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My Christmas Gifties

Some of the fun things I made this year for Christmas gifts. First I made a bunch of hand warmers. I found the instructions online and got busy. I gave out a lot but still have a lot left. I do tend to get carried away with my crafts some time so if anyone wants a pair just let me know, I'll send you some. Really!

I also made some dessert stands/candle holders/or whatever you want to do with them. It's so easy, get a vase and a plate and glue them together. First I made these 4 for both brothers and their wives, my Mom, and I'm keeping one.

I also made another one for my neighbor (yes, that neighbor) but didn't get a picture of it. She really liked it though :-) Then I found these two identical plates with a vase that matched my other one. So I cut them apart and matched up the identical plates and vases and filled the vases with old fashioned Christmas light bulbs. I really liked how they turned out. These I'm keeping too, for awhile anyway.

This will be my last p…

Friends Forever

Scott, our friend. Our best friend; even though we haven't seen him in about 7-8 years. We met him at least 22 years ago when he came from Montana to see a medical specialist here in town. He always stayed at the same motel, kind of dumpy, but they allowed him to park his pick-up and camper. While he was in town for that reason he wanted to see a massage therapist and found hubby in the phone book. An appointment was made and he came in on time. As I tried to get him to fill out intake forms, he said he was in too much pain and just wanted to get started. A demanding weirdo I thought.

As hubby worked on him, his story came out. He's only a few years younger than me and at age 18 he was working on a tug boat and a boom swung around and hit him knocking him down hard. He almost died. Although he survived he was left with multiple injuries, inside and out. I really can't remember them all but he walked with a foot brace to keep his foot from flopping, he used the type of brac…

Thanks Clark!

I've been listening to Clark Howard for several years now off and on. If you're not sure who he is, he is a consumer expert on just about any subject you can imagine. His motto is "save more and spend less." A few weeks ago I was reading his Facebook page where he recommended a credit monitoring website called CreditKarma. This sight offers credit scores from TransUnion but also includes a VantageScore, Car Insurance Score and Home Insurance Score.

All of your scores are compared to other CreditKarma members and show how you rate. There is one tab to see your overall credit report card. Graded from A-F on different factors such as Credit Card Utilization, Payment History, Age of Credit History and Total Accounts. One part that confuses me though is that we're graded a C on our Credit Card Utilization. I understood that the lower your credit card debt, the higher your score. It may be because we don't  use our card since it was paid off earlier this year. So …

Families Are Confusing

My oldest Brother and his wife have been married for 10 years, with an 18 month separation somewhere in the middle. When she came into our lives, it was like a breath of fresh air. We really liked her over his first wife and she said "family is important to me." But it was her family she was talking about as we rarely saw her.

Even though they live in town we only see them once a year on Christmas Eve. One year she didn't even come because she had to work the next day. Really? We wrap things up by 10:00; not really party people here.

A couple of years ago she got a promotion and worked even more and we would just occasionally hear her name mentioned. She wouldn't even go see my Mom when my Brother went to visit. In the entire 10 years, her and I had dinner together once. She used to have beading parties (with her friends) and never invited me. Several years ago she joined the same Curves club I go to and when I saw her car one day I decided to go work out, thinking i…


This is officially my 500th post! I don't even know how to write it properly and can't believe I've made it this far. For my die hard fans (all 5 of you) I thank you for sticking with me. I'm sure some of you don't have as many posts but many probably have much more. Others that don't comment anymore, or even come around, I miss you. I always wished I had more of a following but I guess I really just write for myself so anyone that joins me is just icing on the cake.

Thank you all for being my sounding board, my shoulder to cry on, and sharing in my joys. I realize that most of my posts are rants, but I hope occasionally I inspire you to think and maybe see things differently like I do when I read your posts. Although I don't really think of myself this way, I'd like to hope that I  am sometimes thought provoking......or funny. I'll take either.

For awhile now I've been keeping my posting to every 5 days, any more and I would just be pulling th…