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She Can't Run Because She Doesn't

Those were the parting words the Pediatric Cardiologist gave me as my daughter and I left the Dr's office today.

Let me back up the truck a little. Over a month ago I took my daughter to our doctor because her feet hurt. She has fairly flat feet and our doctor suggested arch supports for her shoes. As we talked more, the doctor asked what kind of activities that my daughter does. I said she doesn't do sports and running causes her to feel sick. Then I told the doctor that she was born with a slight heart murmur and all doctors just seem to gloss that over. And also my Dad was born with an enlarged heart and had several heart attacks in his life and died at age 54. So she took a listen and thought that her beat was a little fast and irregular. OK, so now we have gone from sore feet to talking about Pediatric Cardiologists. I really do like our doctor but she is a bit on the over-cautious side.

It took a long time to get the referral from her insurance company but thankfully, sh…

And God Cried

I don't usually write about religion; or politics for that matter. But recent events in our community made me kind of have to bring it up in order to write about it. I wouldn't call myself a religious person but more a spiritual one. I do believe in God. A God that is loving, not one that is hateful or one to be afraid of.

Supporters of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas came through our area a few days ago to protest at various schools and colleges.

They visited schools toting their hateful signs of what they believe God to hate. I can't even repeat what their signs say, it's just too sickening. The church is led by Rev. Fred Phelps and his congregation consists of his children, grandchildren and in-laws. They started their anti-gay preaching in Topeka and then took his hateful messages across the country. They are known to picket soldiers' funerals and target homosexuals, Jews, gays, Blacks and the United States . They believe that "God's hat…

An Award? Why THANK YOU!

It's been a couple of years since I've been given an award. This one was given to me by one of my favorite bloggers. Who am I kidding, all of the blogs I read are my favorite, but EthelMae is probably the one I have been reading the longest. She gave me this Versatile Blog Award, but it comes with certain responsibilities.
I must reveal 8 things about me that possibly you do not know. My life is so un-interesting you may only get 5. Since I have done this already I may repeat something but chances are those that read my blog now, didn't then, so all this will be new to you. And then I'm supposed to pass this award along to 10 other bloggers. Truthfully I don't even read 10 blogs full time so what I'm going to do is just let anyone who wants to play along, to grab the award and do the same. OK, here goes.

1. Do you remember a little movie with Madonna and Mathew Modine titled Vision Quest, in 1985? Did you see me way in the back in the bar scene? Well nobody else…

The Bathroom Fan That Wasn't

Have you ever wanted to do one little thing in your home to update but before you do that ONE THING you have to do several things to get to that point?

I have painted almost every room in our house and felt like the bathroom should be next. I'm not sure if I really am able to do it myself due to my Vertigo but I still wanted to have it done. Because there is no fan in the bathroom, moisture is a problem so I was planning on using anti-mildew paint.

My husband and I figured if we were going to go that far maybe we should get a fan installed. Hot showers over the years has caused pain to peel right outside the door and a fan would surely remedy that. We called a contractor first and we really liked him and the price was right on his end. Then we brought in an electrician to give us a bid for his part. The total package would come to a little under a thousand bucks. I thought it was a little pricy but I am a known cheapskate. We decided to go ahead and picked the dates anyway.

The co…

Rita Abandoned Me

I loved Rita. She understood me. She's older than me but we were a lot alike. Yes, I mean crabby. That's why she understood me. She did what I asked and I always went back for more. Rita had been my hairdresser for over two years, and she left me. She retired.

We had conversations about Social Security. She had applied for early retirement this Spring so when I saw her last I asked her if she had received her first check yet. She said it would come in October. I assumed she would still work while collecting, it seems like a no-brainer to me. But she didn't, she left.

I'm happy for her because I know she was getting burnt out but I saw her last about 5 weeks ago. It bugs me that she didn't warn me that it was something she was thinking about, then I could have been better prepared. I don't think men have the same feeling about who cuts their hair but women can be very loyal. It's almost like a death when you have to switch to someone new. With Rita, I didn&…

I Can't Leave Him Alone For 5 Minutes

Husbands. They are very similar to children. You just can't leave them alone for long. This is going to be a good one, I guarantee.

My daughter used to volunteer at the local animal shelter. Although she only went once a week, and then cut back to every other week, she volunteered for four years. She only worked with the kitties because she was under 16 and would have had to have either me or her dad with her in order to volunteer. But the woman that worked with the kitties took her under her wing and as long as she was there our daughter didn't have to have one of her parents along.

But with a bigger homework load and I suppose burnout she wanted to give it up. We hadn't been there in awhile and they were having a big book sale last Sunday so we decided to go visit and buy some books. I stayed in the car while my husband and daughter went in because the books were in a big barn on the property. I love kitties, too much, and it's too hard for me to go look at them. The…