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Pawty? Tonight? Oh, I don't know........

Ok, a funny story from our trip, I have to give you something to laugh at. It was the last night and we had to get up at 4:00 am to start our long 11 hour drive home. We had four nights of good sleep with no noise problems so we expected the same for this night.

As soon as we crawled into bed, I could hear something brewing upstairs. The ice machine was getting a workout and lots of feet stomping going up the stairs. I could hear talking pretty close so at 10:30 I stepped outside and looked up to the balcony above me. I saw a young guy and gal standing there so I told them to be quiet. The boy had to go and get condescending on me by saying "Oh, sorry Ma'am". So I told them to go inside and 'shut it', using my best Gordon Ramsay hand gesture. The Kid thought that was funny.

The noise escalated and even with earplugs I could hear it all. At 11:30 I walked over to the closed office. I'm sure someone is on the property at all times. Unfortunately it was someone …

The Last Family Vacation

**Even though I'm not angry anymore (just sad) I'm still going to let this post stand the way it is. Sometimes I do my best writing when I'm mad.**

I know I have said this many times about vacations with all three of us coming to an end soon; but I know for sure that they have ended. I knew that by day two. We were excited to reach our beach destination and settled in quickly, then looked for something to do and figure dinner out. We went to the local convenience store and bought some smoked salmon and greek olives to go with the eats we brought from home. It's always one of our favorite meals, and the only fish the Kid will eat.

Before we had even left I told my Daughter that I didn't mind if she texted her bf in the car or when we weren't doing anything together as a family but it really never stopped. It started the second she woke up and continued all day until bed time. I got so tired of that sound of tapping, I was ready to throw her phone in the ocean. S…

The No Hugging Rule Is Still In Effect

We have been home from vacation for awhile now. This story was one of the highlights (frankly, the only one). We were going to stay at a motel in Chehalis for our halfway point but my Step-Son and his fiance asked if we would like to save some money and stay with them in Olympia. It was a bit out of our way because of the route we took but they had a new home built and we haven't seem them in over a year, so on to Oly we went.

As we were getting closer he texted Hubby and said "The no hugging rule is still in effect." We laughed and didn't reply because we thought he was being funny. A few minutes later he texted again to ask if we had got the first one because he wanted to avoid any awkward moments.

Really? They ask us to stay but we're not allowed to hug her!? I think the real reason she wanted us to come is so she could question our daughter about her boyfriend. They are both prosecuting attorneys and it's in their blood. I warned the kid of this before ha…

I Would Not Make A Good Pioneer

Other than the record breaking heat and wildfires we have been having, we have had some wicked wind storms. They seem almost tornadic. The first one blew through about 3 weeks ago and all around us were downed trees and power outages; we got lucky.

The second one was so brief, only about 15 minutes at the most. We lost power about 6 pm though, as did about 46K other people. As the night drew on we got out what flashlights worked and realized how unprepared we were.

If I thought my basement bedroom was dark before, holy cow I had no pinpoint of light at all down there. By morning the power was still out so I opened the doors to cool the house as it was probably going to hit the high 90's again. The freezer and fridge were still pretty cold but Hubby and I decided to venture out and get a cup of coffee, batteries, and ice. The first two were easy to find, but ice was not. He finally had to go downtown to find a grocery store with some. We filled ice chests and put the perishables in…

Two Therapists and A F#!ked Up Pet Sitter

A week and-a-half before we left on vacation (which we just left for....this morning) I had such a busy week. Other than the shopping, packing, and still working, I had two appointments to attend.

One was a Physical Therapy evaluation; I've been having pain and tightness on my right side which is causing weakness in my leg. The therapist said my muscles felt like leather that had gotten wet and then dried. Well I guess that's how I felt too.

The very next day was an appointment with a therapist--as in mental health. I dreaded going but knew I had to. I was miserable and didn't have anyplace to put my feelings. The Therapist is very nice, maybe about my age. She said her heart hurt for me as I spilled my guts about how it feels to lose my daughter. Yes, that's how it feels. I said I have no one to talk to as people are either going through their own stuff and don't want to hear me whine, or laugh at me about my silly feelings. So I guess she is my friend for now any…

A Letter To My Daughter

This is a letter I wrote to my Daughter on her 19th Birthday, which was 3 days ago. We were going to go to PF Changs along with her boyfriend but the dinner never happened; we got into a big fight and I elected to not go, so she cancelled the reservations and her boyfriend went home. Her presents and card were opened later but it was not the night I had hoped for.

We've had it kind of bumpy lately for so many reasons; but mostly bruised feelings on my part. It's not her fault, it's mine. I'm just having a hard time with her spending half of her summer with her boyfriend, and after she wrote me a note apologizing I felt she needed a proper reply to explain the way I feel.

"Nineteen years ago today the best thing happened to me; I had you!!! As you know, I didn't  really want kids but I'm sure glad God didn't want to hear any of that nonsense. Because then I would have never got to meet the sweetest, happiest, best, (well maybe not for the first 6 months)…