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Will She Or Won't She?

I know the deep burning question you must have about whether I will continue my blog or not, "Will she, or won't she?" Really, don't we just all live to see what Kden is up to?

Truth is, I don't have any more of a clear answer than I did months ago. So what's a Kden to do?

On one hand I feel stale, stagnant, boring, and possibly repetitive.

On the other hand I would miss the few of you kind fellow bloggers that do continue to comment. Is my real life so sad that I enjoy and depend on far away people? Maybe so, but you have all become very dear to me and I'm not sure if I'm willing to give that up.

So for now I will continue. I can't promise I will write anything exciting, interesting, or remotely funny. So, pretty much like it always has been.

But I will continue....

End Of Year Search

I despise the end of year hunt for all things important. Mostly paperwork for financial aid, health insurance application, and then the dreaded taxes. Not directly related, but I file all of my bills at the end of the year too.

I've been doing this ever since my husband and I have been married, 31 years!! Also add to that about 20 years of business papers too. It's very time intensive and I've gotten kind of sloppy the last couple of years. I stack all bills in a pile on the table after they're paid and then file (sometimes) during the year. Things have been getting away from me though so I enlisted my husband for help. He helped organize per date and type of bill, then we took them downstairs to put them away. I had put some away early in the year but couldn't find them. What is usually a pain had now become a bigger pain. I took this opportunity to let my husband know how long I have been doing this and he didn't even have a clue. He then offered to take over…

Brain Dead

I think my brain and body have parted ways. We are just not meshing anymore. I can't remember shit and can find even less than that. Find, as in stuff I know I put somewhere but don't remember where.

Yesterday I was looking for 3 of the glass serving trays I made last year for Christmas. I know they're fragile and wouldn't just put them anywhere. Before work I did a quick search but came up empty. Almost empty that is. I ran across a bag with something purple and fuzzy in it and knew I didn't buy it. I suspected it was something my husband bought for me and forgot about.

Me: I'm looking for those serving plates I made last year, do you know where I might have put them?

Him: What do they look like? I don't remember them.

Me: How could you not remember them? I made them for everyone last year! They're made from vases and Christmas plates. Oh............did you get all your gifts wrapped yesterday.

Him: Yep, all done!

Me: Well I found something purple and f…

So, What's New?

Not a whole heck of a lot around here. Well, nothing exciting anyway. Turkey Day was OK, just OK. I cooked the usual big dinner and I was doing good all day knowing The Kid would be having dinner with her bf's family. But as we sat down to an undressed table eating off of plastic plates, it kind of got to me and I was pissy and mopey the rest of the night.

But she was home the next day, we put our tree up Saturday and then took leftovers to my Mom and had a great dinner. The Kid said she was glad she had the experience of eating with his family but she likes my boxed stuffing better than the homemade dry stuff, ha. They also smoke a turkey which is good, but I (and she) prefer the traditional one. That made my day!! She's excited for Christmas although I don't know if she will spend her entire break home or not. She has decided to live off campus next school year with him so who knows what the summer or next year will bring. She seems to be less obsessed with the relations…