Some DON'T Like It Hot

Out of all the world events I could write about, I am just going to talk about myself.......again.

I hate hot weather; despise it. It makes me crankier than anything, and that's saying a lot. I hibernate in my cool house only running outside to move a sprinkler. I plan all of my activities for early morning so I can stay in during the hottest part of the day. It's not even the hottest in the nation here in Spokane, and it's even a dry heat, but still.....

At least in the winter I can get warm. In the summer I never seem to be cool. I don't sweat much but when I do, I think it's the grossest thing ever. I sleep in the basement, with a fan on.

Our recent long weekend out of town was 'fun limited' due to the heat. We had planned to do some hiking in an are we had been about 15 years ago. At the time I didn't know the whole hike was 6 miles and since the kid was quite little, we probably didn't get far. So this time we at least wanted to attempt the whole thing.

Before we got to our destination we stopped by the famous Ohme Gardens in the Wenatchee area. You can see those shots here. It had reached 100 by then, and as much as we enjoyed the stop, it was almost unbearable in the heat.

We got to our motel early and they let us in. The A/C was blasting and we flopped on the beds. After awhile we headed downtown. Leavenworth is bursting at the seams. They keep adding more buildings but not parking lots, so that is a real challenge on a busy day. A woman was just leaving her spot so we pulled right in. As with any tourist town, it is full of shops. We try to roam around but the sidewalks are packed and so are the stores with people trying to cool off. We finally got some dinner and took it back to the room; enough of crowds and heat. Later that evening we tried the pool but as soon as the sun went behind the mountain, it cooled a bit too much for that so we got in the hot tub instead.

A water feature on the course, I seriously wanted
to jump in
The next morning we were raring to make another go of the heat. We had already nixed the hike and decided to use the free pass to an 18 hole putting course. We only made it to about 13 before giving up. I had already cut off the sleeves of a t-shirt in anticipation of hiking and that morning cut the neck band off too, so that's what I had on that morning. I was also using my much loved Cold Snapp neck scarf. I practically live in it during the summer. It was extra wet so my t-shirt was wet too (a grey t-shirt too, which looks horrible when wet). After golfing we went across the street to the swankiest motel in town to use the restroom and cool off. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a chubby dude in a sweaty wife beater t-shirt. So embarrassing.

Behind the falls, I took this same shot almost 13 years ago
when we were here last

We staggered through town again and found a nice, quiet, cool place for lunch then headed back to the room for a swim in the pool and just hang out.

We left early in the morning but made another stop on the way home (Aplets &Cotlets factory in Cashmere, yum). The heat was relentless and we arrived home hot and tired. We did have a good time but heat is just a life sucker and it really makes a difference on how you remember a trip. Years from now we will still be saying "Do you remember when we went to Leavenworth that year, it was HOT".

A friend of mine went to the same area, just a few days later. I wonder how they fared?


Peruby said…
Oh god, I know what you mean. The heat and sun slay me!

I do not look at all good. The sweat comes out the top of my head making me look like a drowned rat.

My face turns all shades of red and is shiny like a polished apple.

I get cranky. I get headaches.

I HATE the heat.
Mulled Vine said…
My daughter hates the heat too. I grew up in a hot country, so like nothing better on a dry, hot day to lie under a tree and daydream, perhaps sipping on something cold. I find humidity is the killer.
John Bain said…
I am beginning to think it is the heat that is causing me to feel so drained

'A chubby dude in a sweaty wife beater T-shirt'. I like that, so descriptive. But I don't think it really applies to you. :)
Grumpy said…
I feel your pain; I hate summer.
Mr. Shife said…
Sorry to hear the heat did not make your vacation as memorable as it could have been. We have been in a heat wave for about month down here in Boise so I quit complaining long ago because I think that only angered the weather gods. It will be cold before you know it. Hang in there, and have a great, cool weekend, kden.
fernvalley01 said…
I love the warm weather, but when it gets too hot I am just not any fun at all either
lytha said…
hi - i just found your blog today due to the title of this blog post. i'm from seattle but live in germany and my parents are big leavenworth tourists - twice yearly, a place they'd love to bring my german husband but real germans don't like it there.

i felt like i could have written your blog post. i suffer every summer because like you said, in winter you can always put more on, but in summer you're often screwed. and there is no AC in germany. you cannot escape.
bill said…
I've always been a sunny guy, shivered in winters. Some summers are hotter than others; some winters colder. I like mild winters and cool summers, but if it gets hot that's okaay. I've never been ato Levenworth. I zthought I might go one time when a friend got caught trying to pass a counterfeit twenty. He got two to five and he didn't slike Levenworth.

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