But He Asked Nicely......

The fruit loops are out in full force. An attorney who was in town to put his hat in the Congressional race to run against our current Republican, was assaulted in a downtown parking lot. When the cops came he told them that he had asked the man (who body slammed and threw him to the ground) if he wanted to perform a sex act on him. He deserved to be body slammed.

He was quite puzzled regarding the man's reaction. "I don't understand, I asked him nicely," he told police.

He was interviewed on the news and told the reporter that he couldn't comment on advice of counsel, and then told the whole story.

"The gentleman sort of made it look like he would go along with that sort of plan," he said. "What's done between two adults is a private act that's not anyone's business."

Well yea, that's true, but No means No, even in a McDonald's parking lot.

This guy has had brushes with the law before. He was once accused of forcing an inmate to disrobe and expose himself during an attorney-client meeting. The attorney claimed it was 'consensual'.

He has also been investigated by the Bar Association for claims of 'sexting' a young male client. He didn't see anything wrong with what he did.

Just last month he was arrested for DUI after wielding a knife at a ticket agent of a major airport. When his car was searched they found a marijuana pipe, a bag of marijuana and prescription pills for which he had no prescription.

The only ties he has to this area which makes him eligible to run for this district is a farm in an outlying town. But his claim of property ownership has not been substantiated as of yet.

Even after all of his run ins with the law he still things he has a chance at winning in November. “Of course I can win,” he said.

I doubt that he will even get past the primaries. I think he should be run out of town; all the way back to that fictitious farm he owns.


fernvalley01 said…
Oh for sh*ts sake!
ethelmaepotter! said…
This guy'll probably be president one day.

Good Lord, what an a#!*&?! Why are people like this even out on the street, much less running for office???!!! I have no problem with alternate sexualities, but to inflict ANY KIND of sexual offense, unwanted, in public, or in private is unforgivable.

Kinda makes our Basil Marceaux, gubernatorial candidate, look like he'd make a great governor.

Check him out here, if you haven't yet heard of him:
Grumpy said…
What would we bloggers do without nut cases like this? Can't write about our own lives every day.
kden said…
No kidding Grumpy, my like is way too boring to write about all the time.

Ethel, I will look at the video next time I'm hooked up to broadband.

Fern, great saying. I'll have to remember that one.

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