Miracles Everywhere Today

The biggest miracle of all today is that we're not dead, and Harold Camping is not talking, yet. But I'm sure that he'll come up with some reason why it didn't go down like he said it would.

We went to see the play 'The Miracle Worker', directed by Patty Duke herself. Yea, that one. She lives just a hop, skip, and a jump across the Idaho border and she directed a great cast for this play. We watched the original movie last week just to refresh our memories. I think it was followed word for word. The little girl that played Helen was awesome and about half way into the play our daughter realized that they had taken the same sewing class last summer. After the play the cast was in the reception area giving autographs so F stopped by to say hi and ask if she remembered her. I was surprised by her shyness considering the acting ability she has, but she flashed a smile and said she did remember. I wish I had been smart enough to ask for a picture of her and F, but oh well.

The show before the show was almost just as entertaining. I've never been to this particular theatre and it's an old building. When you get in the door you have to climb some stairs to get to the stage area. It's a small venue, with only 253 seats hugging the stage in a large U shape. But they are confusing and when all of the ushers range in their 70's (as well as most of the attendees) tensions were high as people couldn't find their seats and arguing that She was in Her seat. The best part was when my husband went to use the restroom during first intermission. When he came back, he was standing on the opposite corner of the stage looking up in the wrong direction for us. F and I were laughing at Mr. Doofus looking like a lost little boy. I mean really, how can you get lost in a room, not much bigger than your living room?

We almost didn't even make it there though because I'm not very smart and we went to the wrong theatre. Two theatres are on the same street but many blocks apart. At least we had an old phone book in the car and I looked up the address. Good thing we left early. Then we realize that we have to drive through downtown, on Parade Day. We wind our way through the streets dodging people and cars and looking for empty parking spaces. I refuse to park in a lot that charges 10 bucks for 'events'. We finally found a spot and realized that we still have to plug the meter. We all dug around for change and came up with 85 cents. Shoving it in the slot, it bought us a little over an hour. Not nearly enough time, but we walked away and hoped for the best. No ticket when we got back--Miracle!

Now it was time to get out of Parade Town. It was now 5:00 pm and the streets were starting to close and fill up with chairs, vendors, and crazy children waiting for the flying candy. With a quick left here and a zippy right there we were finally on our way home, and we didn't end up as part of the parade--Miracle!


I was at a BBQ last night and sadly I forgot that the world was ending. How did it go?
Grumpy said…
I think the world ended before the parade.
kden said…
Hub, it was a fine day; for the end of the world.
Grumpy, funny thing is, I had a dream last night that you died. Not a premonition though I'm sure.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Just dropping by to see which of my bloggy friends had ascended. The internet connection up here in Heaven is CRAP. Dial-up. Ugh.

(Haven't seen Camping yet.)

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