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Old Things

When we were cleaning out our basement this summer, I found a box filled with stuffed animals that were given to our daughter when she was real young. We only gave her a few and put the rest in a box. But in that same box were some old things of mine that I had forgotten about.

This old thing was probably the first and only musical toy I had. It might be a bear, but really how could you tell? I loved opening up the back to pull the music box out and watch it work. It still plays music but very S L O W L Y.

This ugly thing is at least 62 years old. My cousin had one and my older brother fell in love with it when he was about 2. My Grandma searched around and bought one almost identical for him. Eventually our cousin had tired of her monkey so we ended up with both. One sat too close to a heater and burned the back of it's head. My Mom repaired it by sewing a baseball cap on but it eventually went bye-bye. The Kid even played with it when she was young but she called it Bucky becaus…

The Sad And Strange

My sister-in-law had her surgery last week, the doctor said they fixed all of the prior surgeries....whatever that means.

Her daughter got the results from her scan, and yes indeed the cancer is also in her brain. Three lesions in all with the largest at 13 cm (about 5 inches) Holy Shit is all I can say. Treatment has been mostly laid out but she will be seeking a second opinion.

You may have heard of the most recent school shooting in the country. It was a high school about 40 miles from our city. One boy dead, 3 injured. The shooter claims he was bullied. The boy that was killed was thought to be one of the bullies. Although the shooter said he wasn't targeting anyone in particular he wanted to teach everyone a lesson about school bullying. There were signs this could happen. He had been in school counseling, he had left a suicide note for his parents a week prior. He had passed around notes at school warning them of something big coming down. Some students told officials. Nobod…

The Sun Always Returns

We didn't have any dogs last week, which was just as well as we were smoked in. Almost two years to the day we were again covered in choking smoke; but not quite as bad as then. We flirted with a 302 (hazardous level) briefly before settling into the 250-270 range. I wish we could trade other states for some water. Such destruction all around.

The garden still needed picking though, so The Kid and I went out and moved fast to gather what we could. I think we made quite a haul!

By yesterday we were able to open the doors for fresh air and put clothes on the line to dry. The Kid and I also took a walk above the river and enjoyed the day. All too often we take the little things for granted and I realized how lucky we are to live in the Pacific Northwest.

No Middle Of The Road

Sometimes in life there is either too much or not enough of a good thing. We all know the perils of too much water in Texas while we (and other areas) sit for months without a drop of rain, surrounded by wildfires. Switch lanes to avoid hazards.
Our garden has gone nuts over-producing. It started right before we went on vacation. You can't tell you garden to hold off while your gone; it just keeps right on going. We have given a lot to a nearby church to distribute to the community. We found out that our main food bank does not bother with small garden fare, only large truckloads. We've been drying tomatoes like crazy and made sauce over the weekend. I'm using recipes that make use of cucumbers and zucchini. Everyone who picks up their dog, gets vegetables snuck into their bags. Speed up to keep up with the flow.
The couple that had me sit for them when I first started, has called on me again for two separate gigs. One of them is 20 days long. They actually planned their …