Who Are You Hatin' On?

A few days ago, Grumpy wrote about his disdain for Oprah, which I admit made me bristle a bit. I seemed to be the only one that stood in opposition and surely couldn't change anybody's mind.

But I got to thinking, who do I hate that much? Plenty.

Lady Gaga. I prefer GagGag. She comes out of nowhere to become a big star and dresses ridiculous. Who wears meat for God's sake? I prefer to eat it. Some people compare her to the early Elton John years. Oh please, don't even go there. Elton has more class in his glitzy glasses then she will ever have. Some of her music is not bad but I sure don't want to have to look at her. Anyone who has to disguise herself that much to keep us from seeing the real her could probably use some therapy.

The Kardashians. What in the Hell do they do anyway? All I ever see any of them do is show off clothes, hair, makeup, boobs, and big diamond rings. I've never even seen their reality show because I see enough of them already and not really intersted in seeing more of them. I think their only claim to fame was their dad Robert, who was a friend and defense attorney of O.J. Simpson. That doesn't seem like anything to be proud of and I'd probably try to separate myself from the whole family if it was mine.

Snookie. Pretty much for the same reasons as the Kardashins except for the O.J. part.

Star Jones. Just thought I'd throw her in after watching Celebrity Apprentice. She's a pushy bully. Did you see when she was fired? She looked like she was going to cry, like she was the Golden Girl and Trump would never fire her. I'd much rather hang out with NeNe Leeks than Miss Gotta-Stick-Up-My-Butt Jones. Remember when she lost all that weight and didn't tell anyone she had the Gastic Bypass surgery until much later? I see nothing wrong with having the surgery but to let people think you worked your ass off by dieting is deceitful.

Pitt and Jolie. Kind of Love/Hate thing here. I do love Brad Pitt as an actor, but as a couple, they bore me. Yea so they do lots of good things and have adopted 143 children. But so what? Why do we need to know everything they do and everywhere they go. Just not interested.

Tom and Katie. No Love thing here. Same boring couple. Suri and the Pitt brood  must be the most photographed kids in the world. And why? Suri seems to be more spoiled than the Pitt kiddo's by allowing her to own every princess dress in the world.

Well, I'm sure there's more but I better stop now or you will all think I don't like anybody. Maybe another day I will list everybody I love.

So I guess we all got our Hate On, whether it be Oprah or someone else.


Grumpy said…
I'm with you on all of them. One day you will realize that Oprah is the Devil.
fernvalley01 said…
Very tired of people who are famous , just for being famous
bill said…
Never cared for Oprah, not sure why. Think it's her 'everything's abut Me attitude.'
D. Duplessis said…
Great list of folks to hate!

Don't even get me started on the Kardashian's...what a waste of space.

Can we add Rachel Ray to the list, please?
kden said…
No David, you may not! I love perky little Rachel. Usually perky bugs the hell outta me but I like it on Rachel.
Grumpy said…
Rachel Ray stays off the list. I like her perkiness.
D. Duplessis said…
Oh man, you're no fun! :-)

I'd like to see perky little Rachel cooked over an open flame and served in one of her flippin' "stoups"

kden said…
I think we should have a Grumpy Smackdown.
Breathe said…
Like Oprah, but I don't even know who most of the others are.

Thank god.

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