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Thanks to my friend Anonymous for the Halloween idea.

I grew up in a small town and it was nothing to walk from one end of town to the other begging for candy. Costumes weren't fancy like they are now. We either wore the hard plastic masks or made our own. Oh, and we used pillowcases for our bounty, not little plastic pumpkins.

There was one house on the other side of town that everyone flocked to. The dad worked for Wonder Bread and they would pass out tiny little loaves of white bread. The buzz the next day was all about what the Weber family handed out. I can't imagine kids now getting excited about white bread.

Of course my Mom checked our bags for the 'razor blades' that were never found. My Dad inspected them too but I think he was just scoping out what he would be stealing when we went to bed.

When our daughter was young we would all walk, including our dog, around the neighborhood. Going a little further every year in all types of weather, she was shy but able …

My 3 Favorite Things

Thanks to Valerie for this idea. It may be simple, but had never thought about it.

So my 3 favorite things are, in no particular order:

Friday night popcorn night. I have been having popcorn for dinner on Friday's for at least 30 years. It used to be Thursdays when my Husband would take that night to go visit his young kids when they lived with their mother. He would go have dinner and I enjoyed my time alone. As the years went on and our daughter got old enough to eat popcorn we switched to Friday nights. It's the perfect end to a week. I enjoy a glass of wine after work, make a large bottle of pop in the Soda Stream and the popping begins.

I love doing things with Hubby and The Kid, whether it's just going to a movie, local park, weekend, or a full week away from home. We are at our best as Team Mozzarella. We enjoy taking pictures and all of our favorite things to do is walking on the beach. I know this won't last forever so we take full advantage of it when we can…

My Cuppeth Run Dry

Do you remember that great show with Mike Rowe, "Dirty Jobs?" At the end of every show, he would make a plea for more ideas or the show would cease to exist.

That's kind of the point I'm at recently; I am struggling for something to write about. So I turn to you, my millions, thousands, hundreds.....OK...handful of readers to help me out.

Fill my head with ideas. I don't write about politics, religion, sports, or anything else that I have no knowledge of. So this will be a daunting task, I know. But give it your best shot. Ask me a question. Throw a topic out there. Just a word.

I don't want to pull a Dirty Jobs here, but if I don't get some fresh ideas, this show is going right down the crapper.

Shhhhh, Quiet

I've noticed that for the past several years I have wanted my immediate surroundings quieter and quieter. I have not listened to the radio in my car or house for years. On vacation it's fine or if someone else wants to turn some music on in the house, it's OK for awhile. Then it starts to bug me.

I watch local news and GMA in the morning and then turn it off until evening news and our usual lineup for the rest of the evening. My Mom has the TV on all day, partly to drown out her tinnitus. But I usually turn it down because it's too loud for me.

I'm very content to sit around and not converse with anyone and enjoy being alone. I am capable of having conversations with people; when I'm at my Mom's we talk all day. But at night, at home, I don't like a lot of chatter. If my Husband is just jabbering away I usually just give one word responses. I'm not trying to be rude, and if we have something important to discuss I will.

Same with when our daughter …


~I found my checkbook error. Like I said I had money coming and going and didn't add 500 in correctly. Then I've had an overage of 170 for quite awhile. So I just added it all in and called it a happy happy day!

~The Kid had another kidney stone episode. It must have been small because the pain was over in a couple of days. At least she knows what it is now and just works through it. Easy for me to say though.

~I can't believe how warm our beginning of fall has been. We're still in the 70's and and having to keep the lawn watered. Usually I'm fighting the temptation to turn the furnace on by this time. Speaking of watering lawn (to excess). I went to my Mom's on Monday and found the sprinkler on in the back yard. I forgot to turn it off the Friday before and she didn't hear it running. I snuck out and turned it off. Did I tell her? Hell No! I just hope I'm not around when she gets her water bill. I'm such a bonehead sometimes.

~After much invest…

No Problem

I've noticed this for many years and it still bugs the crap out of me. When dealing with someone in the customer service field, whether it be a waiter, cashier, or anyone that provides you a service, they very often have the same answer when you say 'Thank You'.

"No Problem!" they say enthusiastically like I may have actually considered their help to be a burden to them and they are re-assuring me it's not. It makes me feel that my 'Thank You' is unimportant to them when I truly mean it.

A new one I got the other day is "No Worries". What the Hell does that mean? What happened to just a simple "You're Welcome"?

I neither have a problem or am worried about the service you provide for me; it is your job. But I also believe in thanking anyone that provides me that service. So please do me a favor and acknowledge that I know you work hard and I am sincerely thanking you for that. Don't give me a flip, 'No Problem' or &#…