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Busy Summer

With The Kid home for the summer and my husband on break from work, we have been getting out and about having fun.

After we went to Turnbull, the next stop was a drive to Sandpoint, Idaho which lies on Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced pondaray). There's a lot to do there but since we were on foot after we parked, our distance was limited. We walked along the city beach and through downtown before hitting a farmer's market. Hubby found some packs of smoked salmon which we enjoyed for dinner. It reminded us of our coastal trips. No pictures that day but this is the view from a plane.

We've taken a few drives to Greenbluff, which is a local community of orchard owners. Within 30 minutes, you can be picking or buying any fruit or vegetable in season, to your heart's content. We've bought cherries, picked apricots, green tomatoes, and raspberries. We will probably go back to pick green beans because I don't think we will get much of a haul of our own this year. The sce…

Fighting For Space

In one half of our kitchen cupboard, we have a Lazy Susan which holds all of our meds. Everything fits nicely, the prescription bottles as well as vitamins and other supplements. Hubby takes a lot more supplements than I do, and their bottles are large, so they lie down on the top of Susan.

With his recent heart issue he is taking more prescription meds. I bought him a pill organizer so he can load of his daily pills into one large compartment. He didn't like it.

"I have to dump everything out to get what I want for different parts of the day."

He uses it, but for only some of his pills. If I bought him a larger weekly organizer he still wouldn't use it. The organizer now sits on the counter, along with another bottle and a newly acquired powder he mixes in water twice a day for......uh never mind. Not only the bottle, but a glass and measuring cup have to be there too. Like he can't eyeball a cup of water?

I ask him why all this stuff has to sit on the counter.


Last week was a good week. On Wednesday my Mom turned 85. We gave her a party on her 80th so she gave strict instructions for no party this time. I knew no one else would visit her so us three musketeers picked up dinner and took it to her. Even though I see her on Mondays and Fridays, they don't get to see her as often. We had a nice time and lots of laughs.

And then..........finally............our daughter passed her driving test to get her license. She went from 72% the first time to 90%. I am so glad I will never have to get in her car again with her to 'practice'. Backing around corners and parallel parking.....over and over and over again for the past month. No more taking her back to college on Sundays. She can drive herself home on the weekends instead of one of us picking her up from the bus stop downtown. No more taking her to the store. She is my little bird and she must fly! 
Early Saturday morning I got my blood test results from the day before draw. My doctor…

I Need Some Better Grass

Grass, lawn, turf....or however you say it. But definitely not pot, that's not where I'm going here.

I wouldn't say my Husband and I are overly obsessive about our lawn care, but we do try to make it look nice. I'm kept quite busy in the summer keeping it watered. He weeds and feeds. It gets aerated once a year and overseeded if my Husband gets around to it. I have a great little tool for getting dandelions out and he mows and edges. That does sound a bit obsessive doesn't it?

A few years ago I noticed clumps of different grass growing throughout the yard. I, not knowing my grasses, thought it was crabgrass or quackgrass and started digging the clumps out. This year it is so much more denser and probably constitutes as 25% of our lawn. Then I noticed different clumps with a blueish hue and tall seed stalks that peek above all the other grass. WTH?

I was showing the different clumps to my Husband who said it might be the seed mixture that he used last. WHAT? They mi…