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And The Beat Goes On

My Husband was finally put on a permanent route for his job. He had been with the driver before, so at least knew who he was. The bus is a mix of Behavioral kids and HEART (homeless/displaced) students. He said it's a pretty good route made easier by no wheelchairs or kids to strap in (some behavioral kids need to be strapped to the seat). The driver actually drives him more crazy than the kids. But, he gets his break during the day (nap time) and is home by 6 for dinner. I am a little worried about summer though with no pay check for 3 months. But for now things are good.

All of our year end paperwork is now done! Got insurance, FAFSA filed and just waiting for financial aid package, and taxes done.  Now I get about 9 months rest before it starts all over again.

I got my 2014 blog book printed and my Husband read it and wanted more. So I dug out the box and let him start from the beginning, 2008. He's loving them, even the posts about him! He gets my sarcastic humor even whe…

How Did He Pull That One Off?

Ever since my 'Bama Boy' neighbor got arrested last summer and charged with assault with a deadly weapon after a road range incident, I have been waiting for his court date. If you know where to go, you can search the court system. You can only see dockets or court summaries, not the actual court records.

I watched for over 10 months as his date was moved back and back again. I suppose that's a normal thing in the court system. But when I saw the last trial date for Feb 2nd, I kept watching for it to be moved back again. As it got closer the date never changed and it was almost like waiting for Christmas!

But 2 business days before the trial date the last entry was "Order Of Dismissal Of Total Charges". How in the heck does that work? He pulls a knife on someone and then gets all charges dropped? I felt like the puppy I had asked for on Christmas morning had been killed.

Last Fall he and my Husband were talking and he told him about it. Maybe not as much as we al…

Double Trouble

A few weeks ago one of My Lady's caregivers had to go out of town to take care of her own mother after surgery. Plus another girl quit to go to another job. So that left 3 of us to cover roughly 168 hours of care. We had to do our own shifts plus pick up the slack for the other two missing girls.

I'm the one that works the least hours and I'm happy with that. I've have had to deal with the most (I'm also the oldest). They were all hired to work around my schedule. But I still wanted to step up, pull my share, and pick up some more hours. I volunteered to do double shifts on Monday and Wednesday, 12 hours instead of 6.

Although she is doing better mentally, it is still a long day. After my normal 6 hours I was doing good but then I started getting tired, and damn bored. Sitting at the table chatting for 6-8 hours is so hard. I would get up and do things from time to time just to peel my butt off the chair and cut the roots that had grown into it. After dinner I star…

What Do They Want?

I've been filling out job applications for awhile now. Some are paper, but most are done online anymore. Some are pretty straightforward and although monotonousness, it's pretty easy.

There is one company however, that other than the usual experience/reference questions, has about 10 pages of what they call 'assessment questions', I call it profiling. You can only apply to Hastings every 30 days for each position so I'm applying to 2 different jobs, offset at 2 week intervals. Thankfully my computer saves all of my info regarding everything except the profiling questions. I spend about 20 minutes on those and I find my answers change with my mood. This is just a small sample of what they're asking but I wish I had taken more screen shots. It just seems so ridiculous and I try to answer how they want me to. One time I'll say one thing and next I think maybe they want me to say this or that. I mean really, it's just Hastings, not a CEO job for Donald Trum…

Who Really Cares?

I'm not sure when it got started, the No Make-up selfies by actresses, but I wonder why? And who really cares?

More recently it's been used to raise breast cancer awareness and has raised a lot of money. But what I have a problem with is that stars post their no make-up pictures and say how empowered and liberated they feel; which makes me think...that they think they are special and should be recognized for being so 'brave'.

I wear makeup about 75% of the time. Many years ago I wouldn't even think about leaving the house without it. I was so vain because I had the most gorgeous long eyelashes and would separate them with a needle while putting on mascara. One too many pokes in the eye stopped that in a hurry.

I know I look better with it but on most of my days off and weekends I go without unless we're going somewhere special. I do like to look nice but if someone I know is not really going to see me, who cares? One day I wore make-up to my dentist because it …