It Pays To Shop Early

Typical Thursday, go shopping at the same store at approximately the same time (8:30 am). I know it sounds mundane but that worked in my favor today.

As I walked in, some guy was setting up a tent type thing depicting a local country radio station. I don't like country music much so didn't pay much attention. They were having some kind of a seafood sale and thought after I was finished with the usual groceries I would swing through to see what they had. On my way back to the seafood, I saw a couple carrying t-shirts. I could have swore I saw the word Wizard on the t-shirt. There is only one Wizard I know and it's not from Harry Potter fame.

DEADLIEST CATCH!, I screamed in my head and as I came around the corner, Capt. Keith Colburn was right in front of me. And Shit, me without my phone. I stood there prancing like I had to pee and asked a cashier if I could use the phone. I called home and my daughter answered. I'm stammering and stuttering and told her who was at the store and I would be right there to pick her up. She was stammering and stuttering too and said she would be ready. I got in line to pay for my groceries and excitedly told the clerk the reason why I needed the phone. I asked him if he ever watched Deadliest Catch and he said no. Well crap, story wasted on him.

As I'm leaving the store Keith asks me, "What can I do for you ma'am?" I do NOT like being called ma'am but in this case I will make an exception. I said "I'm going home to get my daughter." He said to do that because he would like to meet her.

I speed home and bring Faith back. Thank God we only live five minutes away. She puts on her t-shirt that says I Love The Boys Of The Bering Sea and grabbed a sharpie and her camera. As we got there there were only a few people milling around, not a long line at all. He was just getting ready to do a little spot on the radio via phone so he holds out his wrist and tells Faith to take off his bracelet and wait for him. It's one of those rubber type bracelets that are everywhere and his said CrabWizard.

A crewman from the boat was also there (Paul) so he started signing t-shirts while we waited for Keith to come back. When he steps back behind the table he pulls out this folder and gives Faith a choice of pictures (of the crew) to pick from. Then he says, "Oh, just take them both" which he and Paul signs. I took pictures of them and he's asking her if the Wizard is her favorite boat. She said she has a favorite but she likes them all. He pressed her and asked her who her favorite was.

She said "Time Bandit." Gulp. Remember the fight between him and Johnathan on the first show?

He then signed the back of the shirt she was wearing and one they were giving out (sponsored by Henry Weinhards beer). Then she dangled the bracelet in front of him and said "what about this?" She really meant to ask if he wanted it back but he thought she wanted it signed too, which he did. She then got back in line to have Paul sign the back of her shirt.

I grabbed a couple of t-shirts for hubby and myself although did not get them signed. I felt we had bothered them enough so we went on our merry way giggling like a couple of school girls. Faith could get away with it. Me, I think I just looked like a dork.
So now all-in-all we've met Johnathan, Andy, and Keith. She now says it's her goal to meet them all one day. In September they're all going to be in Astoria, Oregon. We were there a few years ago but that trip is out of reach unless someone with a plane wants to fly us down for the weekend, ha. Otherwise we will just have to look for chance meetings. It can happen ya know!


fernvalley01 said…
No idea who theses guys are ,but yay for you and your daughter , you are obviously fans and how cool to meet them in person!
Grumpy said…
That is an incredible story, especially so since you didn't know they were going to be there. Acting like a dork in that situation is acceptable.
kden said…
Check it out sometime Fern. Discovery channel. The season is over for now but they often run marathons of past seasons. You will fall in love with the men of the Bering Sea too!
Claire King said…
kden, I can't fly you to Astoria but I am only a few hours from there. If you need a half way point, you got it!!!! From my thinking of where you live, me and Astoria...Let me know if you want personla info for a free night or two stay. CK
kden said…
You are soooooo sweet Claire! But with work and daughter being in school it would be an impossible trip anyway. But a girl can dream ;-)

It's a long drive too though, about 9-10 hours. We're over in Spokane.

I would sure love to meet you someday though. Do you ever get to Cannon Beach? That's our usual vacation destination but not this year.

My post tomorrow will tell all.

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