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Harold and Ethel

I've been having so much fun looking through old pictures and reminiscing, that I thought I'd write about 2 more people from  my days at Zips. Well one is a person, the other is a plant. Harold worked at  Zips with me and we got along great, like a long lost brother and sister. We got along so great that we decided to get an apartment together, strictly as friends people---he was only 17 to my 21. But that's when the fun stopped.

As much as I liked to party, there was a time for it and it wasn't until the wee hours of the morning. We lived in a upper/lower duplex and we lived on the top. There was a couple below us and they hated us immediately. Harold wanted the stereo loud and they didn't. I don't blame them and I would actually hope that they would call the cops on us, just to get rid of the people that I didn't want there. One night I got off work at 2:30 am, came home to find a full blown party going on with some dude sitting on the floor with all of m…

On A Roll!

Well I may as well keep going backwards to the very first job I had, starting while I was still in college. Although I had financial aid and a small check from my Dad's SSI, I need a job and found one at Zip's Drive Inn, a popular fast food joint in town. As far as I know they are all still in business.

I worked nights since I went to school during the day. The hours were rough as we stayed open to get the 'bar rush'. That was an experience working the other side of the counter from drunken idiots. In a short amount of time I was offered the 3rd Manager position. It's kind of a joke really, it was only more responsibility with no more pay. On my first night on duty of said position we had a new cook, who walked off with the money from the safe. The safe was always left open, we were a family, nobody took money from it--except this guy. It took me awhile to figure it out when he didn't come back from his break. Duh!

But they let me stay. I'm not really sure …

The OTHER job

I'm starting to write this before my last post even publishes because I'm sure someone wants to know about my other job at the X-rated motel. Oh come on, it will be fun!  And this is one rare post that will not have pictures.

The Alcoan Motel was right across the street from Zips, the fast food restaurant I worked at for 3 years, starting when I was in college. This was my first job and I did like it for the most part until the manager of all the stores had to make himself look like a big shot in front his cronies--at my expense. He didn't come in to the restaurant very often but one day when I was working he and some guys came in. Maybe they was trying to sell the place, I don't remember. As having the prestigious title of 3rd Manager, I kept the place pretty darn clean but there were a few scraps of paper on the floor that day and he told me to go pick them up. He didn't ask nicely; just told me to go do it. Kden does not take kindly to being treated like some gr…

All About Joe

I don't think I've ever written much about any of my past jobs, not in detail anyway. Not too exciting I guess, but one person in my working career does stand out. His name is Joe.

Mostly I have worked as a waitress, from fast food to a full service family owned joint. There was a short time I worked as a maid at an X-rated motel but that's a whole other post for another day.

After the fast food joint, the motel, and another restaurant that folded up, I was on the search for another job. I had probably only been married a few years and the owners of this place was Italian, so maybe that helped. Family owned since 1936, I was given a trial period upon hire. I guess I fumbled around enough to make it through lunches and was finally put on the night shift. Not as busy as lunch but Friday nights could be brutal. When the place was busy I usually had help but over the years business had slowed and I was the only one on duty.

It was me, a cook, dishwasher and Joe the second gene…

Feeling A Tad Guilty

With all of the storms that the East side of the country has been having for weeks and the terrible loss of life, it feels strange to have the opposite weather here. I mean, the Pacific Northwest is known for its definite 4 seasons and moderate to heavy snowfalls. But this is our front yard as of last week.

We had one cold snap for a week then 3 inches of snow which quickly faded. I've worn my boots ONCE--to shovel ONCE. Since I took this shot we have got some snow but not as much as it could be; and it's almost gone. I must admit I kind of enjoy it, but I am feeling a little guilty that I can't totally share in their pain.

New Year Tidbits

We got together with one Step-son and the Grandkids a few days after Christmas. While my other Step-son sent a Christmas text to the Kid; like a phone call to his Dad was too much. Oh such a difference in those two boys. Anyway we had a nice brunch, decorated some fancy cookies and played with the kids. I'm so glad they're back in town.

Oh check this picture out, it's from the last time we visited in September. See the orb on Hubby's shoulder? And no, it isn't baby spit up. I didn't notice it until recently when I looked at it on my camera. If you watch any type of Ghost Hunter show, you know what an orb is. Or you can look them up on Google images. I'm guessing it's Hubby's Mom checking out her Great Grandson. And now I'm guessing you all think I'm nuts!

I thoroughly enjoyed having our own Kid home for 3 whole weeks. We did as much we could with the time we had---and NO HOMEWORK for the first time over vacation in about 10 years!  She liked…

White Elephant Christmas

I had mentioned earlier that my Mom was going to give away some of her stuff for our presents this year. She orchestrated it perfectly and put so much thought into it.

To my nephew (her Grandson) she gave an old but real hand grenade that was my Step-Dads. Robert remembers exactly where Marley kept it and always looked at it. His Mother had fits every time he touched it so of course he loved that he could have it now! She also gave him a piece of carved soap (a dog) that she had done years ago. I really didn't remember it but he sure did. To his wife she gave a Samsonite brand large buckling strap. Jessie didn't really get it but she rides bikes as her mode of transportation and Mom said she's 'always strapping something down!' She's got quite the sense of humor :-)

To my younger brother she gave back a sundial that he had given her 15 years ago. Of course he didn't remember it at all, which lead to more fun. She also gave him a &q…