This Little Piggy Went---Running Down The Street

A sad little local tale. A woman from Montana came to town to buy herself a pig to be used for breeding. She planned on hauling the pig back home in her minivan. This was no little cute baby pig, it was a full grown 500 pound one. The story didn't indicate if it was male or female and I really don't know which is bought for breeding but after a crew stuffed this pig in the back off her van, off she went.

She was soon spotted driving erratically down the street with the back window broken out. I'm not sure if it was broken before she picked up said pig, but I doubt it. Then the pig was spotted running down a sidewalk by a State Trooper. She chased it into a gas station where some guys asked the trooper if he had some rope. He said "No, I have bullets".

The pig wandered out into traffic where the trooper guided it back to the sidewalk with his car. Other people showed up with some rope and the almost owner said the trooper could use his taser to subdue the pig enough to be loaded back into the van. The tazing didn't even faze the pig and it ran off again. The woman then ordered the trooper to shoot it.

The poor pig who if he/she had only known was not on his/her way to slaughter, but instead could have lived out his/her days making sweet piggy love, died of the gunshot wound. It was then loaded back into the back of the woman's van.

I've hauled a lot of stuff in my minivan but never had the thought that I could get a 500 lb. pig in the back. So now the woman has to haul a dead pig back home instead of a live one. Should be interesting when she gets home. "Honey, I've got good news and bad news, there won't be the little pitter patter of little pig feet anytime soon and I sure hope you like bacon."


fernvalley01 said…
Good grief!!What in the workld made her think she could haul a pig in a minivan?
I feel for the pig. They should have shot the woman for being stupid. No hang on! Maybe that would be a bit extreme. I owned two pigs once. Lovely characters but very destructive and not as intelligent as people say they are.
Peruby said…
OMG! I thought this was a joke!
Grumpy said…
Never underestimate the stupidity of the American public. Why would she tell the trooper to shoot the pig?
Claire King said…
What a tale. She should have plenty of pork for this season's BBQing.
Susan Deborah said…
Came over from FishHawk and glad that I came. Is this story a thanksgiving one?

Bacon sound good for the present but for the future, it has to be the piggy.

Joy always,
kden said…
Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by. I need to get to FishHawk and make the rounds.

This is an old post, not sure why it was picked, but still a good story.

Hope to see you again!

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