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Weep For The Willow

I am such a sentimental sap sometimes. We recently had a tree die, a Weeping Pussy Willow. Just a few weeks ago I noticed that the leaves were brown and dead. It's been pretty warm here so I gave it more water. Hubby called a master gardener from a local plant store and he was kind enough to come by and give his diagnosis.

It didn't take him long to say it was dead, probably due to the cold dip we had last November which didn't give trees enough time to acclimate to the colder weather. Fungus was already taking over the trunk, another indication of a dead tree.

We planted that little baby in 2000, along with the rest of our trees and shrubs. Looking back at pictures I can't believe how tiny everything was.

I was willing to hire someone to take it out but my Husband insisted that he could do it. With the exception of one very big Arborvitae, he has taken out every shrub and tree at this place. I really didn't think he'd be able to do it but he sawed it down and …

Where's Your Certification Lady?

My Mom has a very nice neighbor who was kind enough to help her out after she got home from the hospital when I couldn't be there as much. She would bring in her mail and come in to check on her. I met her once and later Mom said that Susan told her she didn't think I liked her. I had an appointment to go to, and was in a hurry to get my work done and didn't have time to sit around and chat.

When Mom told her that I was leaving My Lady to come and work for her, Susan asked her, "Is she certified?"

My Mom said "NO, she's not certified, she doesn't need to be. She's a Mother and a Daughter!"

"Well doesn't she want to go back to school to be certified?"

"No, she doesn't."

If I was working through Mom's long term insurance company to care for her (which she doesn't qualify for yet), then yes, I would have to be certified. Same as if I worked for a service or the state. But if you are receiving private pay you …

Just No Pleasing Her

Our Grandson was graduating from Preschool and our DIL sent us a picture invitation via email. I sent it to The Kid because she wouldn't be here and wouldn't have seen it otherwise. It had a cute picture of him on it as well as an invitation to dinner afterwards and their address.

A few days later The Kid posted it on FB with the address blurred out. The DIL found out about it through our Sons when they chatted over the weekend. She emailed me and gave me a long lecture on internet privacy for children and she had not given The Kid permission to use it. Then she had the audacity to say that thieves would come to her home and steal things because she gave them exactly what they needed to know; when they would be gone and their address.

I answered back as brief as I could telling her that I had asked The Kid to take the post down and said "at least she had the brains to blur your address." I can understand and respect her stance on internet safety for her kids, but to…

Why Be A Dick?

I may be taking anti-depressants and have an overall calmer demeanor but some things still piss me off. We have a neighbor, not even a close one in proximity, so we have never even met. He lives kitty-corner and 2 houses down from the corner.

For about two months now he has been parking his car alongside our house. It even took us awhile to figure out it was him. He works during the day so it doesn't sit there during the day along with all the teacher's and student's cars. But at night it's there, and on weekends.

We don't own the street, he's not on our property. It's not a POS looking car. But why does he have to park here? He has three cars in the driveway that never move, a truck that his wife (or mother) drives. Sure it might be a pain to juggle in and out of a driveway on a busy street. But there are other streets or maybe his own alley he can park in. Why would he think that parking on our street would be any safer than his alley? Although he can see…

It Takes All Kinds

I've been going to my gym now for about 2 months. I haven't met anyone I actually converse with but I see a lot of the same people when I go.

Most of the members seem to be folks like me; kind of middle aged just trying to stay in shape or maybe just getting started. We all still carry our little cheat sheets around. Quite a few are even older than me, so kudos to them.

One guy is usually on the bike when I walk in, either texting or talking on his phone. Seems a bit counter productive to me.

Another dude likes to sing along to his music while he's on the treadmill. It's not the entire song though, just snippets and it comes out of nowhere (and loud) which makes him sound like he's got Tourette's.

One very fit guy spends a lot of time on the elliptical machine but he clears this throat constantly. Please just drink some water buddy.

Then there are the Prissy Girls who don't look like they even need to be there (meow). They're dressed in their finest work…

Emergency Rooms Are Interesting Places

I've been to a few emergency rooms in my days, either for myself or with My Lady, and although the experience can be stressful, it's also very interesting at what you'll see there.

The Kid texted me last Saturday about 7:45 pm telling me she felt terrible and it was in a lot of pain. She had felt like that for a few days. We (as internet Doctors) just felt it was a bladder infection and she should go to the walk-in clinic in Cheney. She even had a friend that would take her. Well she didn't go and waited until her boyfriend went to work that night to text me.

After wasting time texting I decided I should just go get her and bring her back to go to the hospital. We arrived at 9:00 pm and naturally the place was busy. We knew it would be a long night so we settled in to do some people watching. I told her it was like being in Walmart, but everyone is sick.

There were plenty of little kids with freaked out parents; coughing, bleeding, crying kids. Limping, coughing, impat…