Camera Goes For A Swim

Today the fam and I went for a hike at Indian Canyon, a short drive from home. Hubby and Daughter have been there before but I haven't. The weather was nice, not too cold or too hot. It's mostly level ground with some slight hills to get to a stream and then a small waterfall. The last time my husband and daughter were there, she took the hard way to get to the waterfall, down a very steep ravine. If I had been there, I would have said NO to that, especially after I saw it.

We're walking along enjoying the day and found a path that lead directly to the water, the easy way. Nellie takes the lead as usual. If you're in her way, she will bulldoze you out of the way to get in front. She goes over and under logs. It's hard to believe that this is the same dog that can't even go twice around the track with me.

When we reached the stream, daughter and I took some pictures, then went on down the trail.

When we got to another area, it seemed to be the end of trail. We took some more shots and then I asked everyone if they wanted to cross the stream to get to the other side.
It was only about 6 inches deep at the most and about 4 feet wide. No problem, right? Daughter gets across fine and she told me which log was slippery. Nellie had no problem, I think she actually beat the kid across. I put my camera in its case and shoved it in my pocket, unzipped. I got about halfway across and my foot slipped and I took a hop and a jump into the water. I was laughing so hard and then looked up to see my daughter fishing my camera out of the water. I grabbed it as fast as I could to take it out of the case. I shook it hard to shake off the excess water and then promptly took out the battery and card.  I had some Kleenex in my pocket so kept wiping it off as I continued to climb the trail. Oops, hubby needs rescuing. I head back down and he's on the log, going sideways, taking baby steps.  I told him to walk normal on it but he says he can't. I reach out my hand so he can grab it and he damn near pulls me back in the water. I can feel his legs shaking all the way up into his hands. Good Lord.

As we got to the top I put the battery back in the camera so I can get the zoom to pop out and hopefully dry better. It turns on and I get the zoom open but then the screen flashes a few times and goes blank. I probably shorted out the battery so I take it out again and now the zoom is stuck in the out position. I quit messing with it but hold it out the window all the way home. As soon as we got home I put the whole thing in a bowl and buried it with rice.

I won't try it until tomorrow and luckily the card is still functionable, but this may be the last picture that will ever be taken with this camera.
I certainly hope not because I have enjoyed it and it's less than a year old. I just feel stupid for doing something that I would yell at my daughter for doing. We never did get to the waterfall, because we would have had to cross more water and then the trail kind of disappeared. But we did see some people down there so we know it was possible. I'm determined to get back there, maybe next year, when my camera will be zipped up safe in my pocket.


Peruby said…
Good luck! I hope the camera comes back.
Hope the camera is OK. Have hubby's legs stopped shaking yet?
bill said…
Hope you didn't ruin your camera. When around water with a camera, a gallon storage bag is good to have along.
Grumpy said…
A picture of you falling in the water would have made everyone's day. Hope your camera survives.
kden said…
Bill, I thought of that while I was tossing and turning last night. Kind of a no-brainer, don't know why I didn't think of it before.
fernvalley01 said…
nuts ! Hope the camera is OK , looks like a beautiful area

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