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In My Favor....But Still

When I was younger I was quite the perfectionist on keeping my checkbook balanced to the penny. I would spend hours just to get it right. These days, I don't mind if I'm off as long as it's in my favor.

This past statement had me again spending hours, not because I was short, but because I was off by over 600 bucks in my favor. How can someone add/subtract that badly? I found a few small mistakes my husband and I had made but still far from where I should be. I had been juggling money around from our daughter's savings account to get her car, then put back what we didn't need. I wrote a couple of large checks but those are the easy ones to track so what's the deal? I've been off for months but not to that degree. I even took everything to my mom's so I could use her big-ass calculator; no luck. I went online to my credit union and looked at the real time figures, still didn't help. Everything has been checked off twice and re-checked way back to Ju…


Whenever my mom and I are together we usually find ourselves talking about my brothers and/or their wives. It's not always bad, she just keeps me in the loop about what they're up to since I don't talk to them as much as she does.

Then I came to the realization that she is talking about me and my family to them also. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Sometimes I will tell her things and have to make a point to say, "I don't want them knowing about this." Some things are frankly none of their business.

A few weeks ago I was at Mom's and my younger brother called. I could tell by her answers that he was asking about my daughter and how she was going to pay for her apartment and if she's working. I felt like grabbing the phone and answering his questions myself. "Uh, it's called Financial Aid and it's hard to have a job when you have no license/car." For someone that has never had a kid, I'm sure he has all kinds of advice.


New Wheels

It's been a darn busy summer. And a good one too. It felt more like Christmas when we moved our daughter out of her boyfriend's place and found her a new apartment for school. We've been taking loads of stuff to her place the last few weekends. Our last trip, and to leave her there, will be tomorrow. She will be back next weekend though, ha.

Our vacation was fantastic because we were all back together. My Mom is doing a little better and starting to get interested in her crafts again. I think she still needs me though and likes having me around. I hope so anyway.

My Husband spent the most part of the summer taking The Kid driving. I was too nervous to go at first but now feel pretty comfortable with her at the wheel. She's good at driving although has not hit the freeway yet. She has trouble with parking, backing up, and those fun things that you need to do to pass a driving test, but she is getting there.

In between driving lessons, we were looking for a car for her. …

Recline Me

For awhile I had been seeing a FB ad for reclining seats in certain Regal theaters. Not the old reclining seats, but actual recliners. I checked on one of ours and to my surprise they had them. I'm all for comfort so went to check it out. Reserving the seats is just like picking concert tickets. You have 6 minutes to make your purchase and it was a bit confusing. I thought only the lower half of the theater had the seats but when we got there, the entire room was full of them.

Passing the long ticket line we headed right to the ticket taker and went on to find our seats. Oh yes, very comfy! I would love to have one of those at home. We saw "A Walk In The Woods" with Nick Nolte and Robert Redford. It was a great movie and the struggle of the hike looked convincing on the red face of old overweight Nick. They kept us laughing through the whole  movie.

On the way out I stopped at the customer service desk and asked if it was necessary to reserve the seats because I didn'…


Are you ready to finally hear about my 'exciting' appointment? My daughter and I have been talking about having this done for quite awhile but there was either a timing or financial issue. Finally, we took the plunge. We were finally going to get our tattoos.

It's a long process, not only in the tattooing itself, but in the designing too. First you have to find a place to have it done. We didn't even know where to start. I found a conversation going on FB about a place and a guy (the owner) that does watercolor. That's how I wanted mine done but after texting him back and forth, his price was a lot higher so I figured I would have to pass on the watercolor technique.

My daughter and I just walked in his shop one day and looked through some books of the different artists' work. One does a combination of regular, plus watercolor. We both agreed to choose Ben. The next step is to make an appointment for a consultation where you tell/show him your ideas and he star…


As you know, many states have been engulfed by fires. If you are not in the actual fire areas, you are still in the pathway of the smoke depending on which way the wind is blowing. One day we were surrounded by smoke from all burning areas. You can see us in the blue dot, totally engulfed.

It wasn't too bad in the morning, but by afternoon the air had turned thick and ashy. I was at my Moms and kept the door opening to a minimum. After I left her place I had to go downtown to check on my 'exciting' appointment before heading home. News feeds were spitting out new air quality levels every hour. At the worst of it, it had reached 330, which is in the Hazardous level of the index. I heard the air had not been that bad since Mt. St. Helen's blew 35 years ago.

By the time I got home I felt sick. After being in the house awhile you could even smell smoke inside. It burns the eyes, throat, and nose. I came up with my bank robber mask to help me until I went to bed. I did take…