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Just Moving Along

Last week was pretty uneventful, thankfully. I took Max to the vet for a follow-up and he's doing fine. They still can't figure out what happened to him to cause it. I still blame his brother.

The family watched Miss Kirby Sue for just one night. She's a 9 year old Tibetan Spaniel and her owners got her from Craigslist about a year ago. I'm glad it turned out for them; some animals probably don't fare as well. I went home to see her picked up by her parents. They were real happy and said they would use us again. We get to meet our first Doberman tomorrow for a possible stay in January. Tori is owned by a woman from church who reached out through FB. I remember when Dobies were thought of like Pitties are now. And we will have Winnie back with us through Christmas. We're halfway through the busiest time of the year and haven't cracked yet!

I got home yesterday from my loooonnnnggg sitting job. I was bragging because I hadn't had to shovel any snow while …

Boom And Meow

Last Monday afternoon when I got back to my sitting job from a day at my Mom's, I looked at this guy Max's face and though he looked funny but couldn't figure out why. He recently had a blocked pp and was put strictly on canned food so he has lost weight. But still his face bugged me.....

I didn't sleep well and knowing his parents are out of the country and most of the time unreachable. I was pretty much on my own for any decision I make. The next morning I called his vet and they got me in pretty quickly. He had facial swelling and a lump under his chin. I blamed the other cat who is mean and probably swatted him. I had to leave him so they could get in there and take a look. I left a message for his owner and he was able to call me back and then called the vet for info.

When I picked him up in the afternoon, they were mystified because there was just fluid, no infection or cancer present. He was given an antibiotic and some steroids. I'll have to take him back t…

Here and There

Last week didn't turn out as crazy as it was going to be. One meeting was cancelled, the concert was cancelled,  and I cancelled my dentist appointment. It took 8 full weeks for the first phase of my implant to finally feel OK. I was really second guessing that decision.

Now I'm 5 days into my 21 day sitting job away from home. At least I'll get some good walking in. I've lost 10 lbs. since I was here last, that gave me a good head start. Sasha remembers me for 2 walks a day and playing out in the yard. She remembers so well, that she was barking at 2:30 one morning to go play. Oh no little girl, I am the boss here. 

Now that most of the trees have been leveled for more homes, I can actually see the planes take off/land; they are that close to the airport. And I can hear them too, all day and night, big and small. Thankfully I have earplugs for bed. And at least before the houses are built, there are some beautiful sunsets.

The morning after I left, We had t…