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Shifting Relationships

I have noticed something slowly taking place the last month or so. With my Daughter moving further away (not physically), my Mom and I have been getting closer. Maybe that's just as much a natural progression as younger daughters moving on.

I have been confiding more in her than I ever have been. Maybe when I was younger I thought it was none of her business how I felt, or I just didn't feel like sharing my heartaches thinking she would not understand. We have never been that close, I always felt she disapproved so much of what I did and I couldn't seem to please her. Maybe that's how I come across to my own daughter now, knowing that she could do/be better (choosing a career) and it frustrates me that she doesn't even realize how smart she is.

I find myself talking more about this Empty Nest mourning period I am still going through. We also talk about having husbands underfoot, my brothers and their wives, old times, fun times and bad times.

When I thought I had t…


I dread this time of year. It's when the yard turns brown and ugly because we put away all things Summer.

The beans have long been yanked after a very productive yield. I have some in the freezer when we're needing a taste of summer this winter. The last of the red tomatoes have been picked and I despise having to buy the hard red orbs the grocery stores call tomatoes until we can plant again. I have made fried green tomatoes 3 times this year but it's really a chore so I'm not sure what I'll do with the rest of the green ones. We had a fair amount of cukes, enough for us I guess, but not as much as in the past. My husband gave away some of the larger zucchini to people he would see at work. One promised him some zucchini bread but he never saw it. Then production almost stopped so we didn't get many for ourselves.

Our small patio has to be cleaned out to make room for a grill, yard swing, buckets of bird seed, and the snow blower. Our antique cast iron bench i…

The Gift Of Ha Ha

I love my little blogger family. It's great how we feel free to share our triumphs and downfalls (personally had a lot of these lately).

One triumph I'm happy to share is that our own Mr. Shife has written a book; a compilation of his blog posts as well as personal thoughts. He was kind enough to send me an autographed copy last week. You can buy the paperback through Amazon, as well as a digital copy, which will be for sale on the 31st.

Not to brag Mr. Shife, but you know I wrote 5 books about my blog. Ok, I just had them printed online and only 1 for each year and I kept them all for myself. But still :)

What's cool about Mr. Shife is that he will be donating part of his book sales to the Idaho Veterans Network and the Utah Friends of Basset Hounds. I've been reading Mr. Shife's blog for several years now but like many I read, I don't know who found who first. And I didn't get in on the early years of Awesome Shifeness, so for me this book is a nice blend …

More Hoops..........And She's Done

ORI.EN.TA.TION....loosely translates into 'cramming as much information as possible into a human head.' My head was spinning, but it was over. Our instructor said we would be overwhelmed and she didn't expect us to remember anything, for now anyway. But it's the law and they have to do it. I passed my food handlers test, and filled out more background check papers and had fingerprints done a few days later. TB test and a Hep B too.

But it was all for nothing. I am embarrassed because of all the well wishers. I am embarrassed because I couldn't do it. And I feel like I let everyone down that gave me excellent references. Let me tell you why.

I arrived on time at 6:00 am and clocked in. The cute little girl that was to train me must have been 30 years younger; I'm sure that played a big part in it. There were instruction on making tons of coffee and how to set up the sides. Sides? The facility consists of a main dining room with 2 wings (or sides) where the resid…

Jumping Through Hoops

The last month has been stressful, very stressful. At the same time my husband lost his job, I knew I would have to start looking for work.

So as my husband started looking for work, so did I. Every night we look on CL and send in our resumes. He has had no nibbles, which honestly doesn't seem to bother him much (which leads to more panic for me).

After our last visit to a facility I got to thinking about the company's website and if they had any server openings. When we used to have dinner at Hubby's ex's place (owned by the same company) I always was impressed and thought it would be a good place to work for.

Low and Behold there was an opening for a server at one of the 3 facilities in town so I sent in my resume. This place is smaller and different as they house only memory care residents (Dementia and Alzheimer). I didn't really notice that until later and  kind of freaked out wondering if I could handle it. I got a call two days later from I assume the kitche…

Adios Speedy Gonzalaz

Little Speedy is only one of the cartoons that have bitten the dust on Network Television. Just this past weekend, CW was the last hold-out to stop airing cartoons on Saturday mornings. Oh sure, you can still see them on cable and most of them recently weren't worth a hang anyway.

I'm talking about the older ones that we grew up with; The Jetsons, Bugs Bunny and gang, Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, Bullwinkle, Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner and friends, Mr. Magoo, Micky Mouse, The Flintstones,

My fondest memories of Saturday mornings is when our daughter was about two or three and she would crawl into bed with us early and we would watch cartoons while drinking coffee. But only after we had brushed the cat litter out of the bed (gross, I know). We had a cat that slept with us but wasn't tidy enough to shake her feet off after leaving her box. So we had to clean out 'litter land' as we called it before the kid climbed in. We would cuddle and laugh until we had to get up and star…