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My Husband's heart cath went very well. I especially enjoyed seeing him doped up :) His arteries were clean and no heart disease was found, and no stent was necessary. So again, back to the PA tomorrow to see what, or if another step is even necessary. They might want to look at the heart's electrical system to find out where it is mis-firing. Interesting stuff. After we left the hospital, we went out for lunch and then home for a much needed nap. Overall we were pretty happy with the outcome of the day. Cool!

Ever since my Mom spent time in the hospital and then a rehab center a full year ago she has been appealing to her insurance company to pay for her rehab stay. She had to pay for it herself to be admitted because Group Health denied it before she even got there. She didn't want the hassle of an appeal but I basically did all of the work writing the letter. It was denied once because of a date mix up, so we tried again. She wanted to quit then but with the insistence …

Next Step

My Husband got a call from his Cardiologist with the results of his Holter Monitor. He said Hubby had 522 occurrences of extra beats during that 48 hours. He HIGHLY suggested that he does not wait until summer to have a heart catheterization done. Last week we went to the heart institute to talk to a PA and to schedule the procedure.

We got a lot more information from the PA (as usual) who fully explained what is going on. Hubby has Ventricular Tachycardia, which means the lower half of the heart has episodes of rapid beating often in the hundreds at a time. This is life threatening. At anytime, it could go into fibrillation, which can cause instant death ( I looked that part up myself). OK, he got our attention.

Tomorrow we will head back to the heart institute at the freaking hour of 5:30 am, so he can have the catheterization done. More than likely it will just be a diagnostic test to find out why this is happening. If it's a simple fix and a stent will work, that will take pla…

99.9% Sure

Instead of agonizing and stressing over whether or not to go to my 40th class reunion in June, I have decided not to. I am leaving the .1% open just in case my mind and all other elements align in the universe.

I grew up in a small town only 75 miles away from where I live now. There were only 50 in our graduating class. Many of them still live there and have remained friends. Even some that live in my city stay friends with the core group. I have done neither. I had hoped that taking my childhood friend Barb to Alaska would rekindle some old friendships but it hasn't. I am FB friends with many, but still there is no connection or conversation. I feel more connected to my non-hometown FB friends and you blogger friends.

My reasoning for not going is simple. I don't know these people...and they don't know me. I am uncomfortable with small talk, trying to chat about things we never did together. Maybe we shared a glue bottle in the first grade or a beer at a kegger in high s…


Some days Mothers just know how to push buttons. Especially mine. While at the store last Monday, they had Easter candy on sale. I bought my Mom a bag of dark chocolates and two different bags for us. When I showed them to her, she said "That's not on your diet is it?", followed by "I don't think you're taking this very seriously?"

So here we have an 84 year old woman chastising her 57 year old daughter on her non-diabetic choices of food. I basically told her I don't have a plan, I'm just doing the best I can. My insurance won't pay for a dietician because I'm not technically a diabetic. She's not at home with me watching what I cook, she's not walking with me. I was pissed all day. I took a 2 hour diabetic education class/store walk through at our local Safeway store on Saturday and didn't get a whole lot out of it. I maybe learned 10% more than I already knew and am doing anyway. They were also offering A1C tests and I figu…