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Say It Like You Mean It

I recently read someone's comments on FB about certain grocery stores that are taking customer service to a higher annoying level. I know exactly what store she's talking about so I really started paying attention.

My own grocery store doesn't insist that the bagger takes you and your cart out, but the store I use for my Mom does. They really don't take no for an answer. They usually employ younger people and they ask the same 3 questions by the time we get to my car. These are my usual responses.

   .How is your day going? So far so good.
   .Any big plans for the day? Just going to my Mom's.
   .How was your weekend/Are you doing anything exciting for the weekend? Good/No plans yet.

I don't mind chatting with the checkers because it's usually the same people that have been there for a long time, it's a natural interaction. But the young guys/gals hauling out my goods don't give a hang about me or what my plans for the day are. They are forced to s…

Kids And Their Docs

Both my Fur Kid and Human Kid have had to take trips to Doctors recently.

About a month ago our dog Nellie had a lump starting to grow on her face, right as her cheek meets her nose. I assumed it was another fatty cyst like the huge one under her chin. It kept growing though and one day I saw blood coming out of it.

Being the tightwad that I am did not run to the Vet. I drained it, put Hydrogen Peroxide on it, then anti-bacterial cream. I repeated that for about a week then decided I need to stop torturing her and take her to the Vet. I really had a bad feeling it was cancer or something horrible. Her wonderful doctor knew what it was before she even saw it, just by asking me of its location. She lifted her gum and confirmed that it was an abscessed tooth causing the problem. I have never seen or known of anything like that; it was pretty darn gross.

Last Thursday she had the tooth removed as well as a cleaning. I really hate to take her, because of her age and lameness it's such …


One of my favorite FB pages is Spokane Memes. Basically it is Spokanites making fun of Spokane. Most Spokanites think it's funny. The ones that don't, are the ones being made fun of. Most pictures are taken in Spokane but some are familiar pictures made to fit us. So enjoy a few laughs at the expense of Spokane, like I do.

Live isn't always best

A fairly new trend by some FB business pages is go 'live' with either a Q and A, news broadcast, or just to connect with fans. I've tried to watch a few but the video quality is poor. If a FB page has a regular TV show, I would just rather watch them there.

I follow one of our news stations on FB and they started going live a few months ago. I don't know if it's the entire broadcast or just a small part of it. At first the notifications were annoying so I finally stopped them but twice a day along with their regular news updates, half of the screen is taken up by:

KXLY is now live!

I like the news team and watch them, but don't need it in stereo, and especially accompanied with a cheesy photo. It seems like news stations are in such competition that we've got it coming from all angles of social media. I would just rather watch the news on that good old fashioned thing called the Television. 
Just give me the straight news without all the mugging and trying …


During my husband's post cath checkup they said he had very few tachycardia episodes during the procedure, so they have decided to just have him continue with a beta blocker and add a cholesterol med to keep his heart healthy. He won't have to go back for an entire year unless he has a problem. That indeed was a good ending to this story.

I have reached the end of my spring weeding, and it's not even May yet. I'm not sure if it's because we had a head start of warm weather or if I was just more on the ball this year. I did it all by myself and it wasn't as bad as in previous years. I'll just keep up with weeding with my 'special tool', as I call it, to make the rest of the year easy peasy. My Mom gave me this tool several years ago. It's like a hoe but instead of pulling forward and filling your shoes with dirt, you just push it along to dig up weeds. Is it possible to have a favorite tool? Now I can look forward to planting our garden.

A sad bu…