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The S.L.U.T.'s Are Back!

Do you remember three years ago when I went to my first S.L.U.T. get together? After a long wait, we finally gathered again. The year after that was just a class reunion and there was no party last year so I was really excited for this one.

Most of the others get there on Thursday or Friday but I didn't arrive until Saturday. They had already done their boating, tubing, and drinking, so by Saturday we're mostly sitting around. It had cooled some so the weather was pretty decent.

We did take a short boat ride but mostly just enjoyed the surroundings and gabbing away.

I enjoyed watching the 15 or so Hummingbirds buzzing around all day long. It's kind of noisy when you get that many together.

Barb got dressed before I did and I laughed when I saw her shirt. I had brought the same one; the ones we bought in Dutch.

I admit it wasn't as fun as the first year I went and at times I was bored. I'm not really sure I will go next year, considering Pam did not even know I was …

Some DON'T Like It Hot

Out of all the world events I could write about, I am just going to talk about myself.......again.

I hate hot weather; despise it. It makes me crankier than anything, and that's saying a lot. I hibernate in my cool house only running outside to move a sprinkler. I plan all of my activities for early morning so I can stay in during the hottest part of the day. It's not even the hottest in the nation here in Spokane, and it's even a dry heat, but still.....

At least in the winter I can get warm. In the summer I never seem to be cool. I don't sweat much but when I do, I think it's the grossest thing ever. I sleep in the basement, with a fan on.

Our recent long weekend out of town was 'fun limited' due to the heat. We had planned to do some hiking in an are we had been about 15 years ago. At the time I didn't know the whole hike was 6 miles and since the kid was quite little, we probably didn't get far. So this time we at least wanted to attempt the who…

The Games People Play

I am in so deep with the biggest time sucker ever. My Kindle. It has become my pacifier. I take it with me when I leave the house. When I'm home, it's in my hands. I sleep with it. Well, not with it but I take it to bed with me. Notto bed but on my nightstand where I play the best little app to put me to sleep. It has not been turned off for months. Before I actually go to sleep I sometimes listen to a police scanner and play a game or two of solitaire. I check the free apps everyday and have got most of my games that way.

A friend of mine got me started on Words With Friends. The only thing I knew about it was that it got Alec
Baldwin kicked off a plane. I've played everyday since; losing mostly but it's still fun. Right now I'm playing a nice woman in Texas and my friend in Colorado and a few others. I even got my daughter started; I am a bad mother.

Where my Mom lives, they have free wifi at the office but her house is just a little too far away for me to keep…

Win Some Lose Some

Our summer bucket list is moving along, some things are better than others.

We've seen quite a few movies so far, more than we ever have in a summer. We go to either a theater or catch up with ones we've always wanted to see on RedBox.

Black light mini-golf is fun, especially when you wear white clothes. But don't do it if your claustrophobic, it can tend to make you feel closed in and a little panicky.

We took a trip to a gun club to try some trap shooting but apparently I don't know how to decipher a web site. It said that new shooters should come when an instructor is available. But apparently they meant, call and make an appointment because instructors are not always working. It would have been nice to know that bit of info before we drove 45 minutes to get there. And although they only charge 6 bucks per round of shooting, the website fails to say what they tack on for renting of gun, goggles, and the price of the shot gun shells. Oh, and the instructor charges 20…

With Honors

I thought I better get around to posting a picture of my daughter's graduation. This is a professional picture taken by a studio. I'm glad we got at least one good one.

After the ceremony it was so darn crowded and took so long for what little family that came, to find each other (truthfully, because my husband had to pee). After a few shots, my older brother and his wife said they had to go, and took off. My younger brother and his wife didn't come because it was hers as well as her Mother's 90th birthday and they were having a party. So it was just Hubby and I, youngest step-son, his Mom and fiance as well as my oldest brother and wife. We had a small lunch earlier in the day at the house with one other guest. I tried to make it the best I could for her and hope it was enough. So there were only a few pictures taken and only one with all three of us; I'm very sad about that. We may have to make her dress back up in her cap and gown to get more pictures in the bac…

Wurt The Furk?

I just love this picture! My Mom found it on her favorite Facebook page but was afraid to share it so I thought it should have a nice home here. It kind of summed up the day I was having.

Maybe it was the heat but every single thing just irritated the crap out of me. I don't deal with heat and having two days in a row hitting 100 I was melting from the inside out. My head hurts and I have a hard time walking from point A to B.

First thing in the morning we realize our land line phones are not working. Any call that comes in the ringer only rings about 1/2 a ring and then stops. If you're on the other end, all you hear is a busy signal. We could call out a little but it was full of static. Plus our dsl router needed to be reset several times that day. We waited it out a day but finally had to call for a repairman.

Less than an hour later I'm pulling into the grocery store lot to shop for my Mom and I want to pull in my favorite spot which has a tiny little tree for shade. …

I Saw My Johnny!!

Excuse me but I'm all giddy again because I had the pleasure of seeing and having my picture taken for the third time with my heartthrob.

I saw an announcement on FB that my FAVORITE Deadliest Catch Captain would be in Coeur d' Alene, ID one Saturday to sign his children's books. He wrote and illustrated them while he was laid up with broken ribs  last year after getting thrown off of a bull. It was during a car show, which I normally would avoid; but I would have walked over hot coals to get there. He does a lot of appearances in Coeur d' Alene because his Mom is from the area and he considers it his second home. And good for us, it's just a quick 45 minute drive across the border.

It took us awhile to find a place to park with the re-routed streets but we walked right to the store where he would be. We were 15 minutes early and there were only 2 girls ahead of in line. He was right on time which was kind of surprising. He was very relaxed and  happy to just chat…