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Swimming In My Clothes

I have gotten rid of so many clothes this past year; both summer and winter wear. Some kind of got forgotten because they didn't quite fit into specific categories. I used to wear my t-shirts like this, long and baggy to cover up the arse. I prefer not to wear them like that anymore and was totally shocked when I put this one on today. I ordered it last spring and it was tight so wasn't even able to wear it until June. And as you can see (the back view), it's not really the kind of shirt I can wear just anywhere.

As large as it is now, I just can't part with this one. It was designed by Capt. Phil Harris (from Deadliest Catch) himself and after he died, they were being sold until they were gone, with monies going to his estate. I bought the kid and hubby different ones, but also designed by him. So some clothes can just not be parted with, even if I just end up sleeping in it. I have several favorite t-shirts from vacation spots that are now reserved for that use.

I ha…

Feeling Like a Geeky Dork

My husband and I were quite content with our 3 year-old cell phones. We don't text or have the need, until....

Our daughter had the 5000 txt package because she was texting her boyfriend in California a lot. But since his mother found a questionable photo that he had sent, he was first grounded and then pretty much banned from texting without being in her presence. This might have to be a post all it's own; but just to assure you, it was not a sexting photo.

Anyway I was going to change her texting package because at last count she had only texted 12 times in the last month. But her previous package was now gone. It was a nice 500 txt limit and would have worked fine. So now all I see is is an unlimited package for all of us for only 10 bucks more than what her 5000 limit was.

Well then, if we're going to go through all that trouble, then I think we need new phones! Hubby already said he didn't want one. He doesn't like change. I've always had LG's and li…

Craigslist Fun

Do you ever read Craigslist ads just to see what dumb things people say? I guess I have too much time on my hands and found this entry recently.

Free Crap Ski Boots to the person who stole my Crap Skis

If you really want the crap skis you stole out of the back of my truck last week that bad, you might as well have the crap boots that go with them. I was about ready to give them away anyway, it might as well be you as anyone else. By the way, these are cross country (AKA Nordic) skis, that's why they're so skinny. If you've never tried it before, it's a great winter workout. I could give you a couple quick lessons and you'd be on your way.

I hope you wear a men's 10.5, or maybe you can trade them for a size that fits.

Just to be clear about which stolen crap skis we're talking about, these were a pair of well worn Fischer Nordic Cruising skis, I forget how long, around 205cm, maybe 210, 5 or 6 years old. They were about the cheapest waxless cross country…

Give A Short Older Lady A Hand, Will Ya?

I don't know why I've just started noticing this but many times recently I'm having trouble reaching stuff on the top shelves at the store. When did the shelves get so tall?

I look around for a clerk; none to be found. I look for something in the aisle I can use to pull an item closer. Like today I tried using a back scrubber brush; all I accomplished is knocking the item down. Tall men walk right past me, even when I step on the lower shelf, try to jump and mutter loudly, "Shit!"

That means I have to hunt somebody down, and it's usually a short girl just like myself. But they're younger and step on that bottom shelf and launch themselves up with ease. I'm always afraid of breaking the shelf and that would land me in more trouble than knocking a few things down. The only one that ever helped me was a woman; taller and older, but still she helped.

I realize that clerks cannot be in every aisle, but I shouldn't have to walk the entire store lookin…

The Final Phase

The final phase of my daughter's high school restoration was finished recently with a new track, field, and bleachers added.

They started the process in May by tearing out the track and field. That kept us out all that time and I really missed walking the track. It's the only place I can let Nellie off leash while I power walk a mile. She can take her time sniffing and I can keep moving.

One thing I don't like what they've done is put a fence around the entire area and then another fence around the track and field itself. But the other day hubby saw someone walking their dog inside so we thought we'd try to get in.

We got through the main gate fine but the inner one was locked. We continued to follow the fence around the other side where we found one open. I felt like a kid breaking in to a candy store or something. So many people take advantage of the track for their exercise I just can't understand why they have to lock it up. We walked our mile and Nellie …

The Jury's Still Out

I've only had three Pedicures in my life with mixed reviews still. I just can't quite figure out if I like them or not. I'm sure if you find one business/person you like, then you'd be more likely to stick with it. So I'm going to give you a breakdown of Pros and Cons. Maybe it will help you decide. Maybe it will help me decide.

Massage chair than you can keep resetting if you wantThe best darn leg and foot massage you will ever haveVery reasonably priced, around here it's 20 bucks and lasts close to an hourPretty toes, of courseCONS
Using the massage chair too long. When your back is a little thinner, it hurts later in the day and feels bruised so you end up taking Advil for 2 days to get over it.Foot massage is too thorough. I must have some arthritis at the base of a toe, because when they work that area, I have to grit my teeth.The language barrier. All of the places I've been to are Asian owned. My last Pedi was the first time the girls could carry o…