What The Hell Wednesday # 11

Go check out the funnest meme around started by Blue Monkey Butt. You get to complain and others love you for it.

Pull this knife out of my heart will ya. Last Saturday, one day before we leave for vacation and emotions were high but happy, my just turned 15 year old daughter drops a bombshell on me. She said that she wishes we weren't FB friends because she's got things she wants to say and she doesn't want to me to see it. WTH? And I mean WTH!

First I told her that she's forgetting that her uncles and older brother are also her friends and she has to watch what she says. AND even though she is only 15, prospective colleges and/or employers will be looking sometimes.

I asked her if she just wanted to use cuss words like all the other kids. Nope not that, she just wants to unload. WTH, who doesn't, that's why I blog. She's having some boy issues and wants to vent I guess. So why do I need to leave the room? Maybe I comment too much. But I CAN shut-up if that's the problem.

Some of her friends have their parents as friends and I've even seen Grandparents. So WTH, why must I be kicked to the curb?

So after I vented to her, I cried. It seems like I cried all day. WTH, can your child really make you cry that much? I surprised myself on how much it hurt.

I mean I'm the one that was gutted like a fish to bring her into this world. And I was not only her sustenance I was her human pacifier for 6 months. That stuff should count for something. I have baggy boobs because of her dammit. The nights spent holding her when she was teething and having to change both of our clothes several times a day because of her spitting up on her and me. All this and she doesn't even want to be my friend? WTH?

So I gave her what she wanted, I UNfriended her first before she could do it to me.
Later in the day we did have a nice long talk and she apologized. But I still haven't seen a friend request yet and I guess I won't hold my breath. But I like to dig it in while I'm posting my status. I say, oh you'd like this one but since we're NOT friends you can't see it. So there!


Leigh said…
Teenagers can be so frustrating for us mom sometimes... My son just turned 15 too. I miss the cute and cuddly little boy who actually loved me - back when he didn't think of me as "the enemy"
fernvalley01 said…
Several of my friends;s as well as my sisters are friends with thier kids on FB , but the kids limit them as to what they can see , there are controls so she could have that . I am Auntie to many of them and still get all accsees. But the rule is with all the kids ,if I ever read anything that worries me I will check with them on it , but I will also tell thier parents(even the adult "kids"). The kids all agree and I remain unlimited.
Grumpy said…
My 17 yr. old granddaughter is my friend on Facebook and so is her mother. She's only 15, I get it. It doesn't mean she doesn't still love and appreciate you; there are just some things a 15 yr. old would rather keep between she and her peers. Give her time, she'll get over it.
ethelmaepotter! said…
My daughter hasn't unfriended me, YET, but she did cut my heart a few years ago. We were talking about one day when she would have babies and I told her if she'd wait til I retired I could be the babysitter; no day-care costs. She then oh-so-casually told me she'd never leave her children with me, because of the way I'd FEED THEM!!?? Like I'd be shoving friench fries and Ding Dongs in their little faces all day! I was so shocked and hurt, I couldn't even ask any questions.

She never apologized, but apparently she completely forgot that conversation; not long ago she ASKED me if I would be the babysitter when she has children.

Go figure. I guess it's that I-don't-know-what-I'm-saying-much-less-what-I-want stage.

Don't worry about it, just keep tabs on her through your "connections."
Stacy said…
That's too bad! I'm sorry she unfriended you. My Mom is a fb friend of mine, although I'm 34, but there are things I don't want her to read. You know, things that will make her worry that somethings wrong, etc. That's why I use that "padlock" underneath the status box, there you can customize who see's your status. Soooo, your daughter could re-friend you if she knew about the padlock, but I wouldn't suggest telling her.

Thanks for joining us today!
bill said…
She sounds mostly like a normal teenager. Can you remember back to your 15 year old phone calls? She'll be fine; so will you, but it hurts a little sometime.

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