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What The Hell Wednesday # 7

What the Hell Wednesday was started by sisters Elle and Stacy of  Blue Monkey Butt. They are full of attitude and funny stories. No wonder why I like them so much. Go check them out and feel free to play along sometime.

You may remember that last summer while on vacation my usually bright daughter dropped her camera in the ocean. WTH, this was after we told her to put it in its case, just not her pocket. The water was not deep but enough to make it croak. When we got home I called a few local camera repair shops and they were so backed up and didn't like working on Casio's anyway. They have trouble getting parts for them.

I went online and downloaded a work order for repair and paid $25.15 for overnight shipping to get the camera there. WTH. Twenty-five bucks for shipping is not something I would normally do but she would be starting camera class soon and needed a working camera.

After many emails and phone calls later I suspected the outcome; it was too damaged to fix. So exp…

I Miss EthelMaePotter

I've been following my blog friend Ethel Mae Potter for quite some time now, soon after she started her own blog. She tells the best stories. Very long stories but so great that you don't want to visit her blog when you just have a few minutes. You need to take your time when you visit. She talks about her kids, co-workers, family members and husband but each has a special name and she never calls them by their real name. Her co-workers and some family members probably don't even know she writes about them. But that's what I love about blogging.

She's very popular and has a lot of followers and friends. She's just that type of person. Once you read about her and her life, you can't help but like her. It feels like she lives down the street from me and I enjoy visiting her.

Anyway she has been sick for awhile but she didn't let it stop her from writing, she even wrote about what she's been going through. But a few weeks ago, she posted a very long st…

Heartbreak 101

My 14 year old daughter has officially had her first heartbreak. I knew it would happen some day but not so soon. She met him at the beginning of second semester at her high school. I think she fell for this cute boy (I met him, he is) instantly. A friend of hers was also a friend of his so she asked her to ask him if he liked her 'cause she liked him. You remember what it was like, to ask the go-between to basically speak for you because you couldn't.

He said he did so they would meet up after designated classes and he walked her home after a play one night. One day after school  he dropped by to see if she was OK because she was sick that day and not in school. I heard he also smelled good and was a great hugger.

Hey, that's all it took for me to fall in love with him. Even big Daddy was impressed. And it takes a lot to impress an overprotective Italian Daddy.

She does not give her heart freely and doesn't flit around from boy to boy like many kids do, so I know she…

Don't Mess With Our Baristas

Our city has had a lot of coffee stand robberies lately. I guess people are getting desperate and find them an easy target. But they should really rethink that idea. Earlier this winter after a string of robberies one owner started bringing her gun and some guy found himself looking down the barrel when attempting to rob her.

Just this morning one owner sprayed a dude with orange tinted pepper spray when he tried to climb in the window of her stand. And just 5 weeks ago, the same owner's sister sprayed a very similar looking guy at another stand she owns.

If it's the same guy, he's not too bright. If it's another guy, they better start getting the word out that espresso stands just shouldn't be messed with.