you are lucky that I think enough of you to post them here. Please, hold all applause until the end.

Bowing now. You're welcome.

This N That

Just a bunch of stuff that wouldn't be very interesting subjects on their own. Not that they'll be interesting anyway.....

~~First of all, I'm sorta feeling better. I went back to Curves, but it took three full weeks since I fell. The first time, I skipped a few arm machines. The second time I added them in and felt good at the time, but the next day I suffered greatly. I was going to go to Zumba last night but our instructor was sick. I ws pretty hesitant to go anyway so maybe a few more days of waiting will be good.

I made a Dr. appointment, then cancelled it, then regretted it. I did fill out an online contact form for a local attorney, just to get some advice in the case that I did have to go to the doctor but they never called me. Just as well I guess. I've got to say that other than the surgeries I've had, this has kept me down longer than anything else that's ever happened to me. I had no idea it would take this long and am surprised by how much pain I&#…