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Pistol Packing Barristas

We have a lot of coffee stands in this town. And we've had our share of controversy about the different type of stands, from x-rated to the owner who is now arming herself and has a goal to have at least one person on duty armed at all times.

This stand in particular has been robbed three times in the last month. Coffee stands seem to be an easy target, and this owner wants to change that.

They're getting a lot of support from the community so I guess I'm kind of in the minority in my thinking. These girls are young, maybe in their late 20's and I'm sure they've been trained and are carrying legally. But still, their young age and lack of real experience with a weapon is a little troubling to me. Just because you've taken the course doesn't mean you're ready to use a gun.

People that are desperate to get a couple of hundred bucks from a coffee stand may take this as a challenge. Desperate people are on drugs and crazy as Hell and if they want in th…

You Puff And I'll Huff

The high school across the street implemented a new lunch policy last year, where Freshman and Sophomores can't leave campus at all. Juniors and Seniors can have open campus on a week by week basis depending on many factors such as overall behavior, cleanliness of the lunchroom, etc. It sounds more like grade school rather than a high school. Their website clearly states the open/closed policy for the week.

Last year it seemed to work well, we had very few problems with kids hanging out in the alley. Some kids will move along if you ask nicely, other easily call you a name or argue their so called right to be on 'public property'. They smoke and eat their lunch there and leave all of their garbage behind.

This year there seems to be one group of kids and one boy in particular we have to keep asking to leave. He never says anything, just lopes along, but why do we have to keep asking? You'd think one time would be enough but he keeps coming back, with different groups o…

Two Steps Forward.......

Just when I think we're getting to a point where we might get ahead, something big comes up to set us right back where we were. With our tax refund, we just paid off our second mortgage. We've been paying on it for 10 years and finally did it! What a great feeling.

With a little extra money available then, I thought I would treat myself to a visit to a new dentist. I was having some nerve pain along the gum line and was fearing a receding gum line and the problem that would entail. It seems that's the least of my problem. It was actually only a tiny chip off of the enamel which can be fixed with a filling.

After x-rays he was looking closely at each tooth and I could hear him say "cracked, cracked, cracked." I have 3 cracked teeth which will need their silver fillings replaced and then crowned. Holy Crap! I will also need other silver filling replaced and a bite guard at night due to wearing teeth. Geez, it's like overnight I just got old and fall-aparty.


Double Trouble

My Mom had a doctor appointment last week and since she has trouble getting in my van, I met her there with the friend that gave her a ride. She's been having problems with her hands and seemed like more than just arthritis.

First we had to get through the screw-up of her appointment time. I got there first and found out her appointment was at 1:00 instead of 11:00. Ooooops, she's going to be pissed. I  met her outside to save her a trip in and told her. I asked if she wanted me to go back in and double check and she wanted to go in herself. Uh oh, somebody's going to be in trouble. I grabbed her air tank and in we went. Never underestimate the wrath of an 82 year old woman using a cane, walker, and air tank. her parting words were "I may or may not come back."

But of course she did. They went for coffee and I went to Curves, home for lunch and then back to the office. Her Doctor is really nice and feels very genuine about her health. She's left handed and th…

More Family Treasures

I guess it's only fair I show the craftiness of the other side of the family. This is my Paternal Grandfather Edwin, who was born in 1888. I didn't know him that well because they lived in Spokane and we didn't. I was probably only about 11 when he died and all I can really remember about him is that he had to rest a lot. After working over 30 years in a flour mill he got emphysema but still lived to be 80.

As a hobby he crafted wood pieces by either using a lathe or carving by hand. He used the most beautiful wood.

I know the hands on the left was hand carved, but I can't figure out how he did the comb, the teeth are so precise, probably a saw of some kind.

A totally hand carved back scratcher.

Close up of the handle, such great detail down to the tiny moveable ball in the holes.

One of my favorite pieces since I was little, a beautiful heart box with lid; just right for a little girl to hold her treasures.

Before my Dad died, he took the old lathe out for a spin and …

Artsy Fartsy

I wanted to show you some of the artwork my Mom has done over the years. These are mostly paintings but at age 82 she keeps herself busy with all types of crafts. Currently she is decorating bottles; any kind of bottle she can get her hands on. She's more industrious than I am. Everytime I go to her house she always has something new to show me.

And when you see her paintings, you will be wondering if I can do the same. I can sadly tell you right now that I can not!! I can do other things, but painting has never been one of them. Neither can either of my brothers. Her own mother and sister painted too, but not to the depth as Mom has. She took some art classes, mostly to refine her skills. I don't think you can teach skills like this. Many people comment on Facebook how they still have her paintings in their home and a woman took a picture of one still hanging in a Doctor's office where Mom used to work.

She will paint on any surface available, including rocks, old cans, g…