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Those Ocwen Sonsabitches!

Since I signed up with Credit Karma months ago, I get alerts when anything changes with our credit or when I make a payment on a CC card. Recently I got a notice and just thought it was the usual monthly alert but when I opened it up, it said that a dipshit loan servicing company (they held our second mortgage creditline) had reported a delinquency in payment. This in turn dropped our TransUnion, VantageScore, and Auto Insurance Score down 22 points, from excellent to good. I'm sure it did the same to all credit reporting agencies.

If it was true I would be embarrassed and promise to never do it again. BUT.....because a company like Ocwen hires only the finest East Indian people to work for them, this account which was paid in full THREE months ago, sent paperwork to close the account to the wrong department. This department in turn didn't even notice that it had a zero balance and marked it as delinquent because no payment had been made in THREE months.

That's right, a ze…

She Cleaves Unto Him

I know that sounds like a really strange title and I have never even read the Bible, but as the evening wore on, those words jumped out at me as to how I was feeling.

It was 4 days till my birthday and 5 days before our Daughter came home for the summer. We had some more boxes to take to her and then pick up what she had already packed. She stayed in Cheney that weekend so we decided to eat brunch on campus; something we had talked about but had never done yet. So there was hubby and I, her and her boyfriend.

We all had a good breakfast and enjoyed the morning. When we were finished and before heading to the dorms we were just standing around. Maybe hubby had to go to the bathroom or something but the kid hugged me, but it was briefer. Normally we would stand arm in arm for quite awhile, and then what felt like a slow motion movement as to torture me, she slowly pulled away from me and entwined her arm with his.

Then the reality hit me, she was his now; not mine anymore. Maybe with an…

Am I Enjoying This A Little Too Much?

**Best birthday post on FB yesterday from my younger brother, "Happy birthday to the best sister I ever had. Enjoy this joyous occasion of getting one year closer to having to wear diapers. Cheers!!!!"

I didn't plan on this post being a continuation from the last one, but sometimes......stuff just falls right into your lap. And who am I to waste a good story.

One recent Sunday afternoon I saw a cop car sitting outside the house but no one was in it. A few minutes later they walked down the side, around front and past our house. I thought they were going down to the woman's house I wrote about in my last post so I went outside.

Actually they went to Curtis's house next door. When there was no answer they were in the process of walking back to their car when they saw me. They came up and asked his last name and if he had a girlfriend or whatever. They said he was involved in a road rage incident a few hours prior--What I read online later was that he was TWO blocks…

We All Move On, One Way Or The Other

There have been so many more changes in our neighborhood since Jonny and Claudine, our elderly neighbors died. We found out that another elderly neighbor at the end of the alley had passed away too.

When I was taking a walk a few weeks ago, as always I pass by a house a block away. Since their house has the same street address as ours they would often get our FedEx deliveries. Instead of them bringing the package over, we would have to go retrieve them days later. It was really irritating because I could see that it had been delivered, but not where it should be. Once I made so many phone calls to finally talk to the driver and told him exactly where it was and he better go get it and bring it over. It was heavy dorm bedding and I wasn't going to haul it across the street. So he did. Anyway I walked by just as the wife came out to go to her car and we've always said hello. I asked her how she was and she told me that her husband had passed away a few months ago; out of the blu…

What The Hell?

Our neighbors, the messy ones, got a new van recently. And this is what they did to it. It sure brightens up the neighborhood, dontcha think? It looks like a cross between the Scooby Doo and the Partridge Family vans. I guess there could be worse things to look at and they are cleaning up the yard more and more. They've been adding grass seed and watering more and planting some bushes. So I'll just go with it.

I'm hot, and not the sexy kind of hot. Just plain hot. I am not a full out summer lover anyway, but have never felt like this before; it just feels different, like it comes in waves. I have a feeling I'm heading into those wonderful Menopause years. You know you're hot when your elbow pits sweat, so freaking gross.

And OMG my allergies are the worst they have ever been....ever. I'm thinking maybe I didn't have a cold at all but just a full-on allergan attack. I just want to scratch my eyes out and Claritin doesn't really work at all. So I got som…