Pretty Dancin' Shoes

If someone had told me, as recent as 6 months ago, that I would be taking a Zumba class and ordering special little shoe sliders for my shoes I would have asked what they were smokin'.

The past month my knees have started to hurt and in talking with a woman in my class she was having the same problem. That prompted me to do a search for knee pain with Zumba. I wasn't quite prepared for the results that came up. I read many, many references that linked them together. I must have missed the memo that told me I should have special dancing shoes for Zumba. And I should not have been wearing the rocker type shoes that I wear all the time now. Zumba shoes should have a slicker front part of the sole for quicker turning and sliding, especially for those of us that work out on carpet.

In further reading I found a woman that sells shoe sliders (a little cheaper than normal) to fit over your shoe to give you that slick effect. After I ordered them I was so excited like I had found the greatest invention and was telling everyone.

And they say, matter of factly, "oh, we just use tape."

Huh? I just spent 11 bucks for these and you all just use tape? So I went home and put clear strapping tape on the bottom front part of my shoe. I was a little hesitant the first time not knowing how much I'd slip and slide. I told a woman next to me that if I fell, just to step over me and keep going. The tape worked pretty good though and I got used to the slickness.

But over the weekend my fancy dancers arrived so I used them tonight. The bottom is elastic and is slippery on a hard floor but not so much on carpet. Maybe they'll smooth out but more than likely they'll wear out first. Plus the elastic is so tight that it kind of squishes my toes. So I'll give them a few more days but I bet I ditch them for the tape. The tape that was free and in my closet all along, just waiting for a chance to go dancing.


fernvalley01 said…
Who knew there could be so much extra involved? and that the answer would be tape? oh well the dancers are cute and as long as your knee feels better
bill said…
Okay, so I took a look at the Zumba dance. It does look like good exercise if you can hold up to it long enough to do any good. As far as the eleven bucks go, don't give it another thought. anything you enjoy comes with a little overhead so just tell yourself, "I'm worth it" and don't look back. I'd think the shoes covers would add a little pizazz to what you're doing. Kick up your heels and shake it a little.
Grumpy said…
If Zumba has been partly responsible for your 40lb. weight loss, then I would keep doing it whatever the cost.
Jessica said…
I just found this out, so I thought I'd share. There are two types of slip on dancers. One is for carpet and another for rubber type floors. Make sure you ordered the right kind.
kden said…
Yes Jessica, I bought the ones for carpet. I did use them for awhile but they wore out too fast so I'm just using the tape. I use the shoes for Zumba only so just replace the tape when it gets gross. Still doing Zumba too since I wrote this!

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