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Random Boneheadedness

I often accuse my husband of doing bonehead things but one day last week I had a few instances of my own.

My husband and I went grocery shopping one morning and in the checkout line I dropped a penny. I noticed that it was just a penny and decided not to take the effort to pick it up. An older woman behind me (guessing around 70) pointed to the penny to tell me that I had dropped it. I told her it wasn't worth bending over to pick it up.

Rather perky she said "OH, I'll pick it up for you, I take yoga so it's easy for me to bend over."

Where is that hole to crawl into when you need it. I was so embarrassed to have a woman much older than me with more oomph to bend over for a damn penny.

I muttered to her "I guess I better take yoga then."

That same afternoon I had a dentist appointment. I finally sucked it up and decided I better go. I go to a low-cost clinic so you can imagine the variety of individuals that can be found there. The waiting room is small a…

Rejected by HumorBloggers

We've all been rejected at some point in our lives but it still hurts, no matter where the rejection comes from.

I ran across Humor Bloggers from another site so thought I would register for membership. I signed up right before they switched it to referral only.

I know I am not the funniest person in the world but geez, to be rejected just sucks. The reason? None given. Maybe some constructive criticism would help. You know like "Kden, you just need to use the F word more. You don't cuss enough or talk about your crotch".

I read some of the blogs who 'so-called' judged mine. One told dorky stories with dorky pictures to match. Funny? Not so much. Didn't even crack a smile. I'd like to know what criteria they go by to deem a blog funny.

Maybe I'll start my own club for those that think they're funny but not. I'll be President. Who wants to join me? We'll be an elitist club that only caters to the moderately funny.

Or how about a Bitter Old…

Tax Question? Don't Bother Calling The IRS for Help

This morning I was on the phone bright and early calling the IRS with a couple of simple tax questions. I was on hold for probably 10 minutes at first. The first woman I talked to asked me how she could direct my call. I said I had two questions; one about interest income for a minor and the other one regarding a 1099-G we received. She said I'll send you over to this department for one question and they might know the answer to the second one too.

More on-hold time. Another woman answers and I asked her the 1099-G question regarding filing a non-resident State return. My husband works for a company in another state so we have to file that state's return. We received the 1099-G and it gave us instructions on how to use the amount of last years refund this year but ONLY if we filed Schedule A. After I finally realized that I didn't use Schedule A last year, I repeated to the agent "OK, since I didn't use a schedule A, then I can disregard this notice as it states?…

My Blog is Rated R?

I found a link to rate my blog based on the presence of certain words. They found my blog to be rated R, for using the following words; Pain (4x), Viagra (2x) and Meth (1x). Does that mean that my 13 year old can't read it now?

And what about the word 'Ass', I've used that several times. And the word 'Balls' too, but I guess it depends on how you use it. Even the word 'Beer' didn't count for much. I even used the word 'Numbnuts' once too and they didn't even care! Apparently you can even use the word 'Pee'. My story on 'Pregnant Man' didn't even make them blush. Oh, and this is great, you can say 'Shit Head' as much as you want! And they didn't seem to mind that I continually insult my husband.

If you want to check out your blog rating, click on the picture.

Not a Tumor......But Still

I had gone to my doctor before my last post to discuss an ongoing cough (3 months). I told her about being sick in October and my cough never really went away. She doubted that was the cause and said it was more likely from my high BP medicine. What I failed to mention was my half-head pain. I figured since she wasn't buying the cough story then she probably wouldn't believe my new one. I'm starting to feel like a hypochondriac.

After the Waffle and Wet Basement day I felt worse and almost went to Acute Care. Not knowing how my insurance worked at those places I toughed it out until Monday. I was pretty convinced by then that I had a sinus infection. Every single tooth in my chubby little face hurt, intermittently, at different intervals. I felt like each one was being electrocuted. Finally I got what I wanted in the first place, antibiotics.

I thought I would feel better by Tuesday, but no, had to feel worse, because I needed to go to work. So I had to cancel my little lady…

A Day Without Waffles

Yesterday was weird. It started out good. I slept in till 7:00 which is rare for me. I was out the door before nine to get a haircut. When I got home I could smell sausage and my hubby was preparing waffle batter. He makes the best homemade waffles. I put a load of laundry in and got ready for breakfast.

He fires up the first one....and it sticks....bad. I suggest, not enough oil in the iron? He said he slipped with the baking powder and used too much. He pours some of the batter out and fixes up a new batch, pours it in the iron....and it sticks too. By now it's around ten and I'm getting hungry. He decides to make pancakes. They're good too and we have a nice Saturday morning breakfast. There is always plenty of batter left so hubby wants to cook up more pancakes to freeze for later.

My daughter and I have to run some errands so she heads downstairs to get a shirt. "Uuhhhhh", she said, "there's some water down here." Hubby and I run downstairs and …