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What The Hell Wednesday # 10

WARNING!!!If anyone has an aversion to the F word, you may as well pass on this one. I just had to use it.

My 10th WTH! To see more, go see Blue Monkey Butt. They are the highlight of my week!

THEY STOLE MY BABIES! WTH? If you've been reading for awhile you know that I've been making glass totems. I've made ten of them so far and have kept them all.

Last week as I was leaving for work I saw this little ball on the sidewalk at the end of my alley. It looked like my dogs ball. WTH? How did that get outside the fence, she doesn't even play with it anymore? I saw a guy next to a car talking on his cell phone so I didn't want to embarrass myself by getting out of my car to look at a stupid ball. Before I got to work I pulled over to call my daughter and tell her to go look at it. I assumed she did and didn't hear back from her so I figured I had made a mistake. Because if it was my dogs ball, that means that someone had been in our yard.

I forgot about it until I wa…

What The Hell Wednesday # 9

What the Hell Wednesday was started by sisters Elle and Stacy of  Blue Monkey Butt. They are full of attitude and funny stories. No wonder why I like them so much. Go check them out and feel free to play along sometime.

Our city is pretty large, a little over 200K people. But for a city this large we are seriously lacking in a decent off leash dog park. WTH? I know there are dog lovers in this town by the amount of dog groomers and boutiques. There are a few areas that people and their dogs frequent a lot but they're not official dog parks. There is one nice fenced one in the Valley but it's a bit of a drive.

So that's why we were so excited to hear of one being built on our side of town. My husband drives by it every night on the way to and from work. He's been watching the area for any sign of life. They have 1.3 acres and plan to have a fenced play area, doggy day care and self service doggy wash. They keep putting up a Grand Opening sign but still nothing is moving…

Father's Day Not Always Celebrated

A few nights ago I was watching Diane Sawyer on ABC Nightly News do a spot about Father's Day. It was sweet and poignant but made me incredibly sad.

Not everyone had the greatest father (or mother for that matter) in the world and some find it extremely difficult to buy into that special day with a smile. Mixed up memories cloud that day for me. I wrote about him in this post a little over two years ago so I'm not going to re-hash over old details.

I used to buy Father's Day cards for my step-father years later after my mom remarried. He was a good guy and I enjoyed finding just the right card; not too mushy but just enough to let him know that I cared and appreciated the new life that he gave my mom. Plus, his own daughter never sent him a card so I was just trying to fill in the gaps. I guess she had her own issued about the 'Day'. Since he passed away I don't have anyone to buy cards for anymore.

My husband is a good father. Throughout his many faults, he is…

What The Hell Wednesday # 8

What the Hell Wednesday was started by sisters Elle and Stacy of  Blue Monkey Butt. They are full of attitude and funny stories. No wonder why I like them so much. Go check them out and feel free to play along sometime.

Homework Over The Summer???WTH?

My daughter is in Honors English. She has been since 7th Grade and will be again later this fall as a Sophomore. So to be in the Honors class you have to do a homework assignment and if you don't, you are out. Just like that, right from the first day of school. No assignment, no Honors. WTH?

First they have to buy and read a novel from a choice of about 30 books. No problem for my daughter; she lives and breathes books. Then they have to journal their novel with their choice of two formats to use. That's where I get lost. Format #1 is a Four Square Journal and format #2 is a Triple Entry Journal. And then they have to create a 4x6 note-card with pertinent information from the novel, so they can study for the AP Literature exam. W…

A Mixed Birthday Bag

Yesterday was my birthday; all together now, everybody sing....

Traditionally my birthday's have always sucked. When I turned 21 my brother promised that he would take me out for a drink. I was so excited; I rushed home from work and called him to ask when we'd get together. He said he was too tired and we'd have to do it another time. Like I could turn 21 again, right. So I sat home alone and drank Kahlua and milk. I couldn't even afford cream.

Before my daughter was born my birthday was either forgotten altogether or having to be shared with Fathers Day, step-sons' graduations, and swim meets that my husband was out of town for with his youngest son. Last year nobody bothered mentioning it until late in the day, and only by a dorky message left on the answering machine by my husband.

I told him and my daughter then, that I would be doing something all by myself this year. They knew I meant it, so they have been making plans for awhile. They managed to pull off a …