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Some Things Never Change, Others Do Drastically

Well, another Christmas is tucked under our belt. It was pleasant, although much smaller. We knew my older brother and his wife would not be there, but because of the snow, the passes were closed and my younger brother and his wife couldn't make it. So it was just us 3, my mom, and my nephew and his wife from Portland. No gifts to exchange so we just had a nice dinner and sat around and chatted. Getting home earlier was nice too.

Christmas morning was a lazy affair. Coffee first, then watched The Kid open her 15 or so gifts. Every year I say I'm going to cut down but seem to do even more. We got a lot of things for her car--college logo spare tire cover,  steering wheel lock, and a battery operated clock/temp gauge because her clock doesn't work.

No fancy dinner, we felt like having pressure cooker mac n cheese. It was great. I'll do a nice ham for New Year's day. New Year's Eve will be us 3 more than likely eating junk food and maybe staying up 'till midni…

Would You Believe.....

....that after suffering through my virus for 2 1/2 weeks, I caught a cold? The day I felt the best, had lots of energy, and got a lot done for my Mom....and by that evening I got a sore throat. Another week and-a-half of that bull I was finally on the mend. My Mom made me stay away again and I told her I was tired of feeling like a Leper. My poor kid was still coughing after 3 weeks and she injured her ribs so I ended up taking her to the doctor just to make sure it wasn't serious. Time and Advil is all that can be done. Enough is enough I say!

....that I got two flat tires within a month? A nail and a screw in two different tires. I haven't had a flat tire in well over 5 years...then BOOM! 84 year old Mom was convinced to buy herself a new iPad? She bought the original one 5
years ago and the browser is crashing and can't be updated anymore. I told her a new one was the only solution. She went with the Air and ordered it online with my help. I brought it home wit…

Pallet Christmas Tree

I found this picture over a year ago and thought it would be very cool to make one. It was too late to make it last Winter so I started early this time. Hubby knew where some pallets were at the airport so we were able to grab two of them this summer.

They sat in the patio for a couple months until I got around to putting a light whitewash on them. We had the perfect split log for the stump and Hubby cut it with a hand saw so I could use it for both pallets. After I gave him a new drill/screwdriver for his birthday he was able to make short order of attaching them to the bottom.

Now for the shopping, it was actually the hardest part. Since it was intended to put these outside I didn't want to use anything nice or new. The Kid and I hit one yard sale and found most of everything I wanted for our pallet. I wanted to go with blue lights and blue/silver ornaments, so we were pretty set there after that trip. Finding the wired garland was hard too, it doesn't seem to be made much …

Living With A Senior Citizen

No, I'm not talking about my Husband. Although he did turn 69 last month, yikes!

I'm talking about our Sweet Nellie who challenges us everyday with her ongoing aging process. Hubby and I finally got her to the Vet regarding her bed wetting. We went during his split and he sat in the back with her so she could stubbornly stand but not fall down. She didn't care much for me lifting her up into and down from our van. I tried to let her jump in herself but she fell short and I ended up lifting her anyway.

It was kind of a good news/bad news appointment. After our Vet followed her around outside to catch some pee, initial tests showed no infection but blood in the urine. After poking and prodding she suggested an x-ray because she thought she felt a stone in her bladder. Good news, no stone, only full of poop. She thought she saw something in the x-ray but since she isn't trained in Radiology she had to send it off. It was an agonizing weekend.

His finding was nothing but p…