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I Hate Budgeting

Sure, most of have to budget to some extent. I guess that's what we call 'living within your means'. But just one day I would love to spend money with wild abandon and not have to worry about a budget.

It's the same every week; I cash my check and it gets used for my $20.00 gift to Travis's family, groceries, gas for both cars, my broadband, daughter's allowance and a little for hubby. IF anything is left, it gets put away towards our vacation/Christmas fund or an occasional meal out. Hubby's paycheck and SS check goes to bills, bills and bills. Sometimes there is a little left so I can keep my addiction to Sprout Crack going.

When I was shopping recently, I realized that there has only been about 5 times in my adult life that I didn't have to worry about either using coupons or buying something on sale. Other than those rare times, shopping isn't really much fun. I shop at two different places in a week, first Walmart then our local grocery store. …

Sprouts, Sprouts, I Love Sprouts!

Sprouts are just not for hippies anymore! We used to do it years ago with the jar and strainer lid. And I don't even know what got me started this time. I must have seen a link on Facebook to Amazon and the few sprouting items they offer.

First I ordered a 4-tray sprouting tray and a package of assorted seed blends. Garbanzo, Pea, Lentil, Adzuki, Radish, Clover, Mustard, Mung, Fennel and Kamut Wheat are just a few seeds offered. The tray is easy to use and in 5 to 7 days I've got fresh sprouts. And they taste so much better than the ones you buy in the store. Mostly I just use them in salads....and I eat a lot of salad. So far I like them all except the Adzuki bean, it's just a little too bitter for me. Because each seed matures at a different rate, I always have a fresh batch to work with. It can be a bit time consuming because I have to rinse them three times a day; but it's so worth it.

I now find myself perusing sprouting websites and actually making myself hungry.…

Miracle on Ash Street

That's the street I live on, Ash. And truly, a miracle occurred recently. We had just got home from our daughter's photo shoot. It was late, we were hot, tired and starving. After scarfing down a sandwich I was in the kitchen trying to open a new bottle of pop. One of the dogs next door was barking and annoying me. I opened the screen door and pounded on it. Sometimes that's all it takes; if they hear the door open they know I'll be yelling soon and they stop before I have to. So as I'm banging away, the phone rings.

I knew it was my neighbor. I don't know how I did, but I knew it. I thought to myself, "Is he standing outside with the phone?"

"Oh shit", I thought, "I'm in for it now."

"Kden, this is Curtis. I want to start over....with you. I know I've said horrible things and that I've scared you and I'm very sorry and want to start over."

I was holding the phone with one hand and still trying to open my…

Gentle Persuasion Goes A Long Way

Here I am talking about my fall again, but I promise this is the last story. Exactly one month after it happened I finally felt better, but the problem was still there, taunting me. There are many sidewalks in town like that, but this one is the one that reached out to bite me. Hubby and I were walking by one day and saw the homeowner pulling out of her driveway. Do I stop her and tell my story of woe? I didn't, I chickened out.

So I decided to write a letter and mail it to her. It was a very nice letter, I promise. I just wanted to explain......OK, I'll just let you read it for yourself.

Dear Home Owner,
Exactly one month ago I tripped on the portion of your sidewalk that is raised due to tree roots. It has taken me this entire month to recover. I walk this way often with my husband and/or dog and know of the raised area but my husband momentarily distracted me by telling me of a dog up ahead. We were walking at a fast pace so as my toe caught the edge of the rise I fell very …

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom's 81st birthday. Last year we had a big party for her so I guess the rest of her life will just be icing on the cake. I was cleaning out a drawer a few weeks ago and ran across this letter I wrote to her on January 1st of 1998. My daughter was only 2 1/2 then. I'm not sure what prompted me to write it, maybe it was long overdue or because it was the first of the year and I wanted to start the year out on a right and just path. Or maybe after now having my own child, I just got it. But whatever the reason was, I'm glad I did it.

Dear Mom,

I wanted to thank you for Christmas this year and all the Christmases in the past.

As I get older, and hopefully wiser, I realize what parents do to sacrifice for their children. I realize that I am probably not having to sacrifice as much for my daughter as you did for us when we were growing up. And I know that you sacrificed far more than Dad ever did. The way I see it is that for every penny you saved for something, he cou…

Sticks and Stones

A few weeks ago a crazy man named Charlie shot two Sheriff Deputies, accosted an old woman and stole her car and led dozens of officers on a high speed chase which ended in his death--self inflicted. He was a known Heroin addict and was let out of jail to enter a rehab facility, in which he walked away from. Officers were watching him and another man though, and when they spotted him in a SUV, they were pulled over by the two officers. Charlie shot both of them and one would have died if not for the quick thinking of a passerby who applied pressure to his torn femoral artery. He's still in the hospital and his partner has been released.

The two men ran and separated and Charlie broke into an 87 year old womans's house, knocked her around and stole her car. But not before she got a few licks in with her cane. Go Granny!

He evaded the officers for awhile but then headed out of town. They were waiting for him in a neighboring town with spike strips. He tried to avoid the strips …