No More Naked Popcorn

Well Blogger is finally back up and running. Not that I really had anything important to say but still, we couldn't even comment on anyone elses's blog so things were pretty quiet in the blogging world.

Today I feel like telling you about one of my favorite products, and it goes with one of my favorite foods; popcorn. I have been having popcorn once a week for dinner for close to 20 years. It used to be Thursdays but now it's Fridays. It's kind of like my weekend cocktail.

Before I started my diet, I used to get out my beat up pan that I have had since I graduated from high school (1976). I took it from home so I know it's older than that and it looks it. But it's the only pan that I could make decent popcorn in. Add lots of butter and Johnny's popcorn salt and I was in Heaven. Oh, and you can't forget the M&M's or any kind of candy bars you have on hand, it's a must.

But now I've had to switch to Orville Redenbachers Microwave 94% Fat Free popcorn. Before my diet I would have declared that I would never eat that crap. But if I have to weigh either that or NO popcorn, I'm eating it.

It helps when you can put some mighty fine seasoning on it and I got turned on to Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning when my mom bought my daughter a sampler set for Christmas a few years ago. They have a multitude of different flavors and I use no less that 5 different ones in my bowl.  I put half of the bag in the bowl and put Jalapeno and Chili Lime on top. Then the rest of the bag goes in and White Cheddar, Ranch, and Nacho Cheddar gets sprinkled liberally on top. I just bought Barbeque and Cajun which is hotter than Jalapeno so I'm excited to try that tonight. They also sell a butter flavored spray to put on microwave popcorn since seasonings don't stick to it that well. So we'll see how that works tonight.

You can also use them on vegis and fish or chicken but I've found that the flavor doesn't carry through when you actually cook with it so it's best to put it on afterwards. They also have sweet flavors like Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel which is awesome on toast.

So buy some Kernal Season's, pop a bowl of popcorn and enjoy your weekend.


Claire King said…
Sounds worth trying. I have not noticed it before.
kden said…
You can find it in stores, just not a big variety. Walmart has a pretty good selection.
fernvalley01 said…
I love popcorn but "it gets in my mouth" always have it stuck in my back teeth so I doun't eat it often. The seasonings sound yummy
Grumpy said…
Jalapeno popcorn. I'll stick with butter, thank you very much.
kden said…
Grumpy, I didn't take you for a wimpy dude......
Crikey! I only ever thought there was one type of popcorn. Seems I've been missing out.
bill said…
I like popcorn. I have it about once a month when my room mate gets the craving. Never tried all those toppings, mixes. Sounds ... edible.

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