I Have Permission

My neighbor talked to me yesterday. Yea, that neighbor. The one that almost came to blows with me last summer because I complained about his barking dogs. This is the first time we have spoken since last year. There have been a few waves in the alley but that's it. I would go out of my way not to be in the backyard the same time he was in his.

But yesterday my daughter and I were picking beans and the dogs were barking at us. He came out and told them to shut up and then he asked us how our vacation was. Huh? How did he know? I sure didn't tell him. He gave us a suggestion that we get some timers for our lights while we're gone. I told him we had two of them but he said they should be set all over the house and at different intervals; that's what they do when away. Well yea, I guess but I thought two was enough.

When my husband was coming home for a dinner break he stopped to talk to them in the alley. Curtis said that we need to look out for each other and asked if we could keep an eye on his place this weekend because they were going away. He then told my husband that they had buried the hatchet about last year and they understand that their dogs are a problem.

I have to admit that things have been better. I think they adjusted their working schedules because I no longer get woke up every morning at 5:00 am. Usually once a week, but not everyday. And they keep the worst offender in the house if they're at home and pay more attention to the ongoing obnoxious barking and come out and stop it.

Then he told my husband that if we are bothered at anytime by the barking, we have permission to squirt the hose at them over the fence. I about choked on my salad.

So I officially have permission to do what I have been doing all along. Ain't life grand!


fernvalley01 said…
Time has that effect, I bet he realises you are better at shutting his dogs up than he has been. Good that you are back to good neighbors
Claire King said…
Cute post kden. Now the guilt can go away while hosing the dogs down. ck
Grumpy said…
Offer him some beans from your garden. The way to a man's heart and all. Be a good way to seal the truce.
kden said…
I love beans too much to share. Cukes maybe, but not my beans. I could eat them every night, fried in olive oil and garlic. One thing my husband taught me that I actually listened to.
bill said…
Fried beans?Fried green beans, shelled, unshelled? My, my, I thought I knew everything.
kden said…
Are you maybe thinking of peas Bill? I've never shelled beans before. I snap the beans, and either boil them or steam in the microwave until almost done. I don't like mushy beans. Drain well and add to pan with olive oil and lots of garlic. Let them brown a bit and soon you'll be in Heaven ;-)

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