New Baby and Teenage Baby

I became a Grandma yesterday! My step-son and his wife had their boy. The poor little guy doesn't have a name yet. I guess they had too many to choose from, so  hopefully they will make up their mind today. It wouldn't be cool to go home with a name of Baby Boy Mozzarella. His dad is 6' 3" and his mom is taller than me, which isn't hard to be, so this was a big baby. More than likely we won't be able to see him until Christmas so pictures will just have to do for now .

And today is my daughter's 15th Birthday. Yes, we have both lived to see this day. I wrote about her extensively last year so I won't go into all of the mushy details on why I have the best daughter in the world.

So Happy Birthday to the newest member of the Mozzarella family and to my Dear Girl.♥


ethelmaepotter! said…
Many, many congratulations! What a cutie, and how cool that he and your daughter will be almosty exactly 15 years apart in age.

There is a story in my husband's family that some second cousin three times removed or some such was named "Baby" because on the day of her delivery, her parents couldn't decide what her name was to be. The midwife who delivered her wrote down Baby Girl whatever on the birth certificate, and the parents just always assumed that that would be her name!
Grumpy said…
Happy Birthday to both, and congratulations to the Grandparents.

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