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Teacher/Coach Falsely Accused of Rape

Another local story. A high school basketball coach and teacher was accused recently of raping a then 15 year old girl in her own home last year. The girl and her mother went to the police station to report it. The teacher was put on paid administrative leave until the investigation was over.

From the moment I heard the story it didn't sound right to me. I don't know the teacher and I know that these things do happen.....but it sounded fishy from the beginning.

So it came as no surprise when charges were dropped because she had fabricated the whole story. Why?? Who knows what goes on in the mind of a young girl that would accuse someone of such a crime.

What parent would accompany her child to the police to report a crime without doing a little digging themselves? This is not a case of someone saying "she took my ipod" or "he called me a name". This is a horrible crime to be accused of. He has a wife and kids and thankfully supportive friends that stood by h…

Grade Schooler Gets Mugged on Way To Bus

I guess nothing should surprise me anymore but this sure did. We live in a quiet neighborhood and are friendly with most of our neighbors so we generally know what's going on.

We also live across the street from a high school which brings its own problems of smoking, parking, and garbage. Last week my husband and I saw 4 teenage boys skateboarding a few houses away in an elderly man's driveway. Being an older man we knew he was not going to go out and confront the boys. As we came back from our walk we just stood in the alley and watched them; thinking they would move on. I wished we had stayed out just two more minutes.

A boy and girl from our neighborhood has to walk one block from their house, down the alley to the bus stop. Three of these truant high school boys grabbed them and threw the little boy up against the fence and demanded his lunch money. Do people really do that anymore!?!?!?! He said he would beat him up if he didn't hand it over. They let the little girl g…

My 13 year-old Daughter just had a Baby

Well I have officially joined the ranks of being the parent of an unwed teenage daughter. I really don't know how it happened. I guess I wasn't watching her close enough. One day she goes of to school and the next day she's pregnant. She's so embarrassed and even as I took her picture before the blessed event, she couldn't even look at me. I don't know what we are going to do. I'm 50 and my husband is 62 for God's sake. We used to get mistaken for her grandparents and NOW I'm afraid we will look like great grands.

The day she gave birth was just like any other day. She was just getting ready for school and it happened so fast. She was rushing around and had this big project to finish for that day and then all of a sudden a big gush and out came.....a 5 lb sack of flour!

That's right, a 5 lb sack of flour. It was a project in her Life Skills class to tote around and care for a flour baby for three days. They had to take it to class and everywhere …

Ladies, Stay Away From Mexico City!

The Mayor of Mexico City is implementing a plan to give away Viagra to men 70 and over. He said he is doing this because sexuality "has a lot to do with quality of life and our happiness."

There are over 112,000 men over 70 living in Mexico City and this plan will begin on December 1st. Merry Christmas to them!

So Mexico City will have 112,000 horny men running around. How many of these men are married? The poor wives of these guys are probably happy that this portion of their lives is over and now they're going to be pestered every day by these old fools. And how many unmarried women are now going to have to lock their doors to keep the horny old men away.

What kind of a fool mayor would implement such a thing? I'm all for quality of life and happiness but I don't think that giving every older men Viagra is going to do it. Find them other activities to be involved in besides sex. Ever heard of cards and bingo?

Not that I'm any hot tomato myself, but I know fo…

The Lady Looks Like A Dude

I just read the headlines at MSN that the 'Pregnant Man', Thomas Beatie, is expecting another child. I don't have a problem with transsexuals. It's their business and I can't judge them for what they have gone through to get them to a place to make that kind of a decision to have a sex change operation. He's married, has a child already and looks very happy. Although I have seen a picture of him before his operation and she was very pretty.

But I don't think he can truly be called a man although he is legally, because when he had his operation he kept his female parts intact. He's also taking female hormones to sustain this child and did not resume his testosterone after giving birth to his first child.

This is not a medical miracle. Why does the media keep touting him as a Pregnant Man? No matter how manly you look on the outside, if you still have girlie parts, you are a girl. His baby was not born out of his penis, it came out of his vajayjay. Even if…

Compliments From Christina Thabo

My husband has gotten this email a couple of times and we think it's funny. It doesn't seem like your typical scam email, yet you know if anyone writes back to her then the scams will begin.

I have been wanting to email her back just for fun to mess with her, especially since I got one from her a few days ago. So below you will see my response to her if I were to send one.
Compliments From Christina Thabo
How are you today? Fine and dandy, Christina, what's on your mind? It is obvious that this email will come to you as a surprise, this is because we have not met before but i am inspired to sending you this e-mail. Well yes, I am quite surprised! How did you get our email addresses? In my quest for you. Which one, me or my husband? With opportunity that will be mutual benefit to two of us, However, I am Christina Thabo, by name from Angola. It sounds like this could be more of a benefit to you if we play along.I am lady with a pure heart. Mmmmmm, somehow…

In A Non-Complaining Funk

I've been in a funk for awhile now and am wondering if I will continue with this blog. I can't believe that I am out of things to complain about, because I am so good at it ;-) I mean, that was the whole premise of starting this blog and now I feel like there's not much more to say.

So I thought maybe I should write about a few good things for a change.

I am finally getting better. Sleeping in a chair for a week-and-a-half due to my coughing has not been fun...for anybody in this house.

I had full blood tests done last week, not relating to my cold, and everything came back great, except for being a little low in the hormone department. So that means no harping on my cholesterol, sugar, etc. I'm pretty happy about that. Now I just need to work on that hormone thing. Do I just start eating a bunch of yams?

My husband's boss gave our daughter a sizable check to help her with a trip (educational) she is taking over Spring Break in 2009. We are approaching businesses for s…