Off to Twilight Land

If we're lucky, we are already on the road to Forks, Washington. Forks is a real town portrayed in the famous Twilight books and movies. The movie wasn't even filmed there but many things were used in the town to tell the story of Bella, Edward and Jacob. The area has basically made up locations to match what the author describes in her books. Homes have signs on them declaring they are the Cullen's home and restaurants name food after the characters. Old timers don't like all the new attention their little logging town has been getting but no doubt that it has brought millions of tourist dollars into the area. Tours are abundant but I've read quite expensive. I'm sure we'll be able to find some self guided tours which will work just fine.

I've never even read the books or seen the movies but my daughter has. I wouldn't say she's gaga over the whole Twilight thing but will be pretty stoked to be there. We've kept this vacation a secret from her since early spring when we made reservations. We're staying at a resort closer to LaPush that before the Twilight fame, was used for fishing groups. We like cabins (as long as they are stocked with all amenities of home) so it should be fun. The only real hints I have given her is to bring warmer clothes and bring lots of money. I'm sure not paying for any touristy crap.                            

I'm looking forward to viewing all of the different waterfalls in the forest and the beaches which are more rugged and rocky, rather than sandy. If my feet don't fail me I'd like to do some mild hiking through the Hoh National Forest and hopefully get a shot like this.

So we've got cameras packed as well as our laptop and Verizon Broadband2Go. I even bought an inverter to power it up in the car. Remember those home amenities I talked about? I will report back on the broadband functionality when I get back.

Update: I pre-wrote this post a week before we left. In my haste I left one of the pictures on my desktop and her being the typical nosy teenager looked at it. It was titled FORKS, plain as day so I guess she didn't have a choice. I swore her to secrecy NOT to tell her dad. For one thing he would be disappointed because we have worked so hard to keep this secret. She admits we did a good job. And two, he would be mad at me for being so......can we say stupid. So he shall never know that she knows and now we have to keep a secret from him. Yikes, with all these secrets going on I hope we have a good time.


fernvalley01 said…
Looks like a wondeful place to go .I may be the only person in my family who knows absolutley zilch about Twighlight(they laugh at me about this) but the countryside would hook me in a moment
Grumpy said…
So her Dad, your husband, doesn't read your blog. Interesting. My wife doesn't read mine. Have a great time.
kden said…
No, he has trouble even turning on the computer. Everytime he goes downstairs to get on the computer, we know he's going to yell for one of us to help him.
ethelmaepotter! said…
Wow, I didn't even know there WAS a real Forks.

Way to keep a secret. I hope Hubs never finds out.

I'm one of the few who watch the Twilight movies and HATE them. The books were okay; I got caught up in the characters, but hated so much of it. I guess I'm just too old to fall victim to the angst of teenage love.

Anyway, it should be an amazing trip, so y'all have fun, and stay away from vampires and werewolves!

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