A Tornado Stole Our Hearts

This morning I went outside to feed the birds as usual and Nellie saw something outside the fence on the sidewalk. Our house sits up higher than the sidewalk so as I walked over there I saw the cutest little dog running loose. She looked absolutely terrified of the traffic and since we live between two busy streets I enticed her to come to the back gate.

What a beauty! At first Nellie wasn't very thrilled to have a young whipper snapper running around her yard but soon they began to chase each other around. Over the last 10 years I have saved so many dogs from certain death by putting them in the yard and calling animal control. Most dogs don't have collars or tags so I have no choice but to call. Most dogs I don't let in the house because they pee all over but I let her in. She ran around exploring every room and followed us everywhere. Being a young dog still she had bundles of energy; her and Nellie raced around the living room, up over the couch and everywhere in between.

My husband said she races around like a tornado so that's what we called her. She'd jump up in my lap and Nellie would get up my face to get the same attention. Finally I sat at the table to balance my checkbook and she fell asleep at my feet. Only asleep for about 5 minutes, the animal control guys came. One guy said she was a English Setter and she would surely be missed. They slipped a leash over her neck and pulled her outside and scanned her for a chip; none was found. As they started to go down the stairs, she tried to pull back inside the house. That's all it took, I started crying. How in the heck can you get attached to a dog in 90 minutes? And then when I left the house they were still parked outside and I started crying again worried about her being scared in the truck.

We don't ever talk about getting another dog, we're all pretty set in our ways and our family is fine with just one. But I'll tell ya, this girl sure stole my heart and it was so quiet when I got home this afternoon. She will leave a mark on my soul for a long time to come.

My husband just called animal control to inquire as to if her family had been found but had to leave a message. Just curious mind you; just curious.


Grumpy said…
You must be thinking that if they don't find her family, yours would make a great home.
Peruby said…
You did the right thing.

When I find one, I call all the places and let them know what I have and I advertise that I found it - and if nobody claims it - they are mine!

Actually this only happened once - with my boxer.

I am not sure about our animal control establishment in my area. I don't think they have enough man power to search for the owners.

Please keep checking back about Tornado and let us know!
fernvalley01 said…
She looks like a sweetie.If her family isn't found would you consider her?
kden said…
I'm not sure what I'm thinking Grumpy, I must be out of mind. Most of the time I am a very level headed person but sometimes I do impulsive things and yes Fern I might consider it.

Peruby, I really don't know how our animal control handles those situations. Maybe they just hang on to an animal until a person inquires as to whether their animal has been picked up. Since they are the only facility that picks up, most people would know where to call.
Grumpy said…
Tony says he too became attached, and we already know Nellie loves her.
kden said…
He called the shelter a couple of times yesterday and finally talked to someone. She told him that when dogs are picked up they keep them in the truck with them in case a call comes in (owner) and then they can deliver it. Apparently the dog never made it to the shelter so I believe that's what happened.
Claire King said…
Sweet story. Hope you had a nice Mother's Day kden.
Peruby said…
Tornado - there's no place like home!

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