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It's Good To Be Boss

Remember I was telling you about my younger brother who is the Manager of a stadium at a very well known college? He has to work all home games and occasionally will post a picture of all the crap that happens at a game.

Me thinks they sell a lot of alcohol. Good thing he can delegate.

He Jumps Through His Own Hoops

Hubby had two opportunities come up at the same time. One was for our local newspaper for who he worked for 30 years ago. He worked at the very end of production where workers put all the ads in the paper (and also where he received a hernia from all the lifting and twisting). He filled out an application and saw that his old supervisor still worked there. I can't even imagine how old he is now. Although it might have been a job in his comfort zone there were more things in the 'con' list. The night shift ran from 7 pm to 4 am. Downtown parking was a pain and you had to pay for it. Plus, imagine getting off work at 4 am and have to walk to get to your car. Downtown Spokane is not a place you really want to be at that time. I also think they worked weekends too.

He then saw a plea for school bus monitors which are assigned to the special needs buses. He was told there were routes available immediately! He fills out his app and then starts training. It went on for 5 days and…

POW/MIA Bracelets

Did anybody else wear these bracelets in the 70's? I wore one in high school and can still remember his name. For me to remember someone's name from 40 years ago, the experience must have made an impression on me. It may have been a school project I'm not sure, but I do remember writing his family in Hawaii. I don't have the bracelet anymore but I wish I did. After I was finished wearing it, I know I flattened it out and probably used it for a book mark for awhile. But from there I have no idea what happened to it. I got curious and did an online search for him one night, a luxury that was not available back then. Apparently bracelets of the same name were wore by many people as I found this picture on Vietnam Vets Memorial Fund site.

Luther Lono was in the Marines and had the same birthday as mine, born in 1931. He was from Tacoma, Wa., but his family was from Hawaii. Both pilot Lono and his bombardier navigator (Patrick Curran) were sent on a recon mission over Laos…

Old Keys Reborn

Several months ago I saw a picture on FB of a new craft involving old keys. I'm always looking for new and different things and thought this was something I could do. You take old keys and add old costume jewelry and a chain and you've got a necklace. I found some old keys but didn't have any jewelry so I ordered a big assorted box from eBay. Oh my, what fun going through all of them. I took the box to my Moms and we spent hours pawing through it.

I set up a card table in the Kid's room to keep the mess off of the dining room table. Yes that worked but many days I have trouble just going in there so I'm not really creating as much as I would like. It's fun finding the jewelry to glue on the key but the hard part is finding the right sized jump rings or bails and then a chain. I've already run out of chain that came with the box of goodies, so had to buy some. They have used ball chain but I haven't looked into that yet. I don't want this turning int…