Lasagna Garden Flourishes

Do you remember this Spring when I wrote about my lasagna garden? At the time we didn't have enough compostable material to make it as deep as needed to do any major planting.

So we decided just to plant a few cukes to see what would happen. Four plants in all came up along with one volunteer tomato from the compost itself.
We're taking over the world!
 We've got two regular cuke plants and two lemon cucumbers. They are just the cutest little things and pretty darn tasty too. They're even starting to climb up anything in its way. Maybe by the time summer is over we'll be sick of cucumbers but for now I'm looking up recipes and looking forward to trying some new things. Tomorrow night will be Smoked Salmon, cucumber, and pasta salad.
I'm not sure what we'll do next year in this space. But I'd rather just keep building it higher and use it for a little garden area. Just driving around I see so many more little garden spaces in peoples yards. They are taking advantage of any little space they have to grow a few fresh goodies.There is even one homeowner close by who has turned his large yard into a garden and named it God's Garden. He donates all of it to the food bank and different churches. And he has never gardened before. It's so beautiful and such an inspiration.

Other than this we have beans and zucchini and some experimental carrots. I say experimental because my husband keeps pulling them out so see if they're ready. There is nothing better than going out into your yard and picking something for dinner. So what's in YOUR garden this summer?


fernvalley01 said…
I am not much of a gardener , but I have some tomatoe planters and a "patio garden with chives ,sage a pepper and roma tomatoes,nice goodies and the farmers market is close by. Love your little garden and supper sounds yummy
ethelmaepotter! said…
Wow, that cucumber plant is absolutely gorgeous! Who says only flowers are decorative?

What a sweet, unselfish thing for your neighbor to do. Kudos to him.

My garden? What garden? We've officially given up on ever raising a healthy tomato or squash or even onion. I don't know why - I have THE most beautiful flowers, but my veggies always DIE - a horrible, painful, blackened, worm-eaten, withering death.
Grumpy said…
We've decided on a cash crop. If you get my drift.
kden said…
Grumpy-When I was in college I had one plant that was growing in a large metal garbage can. I called her Ethel. One day I was moving and had Ethel in the back seat of my car and ran out of gas. Scary times for me and Ethel when a cop stopped to help because I was blocking traffic. But we both made it and she lived a nice long life and sustained me for quite some time.

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