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Rock Towers

My caulking gun and I are at it again. But instead of glassware, this time it's rocks. I am not usually the one that brings home rocks from vacations. My husband and daughter always lug home rocks, little tiny ones to fill their pockets or large ones that they try to hide in the back of the van. They build up so much in the house that I eventually throw them out in the flower beds. I'm more of a seashell person, with my favorite being a complete sand-dollar. And we all know they are not easy to find.

But this time I was so intrigued by the rocks we saw at Rialto Beach, that I needed to get in on the act too. They are all round, smooth, and flat. The only exception is an oval shape, but still flat. We had a few large heavy duty bags in the van so my husband and I filled one with all sorts of sizes, enough for me to do something with. It was so heavy that he couldn't really pick it up, he had to drag it to the car. There was a Twilight Tour going on at the time and they were …

I Have Permission

My neighbor talked to me yesterday. Yea, that neighbor. The one that almost came to blows with me last summer because I complained about his barking dogs. This is the first time we have spoken since last year. There have been a few waves in the alley but that's it. I would go out of my way not to be in the backyard the same time he was in his.

But yesterday my daughter and I were picking beans and the dogs were barking at us. He came out and told them to shut up and then he asked us how our vacation was. Huh? How did he know? I sure didn't tell him. He gave us a suggestion that we get some timers for our lights while we're gone. I told him we had two of them but he said they should be set all over the house and at different intervals; that's what they do when away. Well yea, I guess but I thought two was enough.

When my husband was coming home for a dinner break he stopped to talk to them in the alley. Curtis said that we need to look out for each other and asked if we…

Lasagna Garden Flourishes

Do you remember this Spring when I wrote about my lasagna garden? At the time we didn't have enough compostable material to make it as deep as needed to do any major planting.

So we decided just to plant a few cukes to see what would happen. Four plants in all came up along with one volunteer tomato from the compost itself.
 We've got two regular cuke plants and two lemon cucumbers. They are just the cutest little things and pretty darn tasty too. They're even starting to climb up anything in its way. Maybe by the time summer is over we'll be sick of cucumbers but for now I'm looking up recipes and looking forward to trying some new things. Tomorrow night will be Smoked Salmon, cucumber, and pasta salad.
I'm not sure what we'll do next year in this space. But I'd rather just keep building it higher and use it for a little garden area. Just driving around I see so many more little garden spaces in peoples yards. They are taking advantage of any little spa…

From There To Here

How does one go from smelling Lavender fields in Sequim to looking at ugly Sagebrush? Apparently it's pretty easy. Friday we were heading home and stopped by this farm alongside the road to admire the Lavender while hubby bought a few plants. It was too windy to get a decent picture so just shot this one next to the store.

After spending the night half way home we finished our travels. Once you cross the Cascades into Eastern Washington you get greeted with such a different view. No wonder people from this side of the state always travel to the other side. I don't know anyone in their right mind who would want to travel here. I wouldn't last long working for the Chamber of Commerce if anyone asked me what there is to do here.
I'd say "RUN!"

I mean seriously, wouldn't you run if this was the view that greeted you as you came over a beautiful mountain range? Sagebrush, ugly and brown and so boring. Miles and miles of it, broken up only by wheat farms, which…

What The Hell Wednesday # 11

Go check out the funnest meme around started by Blue Monkey Butt. You get to complain and others love you for it.

Pull this knife out of my heart will ya. Last Saturday, one day before we leave for vacation and emotions were high but happy, my just turned 15 year old daughter drops a bombshell on me. She said that she wishes we weren't FB friends because she's got things she wants to say and she doesn't want to me to see it. WTH? And I mean WTH!

First I told her that she's forgetting that her uncles and older brother are also her friends and she has to watch what she says. AND even though she is only 15, prospective colleges and/or employers will be looking sometimes.

I asked her if she just wanted to use cuss words like all the other kids. Nope not that, she just wants to unload. WTH, who doesn't, that's why I blog. She's having some boy issues and wants to vent I guess. So why do I need to leave the room? Maybe I comment too much. But I CAN shut-up if tha…

Off to Twilight Land

If we're lucky, we are already on the road to Forks, Washington. Forks is a real town portrayed in the famous Twilight books and movies. The movie wasn't even filmed there but many things were used in the town to tell the story of Bella, Edward and Jacob. The area has basically made up locations to match what the author describes in her books. Homes have signs on them declaring they are the Cullen's home and restaurants name food after the characters. Old timers don't like all the new attention their little logging town has been getting but no doubt that it has brought millions of tourist dollars into the area. Tours are abundant but I've read quite expensive. I'm sure we'll be able to find some self guided tours which will work just fine.

I've never even read the books or seen the movies but my daughter has. I wouldn't say she's gaga over the whole Twilight thing but will be pretty stoked to be there. We've kept this vacation a secret from…

It Pays To Shop Early

Typical Thursday, go shopping at the same store at approximately the same time (8:30 am). I know it sounds mundane but that worked in my favor today.

As I walked in, some guy was setting up a tent type thing depicting a local country radio station. I don't like country music much so didn't pay much attention. They were having some kind of a seafood sale and thought after I was finished with the usual groceries I would swing through to see what they had. On my way back to the seafood, I saw a couple carrying t-shirts. I could have swore I saw the word Wizard on the t-shirt. There is only one Wizard I know and it's not from Harry Potter fame.

DEADLIEST CATCH!, I screamed in my head and as I came around the corner, Capt. Keith Colburn was right in front of me. And Shit, me without my phone. I stood there prancing like I had to pee and asked a cashier if I could use the phone. I called home and my daughter answered. I'm stammering and stuttering and told her who was at the…

But He Asked Nicely......

The fruit loops are out in full force. An attorney who was in town to put his hat in the Congressional race to run against our current Republican, was assaulted in a downtown parking lot. When the cops came he told them that he had asked the man (who body slammed and threw him to the ground) if he wanted to perform a sex act on him. He deserved to be body slammed.

He was quite puzzled regarding the man's reaction. "I don't understand, I asked him nicely," he told police.

He was interviewed on the news and told the reporter that he couldn't comment on advice of counsel, and then told the whole story.

"The gentleman sort of made it look like he would go along with that sort of plan," he said. "What's done between two adults is a private act that's not anyone's business."

Well yea, that's true, but No means No, even in a McDonald's parking lot.

This guy has had brushes with the law before. He was once accused of forcing an inma…

New Baby and Teenage Baby

I became a Grandma yesterday! My step-son and his wife had their boy. The poor little guy doesn't have a name yet. I guess they had too many to choose from, so  hopefully they will make up their mind today. It wouldn't be cool to go home with a name of Baby Boy Mozzarella. His dad is 6' 3" and his mom is taller than me, which isn't hard to be, so this was a big baby. More than likely we won't be able to see him until Christmas so pictures will just have to do for now .
And today is my daughter's 15th Birthday. Yes, we have both lived to see this day. I wrote about her extensively last year so I won't go into all of the mushy details on why I have the best daughter in the world.
So Happy Birthday to the newest member of the Mozzarella family and to my Dear Girl.♥