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Second Day Blues

I've noticed something funny that happens to dogs when they come to stay. Day one they are anxious and stressed even if they don't really act like it. Some whine, pace, bark, or keep their distance which is totally understandable. Many times too, that's when a new dog will pee inside. Sigh.

But by day two, their true personality starts to come out. Sometimes it's a good thing as they are becoming more comfortable and playful. But most times, they behave like bad toddlers.

First case in point. This is Winnie, she's just so cute isn't she? She's a 3 year old Lhasa Apso. Her family has only had her for about 2 months and said that in the evening she becomes cranky and demanding, kind of like an older person with 'Sun-downers'. We didn't see that although she did keep to herself kind of by the legs of the dining room table. She wasn't interested in joining the family or sitting on a lap. But by day two she became the 'sneaky one', and ver…

What's The Haps?

A lot of things going on for the Mozzarella family this month. Firstly, The Kid turned 22 on the 1st. She had a pretty exciting day. For any of you that like Zombie shows (not me), Z Nation is filmed here in Spokane, and they are currently filming season 4. We have a neighbor who does set building for North By Northwest film productions and is currently working on Z Nation. My husband asked if they could get a tour of one of the places they film at, and he took them personally. They do some filming at a local museum which they had already seen, and another location is an abandoned Kaiser Aluminum plant. They got to tour mostly behind the scenes places, saw some people getting makeup, trailers of the stars and the catering truck, ha. She didn't get any pictures, although I would have taken some. They didn't get to see any filming but she enjoyed it anyway. That night we made fish tacos and homemade ice cream to go with cake.

On the 16th we will be heading out for vacation. I ho…