Rock Towers

My caulking gun and I are at it again. But instead of glassware, this time it's rocks. I am not usually the one that brings home rocks from vacations. My husband and daughter always lug home rocks, little tiny ones to fill their pockets or large ones that they try to hide in the back of the van. They build up so much in the house that I eventually throw them out in the flower beds. I'm more of a seashell person, with my favorite being a complete sand-dollar. And we all know they are not easy to find.

But this time I was so intrigued by the rocks we saw at Rialto Beach, that I needed to get in on the act too. They are all round, smooth, and flat. The only exception is an oval shape, but still flat. We had a few large heavy duty bags in the van so my husband and I filled one with all sorts of sizes, enough for me to do something with. It was so heavy that he couldn't really pick it up, he had to drag it to the car. There was a Twilight Tour going on at the time and they were just standing there in his way in the only possible opening off of the beach. He finally had to say "Excuse me....." and just bust through. Crazy tour people.

I made 10 rock towers in all, in different styles and heights. My husband wanted one tall one but you need a large base to build on so that wouldn't work because none of the rock were over 6 inches in diameter. Plus, they're pretty heavy, even as small as they are. My mom suggested I spray them with a clear varnish to bring out the colors and make them look wet. I may just do that.

Now I just need to find room for all of them. We'll bring one into the house and put the rest in different flowerbeds and hopefully no one will think they're cool enough to steal.


fernvalley01 said…
Very cool! I love how everyone can look at something and see a different way to make it a work of art
Breathe said…
What a great idea - we have so many rocks left over from a trip we took years ago, and I can't bear to part with them. You've inspired me to do something with them!
Nezzy said…
I love 'em! There is something so very magical about them. I just want to sit, stare and go aaaahhhhmmmmmm!

God bless ya and have a fantastic Friday sweetie!!!
Claire King said…
Interesting use of rocks. They'd sell in tourist shops for some big bucks by tagging them with the name of the place they came from.
Grace to You said…
This post popped up in a google search for round flat rocks. I'm looking for a 4" round flat rock and am baffled that I can find no one selling these on the internet - I thought it was possible to find anything and everything for sale here. :) Anyway, I am writing to ask if you would be interested in selling me a 4" round flat rock? :) If so, please email me at slstaley at roadrunner dot com. Thanks!

ps - I hope this isn't too weird. haha

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