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From Our Archives, 100 years ago

How did a sorority party in Spokane turn into a costume party gone bad? A Spokesman-Review front page story summed it up like this:

The young ladies of the Delta Kappa Nu sorority were holding a party in which they all dressed up as characters in the Bingville Bugle comic strip. At some point during the party, one young lady witnessed a hand reach in through an open window and make off with four dozen doughnuts, “the entire doughnut supply.” She reported that he was a “hobo” (although how she could tell just from a hand was unclear).

The sorority girls, dressed as various Bingville hillbillies, “sallied forth” into the backyard to find the hobo and get their doughnuts back. They found nothing in the darkness so they enlisted Colonel, the house St. Bernard, to help them search. Colonel proceeded to lunge and “attack” a shadowy figure. It was not the hobo, but one of the sorority girls, dressed as Doc Livermore.

She was uninjured but shaken. They all “f…

We're Not Farm Folk

Last weekend we took a little trip into the next state to a cute little B&B on a farm. This time of year we always try and take one more weekend trip to tide us over until Spring. And we inlude our dog on these trips. I found this B&B online so made the arrangements for the 22nd which happened to be my husband's birthday. I don't know how he lucks out on having our little trips land on his BD but they always do. He turned 65 this year! Yikes, officially a Senior Citizen.

The weather forcast called for rain but there's not much you can do about that, so off we went. It's only about an hour and-a-half drive so it was a pretty quick trip. We wanted to get there early because our daughter checked out a nice camera from school and we wanted to get some pics before everyone else showed up.

After we got settled in our room, which was quite nice by the way, we headed outside. A mama cat and a kitten were right outside the door and they don't let cats in the house, …

Get A Hobby, Man

Since I've been working for my elderly couple for 6 years now, I have noticed a lot of things. First of all, they argue a lot. It's a constant power struggle with them; who's right and who's wrong. She feels cooped up, he doesn't take her anywhere. She says her husband verbally abuses her, but I've seen her do the same to him. I had a long conversation with their daughter about this recently and she said this is nothing new. They've been like this all the time she was growing up. I told her that her mom seems to be growing more dependant on me for companionship and a sounding board, which makes me feel uncomfortable. She is working on some avenues to getting her mom out of the house more without her husband but honestly I don't think her mom will actually do it, even though that's what she complains about not being able to do.

What really scares me about this scenario is that I could quite possibly see this as my husband's and my future. Not a p…

Who Do You Mute?

Are you one of those that frequently mutes TV commericals? I personally only mute one but Hubby and Daughter do more.

In the morning I watch the local news and there is one commerical that runs twice in one block at almost the same time every day. It's for a liquidation warehouse and I think the owner does the voice over. His voice is so annoying that I keep the remote right by me and I can almost guess when it's going to come on. So on goes the mute until both of them are over.

Hubby and Daughter mute the ED commercials. Personally I find them funny how they turn a kitchen touch into an outdoor oasis just ripe for makin' luv. I like to add my own words, it's funnier that way.

Hubby mutes all political ads and any commercial that touts the newest medication. Particularly because they have to tell you that you could die from taking it. So he always yells at the TV, "Why in the hell should we take it then you a$$holes?"

He talks to the TV a lot, I just tell h…


Kden's back in the hood. Kinda Sorta. I'll be back to snarky soon, but I have been busy. I've got another blog. "What?", you say. "She can't even keep up with what she's got!" But this one is so different that you may think that I have a split personality. Believe me, I sometimes think that myself. That's just part of being a Gemini  I guess.

Awhile ago Claire wrote about her male friend and how he needed to "self evaluate" himself.  I specifically remember those words and thinking that I've never done that because I yam what I yam and people can take it or leave it.

But because of my last post, I've been doing that---a lot. And something hit me so hard that I really needed to do something about it.

So I invite you on over to Inspired by Travis. This is the only link you will ever find to it, I will not put it on my sidebar. I haven't even told my husband and daughter about it because I'm afraid they'll think I&…

Teen Suicide

Last weekend, a young man from my daughter's high school killed himself. It was announced on Monday morning by teachers in a certain period so everyone could hear at the same time. Even though they couldn't mention his name or how he died, the news still spread fast. His girlfriend goes to the same school so it was easy to figure out who it was.

My daughter hasn't had him in a class since 9th grade but when they were in 8th, they shared two classes. He became the second boy she had a crush on and on the last day of school, he obliged her with a picture. Just look at her happy face! She has this picture framed in her room still. She loves dark haired boys with smokey eyes ;-)

That's the only way we know him, never knew him personally. But by the remarks left on his Facebook wall, he was well liked and is missed terribly. You can't help but get tears in your eyes when you read all the sadness. And then you start to wonder why. Why? And it's the one question that w…